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How do you keep busy?

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I found that I haven't planned anything to do in the last few days...maybe that is why baby isn't here yet. I just don't want to go through the 'pain' of planning something and then having to cancel. So I just sit and wait and grumble at the kids when they are fighting (when it's obvious that they are bored stiff at home-doing nothing but playing with each other) I have baby on my brain all day and night long!!!!! I think I need to get out.
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I've been going to the park every day to walk, and then to the playground for my dd. She's gotten very much into that habit and will nag me out the door. It works out well because I doubt I could motivate myself to do it on my own at this point. Other than that, I have a master list of jobs that need to be done, preferably before the baby comes. I try to tackle 2 or 3 tasks a day. I also spend an inordinate amount of time on message boards and surfing the web!
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I'm still working 35-40 hrs a week, and spend the rest of my time on the internet or cleaning. I also have a huge list of stuff to get done, but for the most part I pretend like it doesn't exist! I also spend lots of time re-enforcing commands for my puppy so she knows that I mean business when baby comes home. It's hard to get motivated to leave the house when everyone you meet outside says things like "Any day now!!" "You are SOO Huge" "Gettin (excited, nervous, tired of being pregnant) yet?" "Are there two in there?"

I just smile and nod!!
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I have this list of things to do that is causing me nothing but trouble. I keep thinking 'if I just get this thing done, then he'll come.' Then I do it and he's not here, so I go on to the next thing. My list is getting shorter and I just keep adding more annoying things that I really don't even feel like doing. But he's still not coming.

I am starting to get the annoying comments too. "Are you still pregnant?" "You're still here?"

And by far the most annoying, "You better hurry up and have him, Susan." That is from my MIL. I mean, I'm not even due until next Monday...and like I have anything to do with when he comes. Ugh!
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When I go out I have taken to wearing a oversize hoodie with the hood up so no one talks to me...
And when I am at home I am neurotically checking my homebirth supplies and sewing little blankets for baby. Sewing has been great actually, very relaxing, just simple stuff like hemming pieces of flannel and stuff like that. Another thing that has been helpful is reading " Birthing from Within" and doing some of the art projects in it. This pregnancy I imagined doing tonnes of great fertility art, but have founf that all my creative energy is being used to grow this baby. But these last few days of pregnancy and this luscious full moon is pulling some art out of me and helping to visualize the birth in a beautiful way.......
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I crochet, and contemplate rewashing all the baby stuff...I just finished a very complicated sweater (that took forever, since it was all done in single crochet!) and am about half done with one daughter's Halloween costume. I burned myself out on stuff for the new baby a long time ago, when it comes to crocheting. Can't take another tiny sock...
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I am doing some craft projects with ds. We made a hand print wreath and I made some famous art flashcards for him, since he has gotten into it some.
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I've been crocheting; I just finished a tote for my MIL for Christmas. Other than that I pretty much sleep 'round the clock. I've been sooooo tired! Lots of little cat naps and vegging in front of the TV. Dh has been great about babying me and I'm taking full advantage. I've been doing lots of reading as well.
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On Monday I walked downtown to do all my errands, which was good from the exercise point of view but bad from the overtiring point of view. I worked on some volunteer projects as well. Yesterday I spent pretty much all day washing and drying the unbleached diapers *yawn* and today I figured out the carseats and the cosleeper, besides having a midwife appointment. I've also been meditating and sleeping a lot. Frankly, though, I'm kind of bored! I gave in and played some video games this afternoon, but I need to watch that tendency since I get addicted easily.

I would be cleaning the house like a madwoman if I had the energy, but I don't. I keep dropping things and it's too uncomfortable to pick them up.
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I too am a crocheter. I've been making projects to donate to charity, which I do through the Yahoo! group All Crafts 4 Charity.
All Crafts For Charity
This month they are collecting squares to sew into Afghans and making socks/hats for people in the military. They also found out that one of the hospitals they donate to regularly is low on supplies, so I have been making some very simple booties for babies in the NICU. I just finished a baby blessing blanket for Connor and a few hats for him since he'll be born soon and it gets really cold here in Utah.

I also have some house cleaning/reorganizing projects I am trying to do a little of each day. I keep up my pregnancy journal, read out of Dr Sears' two books The Baby Book and The Breastfeeding Book, and work on a distance learning class I am taking.

Mostly, I nap a lot, because I have been exhausted my entire pregnancy, and the closer I get, the more tired I become.
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