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Meal Ideas

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Hi, I was just over in the Nutrition and Good eating forum and reading through the thread about the last 5 meals people have cooked for their families. I was starting to feel hungry, but also a little jealous. So many of the meal ideas were ones that I can't make for my daughter. But I thought maybe we could have our own little version of that thread over here - not everyone would be able to eat what everyone else makes, but we might come a lot closer.

So, the last 5 meals I made for my family:

-swiss steak with rice flour instead of wheat, carrots, onion and celery over rice
-bean and kale soup in the stock pot with allergen-free cornbread from Allergy survival guide
-roasted chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and salad
-tonight is taco night
-chicken and black bean enchiladas with the cheese added on top after the fact for my husband and I - and I made an apple pie that night too with a crust recipe out of Allergy Survival Guide. It was just okay.

It's weird - my husband and daughter can eat cooked apples fine, but both react to raw ones.

Please oh PleEeeese oh please share your ideas with me! :-)
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I like to make my version of fried chicken:

corn flakes in the cuisinart, add some xylitol or sugar
dip chicken thighs (my favorite is the frozen ones from Trader Joe's) in oil of your choice, then roll in the corn flake crumbs and bake...yum!
I also love to bake beets, put a little olive oil and salt, yum!
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i've been sucking at the meal plans lately but tonight we ate leftover aduki and mung beans with brown rice stir fried with coconut oil and veggies as well as an organic baby greens salad (flax oil dressing) with chickpeas, lentils and a wee bit of organic bbq chicken.
breakfasts have been interesting as i'm trying to avoid the oatmeal (ds favorite breakfast for months). Instead of oats i've made a simple brown rice congee with fennel seed and carrot, also used quinoa one morning.....i'm also trying to avoid bananas hence the carrot (they can be really sweet too).
The eczema thing is new for us so i'm just in the learning stages of the elimination diet...still need to get the book.

i like this meal sharing idea though. i need some new ideas.

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split pea soup in the crock pot with locally made tortillas..DS andI can eat this for days we both love it.....the rest of the family will pobably dig on left overs too :LOL
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