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Originally Posted by soccerchic21 View Post
YES! That is so helpful. I was hoping there would be someone here who had nursed on just one side. Thank you!
I nurse MY baby only on one side and pump the other side for another baby. the first few days where i was getting my supply up was like nursing a newborn, se was constantly on the beast. but now it's totally fine. ps the breast my baby liked was my underproducer! she gets that one and the pumped breast get the mass producer, lol.
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Not sure about the answers to your question, but I do know that the surgeon should make incisions radially, not circumferentially (that is, like the spokes of a bicycle, rather than going around the breast) to minimize cutting anything vital. You may also be able to start bf from that side again after the milk has dried up by using a lactation aid.
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***I was giving advice on a really old thread. Nevermind***
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Originally Posted by sntm View Post

It's not exactly true that he can't take it out while you are lactating. There is a higher risk of milk fistula (where the milk ducts leak into the wound).

How deep is the mass? Is it superficial or deep? Is it visible by ultrasound? If so, they could use U/S to follow the size instead of mammography. How long has it been followed? What has the size change been so far? Do you know the exact pathology results or just that it was "benign"? Is your surgeon specifically a fellowship-trained breast surgeon or a general surgeon who does breast surgery?

There are a lot of different options here and different considerations. I've got about a dozen other questions I would ask you as well. If you want to PM me I can give you my input. Keep in mind, I'm a general surgery resident, planning on doing a breast surgery fellowship but not boarded yet. Still, breast masses during lactation are an interest of mine, so I'm motivated to help search down some data for you.

If you interested PM me and we can go into specifics.
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Hi sntm. You've provided some really helpful info here and some suggestions that some breast surgeons are not willing to consider. I have a lump in my breast that requires lumpectomy but I am currently breastfeeding my 3mo and ideally want to continue to exclusively breast feed until he is 6mo. And then combine breastfeeding as we introduce solids until at least 12 months. My surgeon (and others I have spoken to) have said that they wouldn't perform the procedure on a lactating breast due to the risk of milk fistula forming. I have read both positive and negative experiences online of those who have had milk fistula form and would be grateful if you could please provide some advice, information or articles that would assist me in making my decision whether to wean on one side and then try to relactate after the procedure or if I should put some pressure on the surgeon to go ahead despite the risks. Many thanks.
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MumofWill-must you have it removed now? The reason I ask is because mine was biopsied (core needle) and found it was only a lactating adenoma so I knew it wasn't harmful. I waited over 2.5 yrs to have it removed after my dd1 weaned. Just a my experience

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Thanks treehugginhippie. The lump has grown over the past 10 months and there is shadowing behind it now which has the radiologist concerned which in turn is concerning the surgeon. I had it biopsied last week and the results came back as benign but the shadowing still has them concerned. Im happy to get it out but if i can continue to BF i'd like to, even if that means weaning on one side and then trying to relactate afterwards on the affected side. To complicate matters this morning a lump approx 5cm long has formed and is now painful when my LO attaches and it's starting to look a little red. Spoke to the surgeon and she will see me tomorrow. Nothing ever seems to be straightforward! My approach at this stage is to ask the surgeon a tonne of questions about what the pathology report said, other imaging alternatives to avoid artifacts like shadowing and what risks are actually involved if a milk fistula does form. Thanks again for your response, there really doesn't seem to be much info out there about this.
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MumofWill -Ahhhh I see. Did you check out the LLL website? There may be some info on there?

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I was wondering if anyone here has experience of a seroma following surgery while breastfeeding? I had a giant fibroadenoma removed while feeding and have managed to continue for a few months but the build up of fluid has become uncomfortable. It was drained for first time last week but filled quickly and the surgeon advised against continuing to feed for time being. Am really reluctant to having gone through so much to continue but will of course if it is best decision for daughter.
Any guidance very welcome! Really struggled to find any info on this. Thanks.
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No, 901gh I didn't have that experience after having mine removed. Isn't this just a temporary problem, the seroma? You could always just exclusively nurse from the unaffected side and pump from the affected side until it's resolved. Then bring her back to that breast then. Remember, it's perfectly fine to nurse from one side only. My 21 mo old only nurses from one side (it's actually the one that had the lump removed) and although I'm lopsided...she's fine w/ it.

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Thanks. Will give that a go. Seroma doesn't show any sign of shrinking but I expect continuing to feed on that side wont help! Good to hear all is going well for you. Thanks again.
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