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Stiff and sore hands and feet?

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My hands and feet are stiff and sometimes sore. If I get out of bed at night (or in the morning, or after sitting down for a while), I have to hobble around for about 5 minutes before my feet feel OK. My hands are constantly a bit stiff. This started sometime after my ds was born (he is 8 mo now), but I can't put my finger on when. I don't think it has been getting worse, but it has been the case for at least 4 months.

I'm trying to figure out if this has to do with changes in my joints during/after pregnancy or if I should look into this more. Anyone else have this experience?

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I have this, mainly in my feet. I don't think I had it before I had my ds, but I really can't remember for sure (yay sleep deprivation!)
No idea what it is....
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it could be a food allergy, believe it or not. my mother had those same symptoms, kept getting worse to the point where sometimes she was totally unable to use her hands at all, and it started spreading to other joints all through her body. She was (mis)diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. When she went to an allergist for something totally unrelated, she found out that her "RA" was in actuality an allergy to tomatoes!
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