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Ligament pain

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Hello! For the past few days I have been having pains (some sharp, some dull) in my lower left and right abdomen (mostly right side and way to the side). Could this be the round ligament pain I hear about? I've never had it with my other (2) pregnancies so I just don't know. With 2 sections behind me (planning HBAC this time) I'm almost terrified to ask my ob (doesn't know about HBAC plans!) for fear he'll stick me in hospital and not let me out. Baby seems fine-is moving like usual and has hiccups all the time like normal. I have an appt. thurs and don't know what to do. Any advice would be appreciated. I am about 32 weeks along.
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If it's a sharp pain on one or both sides (depends on what you're doing, but could be both) it's prly ligament. Esp if you're twisting or bending at the time. If it's a constant ache, you may have pulled one or both of the ligaments, but that's less likely - having 2 little ones running around could make it more likely that you're straining them.

But, as you describe it, it could be ligaments. If it causes cramping all over or something, it could be something else. Don't keep it from your doc if you're concerned, but don't let him scare you, either.

take care,

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What you describe sounds exactly like what I have had a ton of during this pregnancy, and assume to be round ligament stretching. It seems like I'll have a few days of kind of intense/frequent stretching, then it will go away for weeks. My midwife said to just drink LOTS of water, and try and keep my body loose...you know, yoga positions, or slowly changing positions.

I did pull that muscle about a month ago (from repeatedly lifting my toddler, I think!), and that sucked. The stabbing pain was pretty constant..I thought for sure that my appendix was bursting (okay, I'm a hypochondriac!

Anyway...hope that reassures you a bit. Take it easy! (Easier said than done with 2 little ones, I would imagine!)
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Just thought you might like to explore the idea that you can "fix" that pain! Ligamentous pain is often a sign that the uterus is not quite balanced (one side is pulling more than the other) due to the pelvis being unbalanced. A properly trained chiropractor can realign the pelvis and then release the taut ligament with great relief to the mom (I've done it many times). The reason you should consider this is because an unbalanced uterus and pelvis can lead to a more difficult birth process. Although I have some of the other complaints of preganancy (nausea, heartburn etc) I have been pretty much pain free structurally due to consistant chiropractic care (DH is also a chiro...I am lucky!)
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Oh, I forgot to add that rubbing Arnica into my belly area really helped me to alleviate some of the muscle soreness.
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I just developed an ongoing ache on my right side. I have a "tipped uterus", I thought that ment it tipped forward or backward, I realize now it means to one side - oh. And while it'll have to straighten out to fit as it gets bigger, the ligaments are prly too long or too short or something?

I've thot of a chiro, but I'm kinda scared to go, never been, don't know any, suppose my nd could recommend one.

arnica sounds good, too.

otherwise i feel pretty good...

thanks for the info
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