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Ugh...Morning Sickness...

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Hi all:

Anyone have any suggestions on ways to deal with morning sickness? I've tried ginger ale, eating crackers before rising, lemonade, potato chips, taking Vitamin B6, gonna go get some accupressure bands today...

I've been trying to "graze" through the day...any good grazing foods suggestions?

I'm dying over here...help.
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I have heard ginger tea. Also, my MW suggested sniffing lemon juice or adding some lemon juice to your water.
HTH! Sorry you are dealing with m/s. plain old toast w/ a little butter/ spread helped me last time, havent had to deal with it yet this time around.
good luck, mama!
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With my first, only Saltines stayed down. With my second, it was pasta. This time, one slice of turkey lunch meat is what kills the nausea (that and those sea bands--weirdest thing, but they actually work).

I keep meaning to try acupuncture, I hear that it works too, but I am so exhausted that the idea of getting out of bed and driving a few miles to the clinic makes me yawn.
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Still Waiting for Morning Sickness

Hi - I'm trying to remember when morning sickness is supposed to start. I had it with my first, who is 2 now, but I don't remember when it started. I'm starting to overanalyze how I feel. I remember keeping whole wheat Premium Plus crackers beside my bed and eating them as soon as I woke up when I was pregnant the first time. I am having headaches this time though...might be caffiene withdrawal!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

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everything that helped w/ last pregnancy is no help with this one. AND I'm much sicker. more often and it has started earlier in the pregnancy - waaaahhh!!!
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Last time, the only things I could eat were mashed potatoes and mac&cheese until about 20 weeks (wonderful nutrition eh?). The key for me was just eating all the time. If I got even the slightest bit hungry it was all downhill from there. It hasn't hit me yet this time around, but I'm definitely not looking forward to it.
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The company that make the Baby Bliss Gripe Water make a herbal product for morning sickness...no idea if it works, but worth checking out!
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Has anyone tried those Preggo Pops (or whatever they're called). They're lollipops that are supposed to help.
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I'm with you Carabosmama. I'm due 6/9/06 and feel much worse than the first go around. And, earlier too. I can hardly get off the couch for fear of falling over from exhaustion, lightheadedness or extreme naseua. Of course, this sitting on the couch thing doesn't work so well with a 17 month old. It does help to know I'm not the only one . . .
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I tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. I lost 15 pounds in the first trimester (I started at 97lbs.) so I couldn't afford to lose an ounce. Then, I saw a prenatal homeopath. She prescribed the remedy, I took it twice and it was completely gone!! I was sold. See if there's someone in your area. Hope that helps.
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I was sick all night last night. I had dry heeves(sp) and it was horrible. My mom has an herbal remedy book and it said that raspberry leaf tea is supposed to cure morning sickness. I don't think this was pregnancy related, but I drank some raspberry tea this morning and I felt a lot better.
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I sent husband out for what I think of as stomach flu food - ginger ale, triscuits, jello cups, chicken soup, and microwaveable annie's mac & cheese.

I threw up for the first time yesterday, and what a rude awakening that was. I spent last night on the couch, after eating a plain baked potato and baked chicken breast, whimpering "I can't do this for 5 more weeks! how do people do this!"

But I've been wearing those sea bands since last night, and today was much, much better. Not sure if it was that or my strategy of stuffing crackers and ginger ale in my face constantly. I got the shakes in the morning, but no barfing.
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Jasmyns mum what was it you took?
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