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Still going....

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Well I'm still having the contractions that started yesterday at 1:30pm. They are pretty far apart for the most part and mildly uncomfortable (just the burning cramping feeling in the lower uterus and achy back). I've been losing a lot of my mucous plug, it's getting rather gross

I've been having DH check me occasionally just to make sure I'm not dilating too much since I want to make it to the hospital in time. He checked me this morning and said that I am definitely dilating and it feels like I am finally to 2 cm but my cervix feels football shaped like it's only dilating in one direction. I think this means that the baby isn't putting even pressure on all sides, is this right? Is it normal? I have my 40 week appt today at 1pm so I will find out more then, but I'm curious about it. I guess after my last baby I just don't know how to handle a slow labor hehe.

Keep your fingers crossed that today is the day!
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Good luck!! I hope today is the day!
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