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Baby movements/position

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Up until 5 days ago, my baby was giving me some strong kicks in my upper abdomen/rib area. Then she suddenly stopped showing any signs of movement in that area. Everything is now in my lower abdomen (LOW as in sometimes it feels like I'm being zapped with an electric current on the top of my cervix). I also don't notice the movements much. The Dr. had me do EFM for about 30 minutes and everything checked out.

I'm 33 weeks. Anyone else ever experience this. I am so tired of worrying about everything.:
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The baby may have dropped (which can happen weeks and weeks before the birth) lower into your pelvis and now is putting extra pressure on your cervix (this is what will eventually cause the cervix to begin to dilate) and now there is much more room at the top so the baby isn't stuck stomping your ribs (yaaaay). As long as the baby is still moving around and you aren't going into premature labor (very intense feelings, you'd know) I would say it all sounds perfectly normal and a sign of good progress. That baby is getting ready! Hooray!
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What did your doc say about the possibility of the baby flipping back to breech? I suppose at 33 weeks it wouldn't be of terrible concern since there is still time for the baby to flip again, if this is the case. But it would be good to know about it if it was the case so you could work on encouraging the baby to turn.

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I'm pretty sure the baby is in a breech position (wasn't before). I can feel a very hard, round body part at the top of my abdomen. Sure seems like a head to me. When does the baby usually settle into the position it's going to stay in? Any suggestions on how to turn the baby around?
Thank you, so much, for your replies.
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if you feel the hard round body part at the top of your abdomen, holding on either side with your hands and moving your hands back and forth, does it seem a little wobbly and moveable? if so, it is most probably a head. it's called "belottable", that wobbly feeling. a butt doesn't do that, since there is no joint to wobble around. that's how a mw or dr. could check for position, and it's easy to check on yourself, doesn't harm the baby.

as for when the baby engages, it really depends. in a first baby, could happen a mo. or more ahead of time, in a subsequent pregnancies, could wait until active labor. but, as we all know, everyone is different. size of baby, size of pelvis, preference of baby, uterine and ab tone all play a part in this.

hands and knees yoga positions such as the cat (curling your spine and tucking your pelvis), lying on an ironing board propped against something like a couch with feet at the high end for no more than about 5 mins. at a time, playing nice music down low by your pubic bone, doing summersalts in a swimming pool, the webster chiropractic technique, chinese medicine moxibustion by the baby toe of the mother, letting go of fears and negativity and spending time focused on baby asking them to move head down, all these things can help turn a breech that wants to turn. external versions can work too, but require a very skilled dr. or midwife to perform them, and can be painful to some women, as well as requiring monitoring of baby (to make sure they don't compress the cord accidently).

not to hijak the thread, but did you (or anyone who wants to answer) ever feel movement at the top and bottom in the same period of time? I'm about 30w, and I swear this little one loves to move her arms as much as her legs. it's like a party in there, and though I can't rule out twins completely, since I haven't had any ultrasounds, I measure right on for dates, and actually look a little small compared to most people, so I don't think that's it.

er, sorry for the novel length post, hope the info helps.

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Feeling kicks on your cervix is what it feels like to have a breech baby inside of you! I am having twins, and my presenting baby (the one who will be born first) is breech, and sometimes I feel like he's going to kick his foot right out into my vagina! My other baby is now transverse, and they're kind of on top of each other. I feel kicks all over the place. It is unlikely that my guys will be able to move into a vertex position (they just don't have any room), but you shouldn't have any trouble encouraging your little one back into an easier-to-deliver presentation. If she doesn't flip on her own, there are lots of ways to help her out (acupuncture, external version, herbs, etc.). I am just visualizing my guys getting flipped around since the other methods aren't as successful with twins.

Good luck!

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You asked when the baby usually turns and stays? There are stats out there. I know that after 36 weeks the likelyhood of the baby turning head down if he hasn't already drops quite a bit. I don't know the numbers off the top of my head, but I have seen something like, "Before 28 weeks, there is X% chance the baby will still turn...before 32 weeks there is X% chance baby will turn...before 36 weeks, X% chance" each time the X decreases.

Anyway, this has probably not been very helpful at all!

I think the poster who gave the ideas about encouraging turning had some good suggestions,

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The stat I read last week said that after 36 wks. there is only a 5% chance that the baby will change positions.
Not trying to hijack your thread here, but you guys are scaring me!!: I thought maybe my babe was in a posterior position because of the intense pressure on my back, now I'm worried cause somesaid "you feel lots of kicks in your cervix". I've been having lots of that--just told my mom last night that when the baby moves it feels like she's trying to stick her foot through my butt! I feel something hard and kinda round at the top, then connected to that is something long with a very pointy something that is always sticking me in the ribs, then I have a dip where my belly button is, and lots of pokes in my pelvic area. There are 2 knobby things right where my hips are that always move together. So do you think its breech??!! :
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Changing position

My DS, now 28 months, flipped back and forth my last 3 weeks of pregnancy -- must have been all that swimming I was doing! He finally got head down a few days before he decided to come out and I delivered (10 days "late").

So have hope!!!!
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wondering if anyone has any knowledge about transverse lie or
"side-lying" babies- I'm at 28 weeks and babe seems to love it in this same position- I think babe's been that way for at least a month. Plenty of kicks on the side and pretty active but it has me a little concerned- has anyone else experienced this?
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Originally posted by magdala
wondering if anyone has any knowledge about transverse lie or
"side-lying" babies- I'm at 28 weeks and babe seems to love it in this same position- I think babe's been that way for at least a month. Plenty of kicks on the side and pretty active but it has me a little concerned- has anyone else experienced this?
I'm thinking it's likely your little tyke will turn one way or the other as you approach the due date. i had a friend with a baby in the traverse position for all of her second trimester and he did turn head down. He was born 12-31! Don't have personal experience with it but I bet you can find more info on the net.

Good luck!

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Went to see my midwife today and babe is head down and well engaged She also said that you never can tell. She just delivered a babe that had been breach for several weeks and the night before turned head down. She also said there is lots of things you can do to turn the baby once it get close to time, but I think someone already mentioned those.
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My dw is almost 36 weeks with our first child and yesterday's ultrasound (done at the request of the midwife) revealed dear Pema Karpo sitting with his head up (in breech position). I started trying the moxa treatment on the little toes - which I will do 2x every day, as well as playing some soft Mozart down by the pelvic bone, and encouraging my dw to crouch on the floor and lift her pelvis. So far no major movements detected. I guess this is our first big test in trusting, and letting go. Any thoughts or encouragement welcome.... ...don't really see the emoticon I am looking for...more concerned than eek...
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First of all. to unexperienced hands, I think baby butts can feel a lot like baby heads. Yes, heads are more 'balliotable' (sp?), but jeez, they're both pretty hard to the touch. So for moms who are freaking because they think their baby is breech because they think they feel a hard head, remain calm, you might be wrong

Transverse at 28 weeks? Why not!!! There's still plenty of room in the womb! No worries. It is very rare for a baby to present for birth in a transverse lie; it happens when unusual stuff has happened to the uterus...like many, many term pregnancies, or multiple births, both situations where the womb has been stretched.

Otherwise, there isn't enough room at term. Things get CROWDED. The least crowded way for a term baby to be is head-down...which is why most babies present head-down.

Yes, yoga things and stretching and all those wonderful bits of advice are great to encourage babes to get their position 'right!' And remember, the stats are on your side...as has been mentioned before, little babies can turn into the right position at the last moment!

Happy, positive, head-down thoughts!

Edited to add: my dd was head-down and her little FISTS would punch at my cervix.
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sorry...double post
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I have very explicit instructions on how to perform the moxa treatment on the little toes if anyone is interested. (I am trying it right now...it is a bit smelly and will likely set off smoke detectors if there are anywhere nearby). Also, I checked in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Penny Simkin, p.295-7 and some of the techniques for turning a breech are discussed here.
See also The Birth Partner, Simkin, p.160-163.

I read somewhere that if the baby has not turned to head down by 36 weeks, spontaneous corrections after that occur in only 5% of cases. But I hesitate to rely on numbers like these. What does "spontaneous" mean? Did the mother try any of the corrective measures discussed in this thread. "Spontaneous" sounds to me like "without trying anything else".

Right now, Mozart is playing through a pair of headphones which are flush against the lower curve of Upel's tummy. I can see some funny kicks as I type this, or are they head movements. DW if lying head down on a tilted board with a futon on top. I am going to turn off the computer now and join the fun.
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There are a few older threads in this forum with a lot of information on how to handle a breach. One website which was very comprehensive is http://www.gentlebirth.org/archives/breech.html. Info on the moxa technique can be found at:

Amidst the flood of information over which technique to use, I am finding it very helpful to remember what others have suggested:
Mother and baby (and father to some extent), can benefit from tuning into emotional and spiritual issues which may be involved.

On some level, I think all human beings have a fear of letting go. We want our babys to be healthy, and we want our births to go perfectly. Maybe baby is trying to teach us something by sitting in the breach position?
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