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how old are your nursling/nurslings (oct 05)

Poll Results: how old are your nursling/nurslings now?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 20% (67)
    under 12mos
  • 15% (49)
    13mos to 18mos
  • 13% (44)
    19mos to 24mos
  • 13% (44)
    25mos to 30mos
  • 8% (27)
    31mos to 36mos
  • 11% (36)
    3yrs to just about 3.5yrs
  • 5% (18)
    3.5yrs to just about 4yrs
  • 4% (13)
    4yrs to just about 4.5yrs
  • 2% (7)
    4.5yrs to just about 5yrs
  • 1% (5)
    5yrs to just about 5.5yrs
  • 1% (4)
    5.5yrs to just about 6yrs
  • 0% (2)
    6yrs to just about 6.5yrs
  • 0% (3)
    6.5yrs to just about 7yrs
  • 0% (1)
    over 7yrs
320 Total Votes  
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As it's been awhile since this poll was done how old are your nursling/nurslings now?
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At 18 months DD still nurses 18-20x day, we're planning on CLW with her and barring any OUTSIDE issues, we're looking forward to a long relationship.
I have a ton of support, the ladies that I hang with are nursing 2, 3, and 4 tear olds and VERY helpful and supportive.
I'm fortunate to have a couple LLL leaders I can call friends....
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I only voted for my older nursling - she's 4.5 yo - but I'm also nursing my DS, who turns 1 next week. This might be the only place where I don't have the oldest nursling....
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My eldest daughter is 3 1/4 and my youngest daughter is 9 months
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DD is almost 19 months, and still nurses A LOT.
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DS is 3.5. He’s cut waaaaay back lately. He is now starting to go a whole day without nursing now that he’s giving up naps and not wanting to nurse to sleep on most nights. I think we’re just about done. :
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Mine is 32 mos. and still nursing about 20 times a day, and I'm due with nursling #2 in December!
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in a few days he will be 39 months
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DD2 turns 2 next month, and DD1 is 4.5
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DD#1 turned 3 last week and DD#2 was six months yesterday.
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DD is 28 months and loves her milkies.
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My nursling is 3.33 years old. He still loves to nurse, but don't have any milk due to pregnancy. He's happily planning which side will be his and which side will be the baby's once the milk returns.
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Angelo will be one on Saturday! :
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24 mos. & 6 mos. here. I think my older dd likes her "boobies" more than her little sister! :LOL
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Parker is a little over 21 months and still going strong. This is the only place where that sounds unimpressive!
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DS is almost 9 months and the oldest nursling in DH's family for 3 generations
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My 3 nurslings are: Zachary 5 years, Haley 3 years and Coren 1 month.
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dd is 4 and nurses 1-4 times a day. The duration is getting shorter and shorter though. I have my fingers crossed for winter weaning - but at this point am in it for the long ride
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DD is 32 months and DS is 6 months. Neither is showing any sign of stopping.
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DS will be 4 in a little under a month, and I'm just now starting to get really tired of nursing him.
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