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feeling done with breastfeeding twins

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i am so hesitant to wean my babies, i really wanted to let them nurse longer but i don't know how much longer i can deal with this. i am so torn, feeling like i can't do it anymore but knowing i don't want them to be cheated just because they were born together.

has anyone btdt and weaned twins? did you nurse your twins as long as your singletons? if you did mom-led weaning how do you feel about that decision now? how long did it take you? how do you wean twins? i have tried distracting, etc but as soon as one is nursing the other thinks "ooh! i want some too."

i would like for them to be completely weaned within one year.

sigh. i am torn between guilt and tactile misery.
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Hi Resimom -

Me. BTDT. But sounds like you lasted way longer than me! I EBF'd my trips until they were 4 months.

For me the stress, sleep deprivation and competing time pressures were really mounting . . . one day I yelled at my older son b/c he wouldn't go down for his nap, I could hear the trips needed to nurse, and I was becoming more and more engorged and he struggled on my lap and hit my chest -- which was so engorged I just yelped in pain and snapped at him, bad. That's when I decided it was time to wean.

Sometimes I look back and think, "I wish I could have made it longer" - but then I remember what a toll it was taking and know that it was the right decision for us.

Best of luck momma. You'll make the right decision for you.
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I am currently struggling with the same thing.
My twins just turned 2 last weekend and I am oh so ready to be done nursing. But they are not. My ds1 nursed till 2 1/2 and I am also aiming for them to be done nursing sometime within this next year.
I keep telling myself I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I dont know exactly how long we have but most of it is behind us now.
It is hard. One of my best friends has a 1 year old and she begins the weaning process at 1 year and is usually done weaning by 14 months or so. And while that doesnt make sense to me and I am glad I did not wean at a year, there is a tiny bitof jealousy that she will be done nursing her last baby who is a year younger than mine and I will still be nursing twins 4-6 times a day.
Good luck and hang in there. You arent alone
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thanks for the replies.

joline--i see from your siggy you have 3 toddlers. how old is the other toddler?

my twins turned 2 in july. i have three older children who were all weaned between 3 and 4 years old. one of them nursed along with the twins for their first year and a half or so.

earlier i mentioned that i wanted the twins to wean soon and my son (almost 11) said "mom, that's not fair. they're only 2." , let's just say that really only added to my conflicted feelings.
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Well I guess Tristan is a "preschooler" now because he turned 3 in june. He is 16 months older than the twins and I also tandemed him with them for about 14 months.
IT was really hard nursing 3 and my older ds's latch really bothered me the last 4 months or so and I could hardly tolerate nursing. But I waited, thinking I'd "make my move" when he turned 3. But at 2 1/2 he showed signs that he was ready and I encouraged him to wean then.
I keep hoping my twins will decrease interest, but there is the added confusion of having two to remind each other to nurse. If they are not in a phase of reduced interest at the exact same time I imagine weaning will go a lot differently than with my ds.
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Ohhhh, I am SO with you on this one. Mine will turn 2 years in a week or so and I really, really am done with this nursing thing. I am working on nightweaning as a first step (but they keep getting colds, etc.) . . . it feels like a noose around my neck sometimes.

They were still nursing constantly up until a couple of months ago when I just started to get really hardcore about limits. Now we are "down" to about 5 times during the day and then frequently at night. Cutting down on daytime nursing was easier than I thought. They were cranky for a day or two, but that was it. After they are nightweaned, I will try to cut out more daytime sessions till it seems managable.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by johub
I keep hoping my twins will decrease interest, but there is the added confusion of having two to remind each other to nurse.
YES YES YES!!!! THIS is what i was trying to say about nursing twins.

and thanks for the reminder. nursing these two is definitely better than nursing three was .

i'm glad to see you, royaloakmi, and i arein such good company with our six lactoholics.
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I'm contemplating weaning too...

But, my babies are only 4 mos.

I work f-t, pump 3x a day, then bf the rest of the time. But, day by day I'm not pumping enough to sustain them, so we had to start supplementing. Now, pumping 5 days a week and not getting enough is I believe affecting my supply during the weekends.

Avery has I'm assuming reflux. She spits up EVERYTHING. I mean she SOAKS herself. I can't imagine she's got much left in her little belly when she's finished puking. She's still only around 11 lbs while Colby is around 15lbs. We supplement with Enfamil AR, which helps some.

I'm just tired all the time. And, now at night I've been feeding them when I get home from work and then having to give them a bottle anyway.

I so wanted to EBF these babies. The 8 mos I bf my first set of twins just wasn't long enough - well, it ended unexpectedly because of the stomach bug we all got.

I jsut don't know how I much longer I can continue.

Add the guilt on top of that for just wanting my body back.

But, I still do make milk, so as long as I make it I'll keep feeding them. And, Im not going to quit pumping. So, I guess I'm not done... but maybe frustrated is more like it.

I've tried cutting out milk. 2 or so weeks now -- no change.


mama to Emily and Nathan 7/14/01
and Colby and Avery 6/25/05
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Hi Nansala -

You are a rock star in my book. Bfing and pumping for twins is hard enough - let alone doing while working FT and mothering 2 older sibs.

I to you!

When I quit at 4 months, I hadn't head back to work yet. I'm sure that would have really finished me off.

Here is a from Tripmom.
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Well, if you were nursing all these children chronologically, you'd have been nursing five and a half years straight. I think our bodies fastforward a bit when we're nursing more than one at a time, KWIM? And it would be pretty unusual I think to nurse 5 1/2 years without feeling some desire to be done...

You are raising a sweet and sensitive son who will be a great asset to his future BFing wife (in about 100 years of course, please don't have a heart attack! :LOL ) He just doesn't know what it's like for you, plus he hasn't counted the 5 1/2 years your body has been counting for the last two years. Remember the line in Mothering Multiples where Karen Gromada says "you have rights in the breastfeeding relationship too." Yep it's there!

I am in awe of your nursing success so have no advice just wanted to throw in my two cents in terms of it being OK to (gasp) have an occasional thought for oneself. Best wishes!
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if you did mom-led weaning how do you feel about that decision now? how long did it take you?
I did a lot of distraction techniques, very gentle, but definitely MLW. I regret it tremendously. I thought I was going insane at the time (right around 30 mos), but now I would give anything to get it back. It took less than a week before they quit enough for my milk to dry up. One of them still latches on occasionally, but nothing comes out. If your babies are less than two, I say don't do it. I wish I had waited until they were 3 even.
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