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Fairy tales

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Hi, I'm acting as the temporary moderator....

I think this is a fun prompt. Write a story in the form of a fairy tale, or re-imagine a real one...Try mother goose or an animal fable also. It can be dark or funny, let your style shine through. Have fun
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Actually, the original Grimm Brother's Fairy Tales were very grim... Cinderella's sisters cutting off their heels to fit into the glass slipper, etc.

Very fun...
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Bring it on
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The Boot

Once upon a time, there was a doting mother with over a hundred children; twelve of them born to her, the rest adopted.
She hardly ever saw her husband; he had to put in a triple shift at the factory in order to support the multitudes of little people. Mother spent most of her time in the largest room homeschooling the 'goslings' as she fondly called them.
Their house was so old and worn that the exterior looked somewhat like a large boot nestled in the side of a great mountain.
They had to keep adding space each time a new child came to live with them. This, they did themselves because they barely had enough money to feed themselves let alone hire a contractor.
Mother was surrounded by warm bodies, yet felt utterly alone because her husband was always gone, therefore she would sometimes be in a terrible temper, suppressing the anger thus aquiring sharp pains in her jaw.
Lunch was never served, the children had to wait for an early dinner. She stirred the thin liquid in the huge cauldron that hung over the fire. The children drank their broth from paper cups which were reused until they dissolved. Her ire grew with each ladleful of soup she served.
By the time bedtime rolled around, she spread her feelings all over the children one by one with sharp swats to the behind before sending them to bed, bellies growling.

When this tale is told to children these days, spankings are transformed into kisses. What is not said is how little Nellie called Child Protective Services, thus rescuing them from a life so bleak....The End

Mother goose could be Grimm as well
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I had not even been alive for twenty four hours before they were stuffing me with all sorts of unpleasant things- feet, mostly.

All last night I spun and kicked and tapped and once even landed on the top of the prince's foot until I was so dizzy I could not distinguish my toe from my heel. At the stroke of midnight I flew from her foot to land on the pavement outside the ballroom while she ran ahead without me. I considered myself lucky that I did not shatter into a million pieces, glass as I am. The prince rushed over and grabbed me up and it was quite pleasant for a while after that; he set me on a soft velvet cushion and brought me to his bedroom, where I watched him sleep until dawn.

Now every woman in the kingdom was shoving her foot into me. I was violated by a million digits- feet that smelled of rosewater, feet that stunk, feet with eczema, feet with warts, feet with shingles, ringworm, lichen, and leprosy; feet with nail polish, feet with ingrown toenails, feet in need of a defoliate, fat feet, flat feet, feet with anorexia and feet with jungle rot.

It was hard work and I was beginning to sweat. One of the prince's men wiped my insides out after each foot with a cool rag soaked in some sort of cleanser, which helped some, but the disinfectant was giving me a stomach ache and I longed for my velvet pillow.

When we arrived at her house I heaved a sigh of relief. At last I would be back on my proper foot and we could all go home. But they kept her hidden in the back, cleaning out the fireplace, while the fat old woman and her two daughters wasted half an hour trying to cram their obese feet into me. I almost broke.

When she finally came I did not mind in the least that her sole was covered with cinders and she had fleas between her toes, I was so happy to see her. The prince was, also; he grabbed us both and flung us high into the air, and we went to his castle to live happily ever after.
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That is great!!!! Brillant...

From the shoe's perspective.
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BC, That is great, I love the creative point of view...and those images (Yuk) You really achieved it with that story. I love short/shorts.

Anyone have any more??
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I love this one, I'd love to hear some more fairy tales ...to be less daunting, how about Mother Goose??
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