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October DDC Moms who have birthed - check in here!

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how old is baby now?
Are you getting any sleep?
How is breastfeeding going?
how are you feeling?
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings?
anything else?
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how old is baby now?
Aidan is 19 days old today
Are you getting any sleep?
only a little :LOL Aidan is still sleeping a lot during the day, and waking a lot at night. He's probably up every 1-1 1/2 hours at night, between pooping and nursing. We sort of have the hang of side lying nursing, but I have to have a light on to help him find the nipple, so I'm not sleeping much.
How is breastfeeding going?
going great! my supply seems to have regulated, so I'm having very little engorgement, and my right breast is now only 1 size larger than my left, as opposed to the two sizes larger it was when my milk came in :LOL . Aidan has gained 24 oz in the last 15 days (we went for a weight check today) and is now 1 lb over birth weight, weighing in at 7 lbs 5 oz.
how are you feeling?
I'm doing fine physically - still bleeding, but not badly, not sore or anything. i would feel better if i could get a bit more sleep. I'm having a bit of the baby blues off and on, which concerns me a bit (I'm usually on meds for anxiety/depression, but went off them mid pregnancy due to insurance issues), so I'm trying to keep an eye on that.
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings?
They're loving it. In fact, my current theory of why Aidan isn't sleeping much at night is that there are no little people poking him and talking to him and kissing on him like there are during the day :LOL DD in particular is very much trying to mother him.
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how old is baby now?
Also 19 days old today
Are you getting any sleep? Somewhat. Sometimes Piper is able to latch on pretty well and I don't really wake up too much to help her. But other times she just does not want to nurse in the side laying position. She never cries when that happens though, she just fusses at my breast...keeps putting her mouth on my nipple but doesn't latch on. When that happens I go lay on the recliner with the boppy pillow and with me reclining she is kind of draped across my chest and she finally latches on and we fall asleep there. My 2 1/2 yr old is sleeping throught the nights most nights now, that's good news. Sometimes though he wakes up and wants mommy milk when I am nursing Piper and he gets upset. That actually hasn't happened in about 3 nights though.
How is breastfeeding going? It's going very well. Piper nurses lots and lots during the day right now. She latches on very well and really drinks up. I'm not having any engorgment although I do get a slightly painful feeling when I have the milk let-down...I had it with DS too and it eventually went away.
how are you feeling? A bit tired and some aches and pains. I have no soreness...didn't tear so didn't hardly have any to begin with. Still bleeding a bit and since Jamie went back to work it seems I'm bleeding slightly more maybe because I'm being more active. It's still not a lot though. I am having some of the baby blues stuff too...for me its like weepiness here and there, and also like tonight I went to check the mail and the baby was in the bassinet with DH sitting on the couch by her and I just got so paranoid that she wouldn't be in her bassinet when I got back. Just odd stuff like that, I had it with Jakob too..that extreme motherly paranoia.
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? Jakob is so in love with his baby sister. Every single day he says at least 2 or 3 times "This is my baby sister" and now when she smiles Jakob says things like, "Aww, she's smiling..that is so cute". It's absolutely adorable how much he adores her.
anything else? I've been a bit grumpy and moody. I feel bad because I am yelling at DS sometimes but he sometimes will not listen until I yell. Also, I thought tandem nursing would be great but it absolutely drives me up the wall to nurse DS right now for some reason. It's really bad if both DD and DS are latched on at the same time, but I still find it really annoying when Jakob latches on now. I just can't handle it for more than like 10 seconds at a time. I am very conflicted on whether to continue tandeming because I can't see how me being annoyed with DS everytime we nurse can be a healthy thing. I am strongly leaning toward weaning him because I think he is ready anyway. He was very easily distracted from nursing tonite with lots of kisses, cuddles and stories.
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how old is baby now?
2 weeks tomorrow

Are you getting any sleep?

How is breastfeeding going?
awesome so far. no soreness, had one day of engorgement

how are you feeling?
physically i feel better right now than i did at any point during my pregnancy. seriously.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings?
hey love felicity, pester her a lot, and are not very gentle when handling her.
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how old is baby now? 6 days, 7 tommorow but i havent "counted" a day till night since she was born at 9:45
Are you getting any sleep? yup 1-2 naps a day and interuppted at night
How is breastfeeding going? great cept the overabundant supply. aaralyn quits sucking cause its flowing, then forgets to swallow and chokes. or just chokes during let down.
how are you feeling? pretty good, very tired.
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? goood, i have them all calling her princess already.
anything else. i'm loving my husband being home on paternity leave - he is sooo worn out doing the housework & kid care, gives him a taste for what I do!!!

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how old is baby now? he is 6 days old

Are you getting any sleep? yep...with baby in bed with us, he just woke up to nurse every 3 hours like he was on a schedule or something :LOL and then conked back out.

How is breastfeeding going? pretty well. J was tongue-tied and after he got clipped he has been doing a lot better. it is soooooo much easier the 2nd time around!

how are you feeling? okay. I am trying not to overdo it. My dh is at home on a long leave so we're still trying to figure out how all that will work, and right now I need him to do pretty much everything.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? poor dd, not so well. she wants to smoosh him and hug him all the time, and pat him on the head, and all kinds of no-no stuff. She also is peeing her pants again and generally being really hard to deal with. But we are working on giving her lots of positive attention whenever we can and hopefully she will adjust in a few weeks to the new routine.
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how old is baby now?
10 days old!
Are you getting any sleep?
Not at first, but last night she woke up only about twice!
How is breastfeeding going?
Wonderfully. She latched on 19 minutes afterbirth, and I swear she's been there ever since!
how are you feeling?
Still a little sore, one of my tears is slow to heal. I have major hip and back pain too. But other than that, I'm GREAT! My c-section was A LOT worse of a recovery.
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings?
She loves her, but doesn't want anyone else loving her. She nurses whenever the baby nurses...and whenever the baby doesn't nurse. She's been throwing more screaming fits too. It's hard, but we're adjusting...
anything else?
I just want to say how greatful I am to have had such a wonderful pregnancy and birth. I was a big complainer at the end of my pregnancy, and even during my labor, but I am so thankful everything worked out as healthy and well as it did. I've never felt so GREAT in my life!
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how old is baby now? 13 days, almost 2 weeks.

Are you getting any sleep? YES! We co-sleep/BF so no worries. I just wake up for dipe changes and then latch on and go back to sleep. Last night he actually went from 1am to 7am without suckling. I offered the breast every hour but he wasn't interested.

How is breastfeeding going? Really well. He's a pro. This is so much easier the second time around.

how are you feeling? Not bad at all. Some soreness where I tore, and I'm not digging going #2, but overall, I'm okay.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? He's acting way more rowdy than usual, but he seems to get calmer every day. He adores his baby brother.
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how old is baby now?
3 days today
Are you getting any sleep?
Sometimes, but at weird times
How is breastfeeding going?
Thank G-d, going well. Milk is in and she is happier for it.
how are you feeling?
I feel good, but HATE those afterpains. They are better today.
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings?
Other than the general commotion over whose turn it is to hold the baby....
anything else?
I think all babies should come with their own 13 year old sibling!
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how old is baby now?
6 days

Are you getting any sleep?
Yes. Sleep is coming in 3 hour intervals, now. Woo!

How is breastfeeding going?
Bad... Frustrating and painful. I don't want to talk about it right now.

how are you feeling?
Very good, actually. My worst pain comes from a pulled muscle I had before labor began - from coughing so hard while hugely pregnant.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings?
My son is PROUD, wants to do everything himself, and helps me with everything. He badgered us until we printed up a picture that he could take to school.

anything else?
This time around, I know how fast these days go by, and I'm trying so hard to hang on to them... I think that might be why I can't sleep when the baby sleeps. I just sit and stare at him while I can - before Devon gets up, and before I have to get myself food. I'm probably going to have a zillion pictures of him before he's a month old.
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how old is baby now?
8 days

Are you getting any sleep?
Only very little!

How is breastfeeding going?
We had to supplement a little with formula because it took my milk FOREVER to come in, and he was born weighing only 5lbs 15oz and lost 15oz. It hasn't affected his breast feeding at all though. He is latching on like a little champ!

how are you feeling?
Feeling great, except that my stupid hip feels like it isn't in the joint anymore so occasionally when I stand up I almost fall down!

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings?
Well his furry Siblings are reacting really well! They just adore him, and come to check on him everytime he cries.

anything else?
It was pretty scarey! I got a call last friday from my doctor who said that I had to come to the hospital immediatly and be induced. They had been watching me for pre-eclampsia and had me do the 24 hour urine test after seeing some protien in my urine two days before. Well the results they got back were pretty darn scarey and so I went to the hospital and they gave me medication to start labor. My water broke at 5:30am saturday morning, after that contractions started, and he was born at 1:12pm. He was apparently very ready to be born! My blood pressure went up a bit after he was born but went back down to safe levels and we're both doing great.
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how old is baby now?
2 Weeks Today
Are you getting any sleep?
Do I dare say that I don't feel exhausted? Jakob wakes up twice a night for some Momma, but other than that, he's a pretty good sleeper. He sleeps best snuggled real close to mom or dad.
How is breastfeeding going?
My nipples were on FIRE earlier, but now they kinda tingle when it's time to nurse. Otherwise, I'm amazed at my superpower.
how are you feeling?
I was induced with pitocin and pumped full of an IV for 24 hours during labor. Then, I pushed for 45 minutes and ended up with a C-Section. ugh! My belly itches, but I think that's a good thing because that means it's healing. My back is killing me from lack of good posture. Laying flat on the floor feels heavenly.
anything else?
I love looking into Jakob's eyes and seeing his baby facial expressions. He's so yummy!
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how old is baby now? 11 days
Are you getting any sleep? surprisingly yes, she only wakes up every 3-4 hours at night to bf
How is breastfeeding going? I have plenty of milk and she has already gained 7 ounces at her 1 week check. But my right side seems to want to constantly clog up and is still terribly painful, trying to do everything i can to avoid mastitis
how are you feeling? AMAZING. This time around i feel so good i'd never know i had a baby!!!
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? Lyssa is being a doll and loves her 'kayee' to peices!
anything else? I am amazed at how much easier this is the 2nd time round, just in confidence and sleep and knowing what to expect. And how amazing i feel physically this time around! Such a difference then my months long recovery after a hossy birth!
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how old is baby now?5 days old
Are you getting any sleep?yes...baby only wakes tonurse and is a great laying down nurser!

How is breastfeeding going?perfect
how are you feeling?pretty good...have a cough and cold but better than when preggo

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? pretty good...2yr old is nursing a lot more but she is erxcited to have milk again

anything else?hubby goes back yo work tomorrow and I am sad
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how old is baby now? 5 days

Are you getting any sleep? yes; Ember sleeps from about midnight to 5am

How is breastfeeding going? ok, but my nipples are killing me. i'm a little confused, since her latch *appears* to be good, but it's still painful, and my nipples are all purple and mangled. i think she's biting down with her gums maybe? Any ideas how to stop this? the "open wide and pull baby in" technique isn't helping.

how are you feeling? better, since the afterpains are finally calming down a bit. i made the mistake of looking at my tear *eep!* and no wonder it hurts to poo...i think my entire perinium is surgically created--is that possible??? Anyway...besides that, and the sore nipples again, i don't have much to complain about, except that i just discovered last night that i don't have any bladder control anymore. Please tell me kegels will help this...i'm trying, but have seen no improvement yet.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? The kids are awesome; both of them have been super-loving, and helpful. I hope they stay that way, lol! Only problem is my two-year-old daughter is TOO helpful, doing things like trying to give the baby a pacifier while she's asleep, and pissing her off *sigh* but her intentions are good.

anything else? My husband has been soooo helpful! He actually gets up with me sometimes at night, which he never did with the others (not that he didn't want to, i just couldn't physically wake him up). And i have to say, the big oaf of a man looks pretty cute wearing Ember in her pink and orange tie-dyed sling, lmao! He's going back to work tomorrow, so i'm super bummed!
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how old is baby now? Freyja is 17 days old

Are you getting any sleep? Some nights better than others; if I'm lucky I get 3 hours at a time! SO glad I get to stay home!

How is breastfeeding going? Very well!

how are you feeling? Tired, adjusting to being home and getting pretty much nothing done except for caring for Freyja and feeling like I should get more done. I've had some VERY hormonal days- crying and/or getting really angry. Overall this is the best postpartum I've had considering my previous 2 pregnancies I had PPD. I don't think that will happen this time.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? DS things she's cute, and has taken advantage of our focus being elsewhere for the last few weeks and fallen behind at school!

anything else? DH is kinda depressed that he has to work long hours every day and gets little time w/his baby...
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How old is baby now? Kahlan is 6 days old already!
Are you getting any sleep? A little, but not because she is keeping me up. I just haven't been able to sleep lately, when she sleeps I usually get on the computer.
How is breastfeeding going? It's actually going really well. She nurses like a pro!
How are you feeling? Still very sore, not from giving birth but from getting my tubes tied the day after she was born. I was up and walking around right after having her and haven't felt sore down there at all.
How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? They are loving it, but it's hard on me since they always want to touch her and hold her and be right next to her.
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Firstly, congrats to all our new mamas!! I haven't had time to check-in on all the threads.

How old is your baby now? 11 days!

Are you getting any sleep? Some...it depends. He slept 7 hours last night but was up in 2-3 hour intervals the nights before.

How is breastfeeding going? Great! No problems after the first few days with soreness. I'm pretty sure Samuel is going through his first growth spurt as he's been nursing TONS the last 2 days. Or maybe he just loves his mama!

How are you feeling? Pretty good. I've gotten lots of rest (dh returns to work tomorrow) so that's definately helped with my recovery. My in-laws were also here while Samuel was receiving phototherapy for jaundice, so MIL took care of all the cooking, etc. I've only had to worry about nursing and resting.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? They're both crazy about their new brother. However, we have noticed more fighting, etc., which I'm sure will calm down when life calms down a bit more.
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How old is baby now? Rowan is 9 days old - time flies!

Are you getting any sleep? Yeah, she sleeps pretty well. I usually get nice 4 hour chucks of sleeps at night and have been taking at least one hour long nap during the day. it's hard to go to sleep though when I want to spend all my waking hours just watching her!

How is breastfeeding going? After some initial nipple soreness, it is going great. She latches on really well. She is nursing constantly during the day but lets me sleep at night (thank goodness!).

How are you feeling? My body feels good for the most part. The past two days, I have been having some mild cramping if I try to do too much. I am having a bit of the "baby blues" which took me by surprise and has been a bit hard on me. It seems to be better today so I am hoping it goes away soon.

How are your older kids reacting to being big siblings? well, she is the first for me so nothing to report there!
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