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Swap Swap Swappy Swap!

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Okay, please ask if you have any questions, I am taking a lot of this from the Jan. board. (many thanks to sunnylady303 for the pilfered post)

In our swap you will send a package to someone and receive a package from someone else. You may spend up to $20(usd) on your package before shipping and delivery confirmation. You can send new, homemade, or very gently used items. If you're not able to do the full $20 worth, then please, don't sweat it. Obviously with handcrafted items the cost is subjective, and the main thing is we want everyone to share in the swapping fun.

In order to make sure that everyone gets a package that will work for them, please post your "In Search Of" or ISO list by Halloween. Make your list as long as possible with things that you want for your baby or for you or for the birth or whatever. If you want something to only be new, make sure you say so. If you're open to hand crafted items, please say so. Also, please post any allergies like wool, so you are not sent a beautiful wool item that will make your family miserable. If you know gender and are looking for things in a specific color(or not a specific color) please post that.

After all the ISO's are posted, you look through to find a person that you have or can make or can buy $20 worth of items for. You will them PM me your choice(s) by Friday, November 4, or sooner. It's best if you list a few different people that you could send to so that everyone will have a good chance of getting matched up.

As soon as I have all the picks, I will match people up with one another and post whom will be sending to whom. If someone is not picked at all, I'll post asking if someone could add them to their list of people to send to.

If you're from outside of the US, please say so in your post so that whoever picks you knows that shipping will be extra (or you can find someone from your own country to swap with).

You will have two weeks to get your package together and to write a personal note about your wishes/prayers/blessings about their upcoming birth/baby/entrance to motherhood and to ship to the person you were matched up with. Friday, Nov 18th is the deadline to ship. Please make sure you get a delivery confirmation number with your US to US shipments and post that number to our thread for your matchee to see and track.

If you have any questions, please post them here!

So, our dates are:
Post ISO list by Monday, Oct 31
PM me your picks by Friday, Nov. 4
Ship packages by Friday, Nov. 18
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Post ISO list on this thread?
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Originally Posted by Sleepymama
Post ISO list on this thread?
Yes please!
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Okay, I'll go first.

For Baby: Gender neutral please, we won't know the sex until Feb.

Anything handmade or crafty, any sort of natural fiber is fine.

Cloth wipes

Any sort of used winter baby clothes (preferably not newborn sized, dd was 9lbs 14 oz at birth)

For Me:
nursing pads (I leaked until dd was 18 mos )

mama pads

anything handmade or crafty

anything birth related for my birth alter

For DD:

I'm looking for a (used) copy of Welcome With Love.

That is all I can think of for now, but I will add to the list if I have an inspiration.
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Ok, here's my attempt at a list:

For Baby Girl~ *Not concerned about colors*

Cozy hats~handmade is great!

New Native sling~sz lg-any color

cpf infant size~used is great, just not major stains please

Cute baby tees~any kind like these is great-used is great-doesn't have to be these, but any kind I might not be able to find in my itty bitty farm town!

For Mama~

Cloth nursing pads~used ok

Crafty items like photo books~handmade is great

Belly balm~Handmade is great, as natural as possible-no crazy smells please

I forgot~Nursing books good for first time mama~used is great

If I think of more later, I will come back! What fun!!
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Ok, here's my wish list...

Mama Pads
Cloth wipes
Cloth diapers
Anything crafty is always fun
Winter hat for a newborn and/or a 3.5 yo
Fun socks (I wear shoe size 8.5) to wear in the hospital

We are having a girl, but I'm not concerned about typical gender colors.
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Here's my list, in no particular order of desire (having a boy):

Medicine/Toiletry basket - stuff like:
*Lansinoh breastfeeding ointment
*diaper rash cream (hated Desitin with my other two so please not any
of that - liked Balmex a lot, but if you know of any others that are great
I'm open to try something new)
*Infant Tylenol
*baby wash (don't care for Johnson's - like Gerber's stuff, open to try
something else if you have one you really like as long as it's no-tears)

Hooded Towels
If you know how to make the hand-made ones using a regular bath towel
and washcloth/hand-towel for the hood, I LOVE those - they're much
more substantial than the store bought kind and are bigger so you can
use them longer - my 5 & 3 yr olds still use some I made for them! You
can make them cheaper than you can buy the flimsy ones, too.
*Updated* I forgot to say that nice used hooded towels are
fine - they don't have to be new!

"Mom's Breastaurant" creeper
from CookiePants at cafepress - my kids tend to be on the top of the size
charts, so for summer he'll probably be able to wear a 12 month size.
Here's the link where you get them:
(These are SO cute! Noah had a t-shirt but it's really well worn and
stained now!)

Hand-knit hat, sweater, booties, etc...
if you love to knit (or know someone who does, or just have a nice
knitted item around that you don't need) I'd love a beautiful hand-knit-
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OK here's my list:
used/handmade are fine! Having a girl, but don't care about colors all that much

--16" circular knitting needles, ANY size, prefer but 5, 6, 7, or 8. Wood or bamboo great! I can't find 16" ones anywhere!

--Any wool yarn.

--Groovy stitch markers like these

--Amy Butler Nappy Bag pattern http://henriettashandbags.com/nappy_bag_pattern.html

--Anything monkey sudz I like vanillas and fruity smells.

--NB size under the nile layette, or other organic layette stuff. Sleepers, footie pants, onesies, etc. Especially footie pants, love them!

--play kitchen toys, wood or plastic OK, for DS, who is crazy about cooking!

--earth mama angel baby's mama bottom care kit, or any kind of herbal perineal bath/spray/balm, cause I am so going to tear...
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Can't think of too much yet...

for baby
gender neutral small fitted dipes,used is great.do not care what kind
wool soaker size small,used great

for me
a used sling,any kind that is not padded
love candles that smell good!
comfy bra that would fit a 38/40 c
cool earrings,not too long though!

uummm,i guess that is it for now!

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Ok...this is such a cool idea!!!! Here is my ISO list:

Gender neutral warm jammies for the baby, like the fuzzy warm ones (gently used is fine) in 0-3 months or a gender neutral handmade baby blanket would be AWSOME!!!!

I would love a nice smelling massage oil for labor (coconut or vanilla maybe).

This is our 1st baby who will hopefully be born at home, so anything representing homebirth would also be awsome.

Oh...I also would love a herb bath for after the baby comes....heard they are AWSOME for healing.

Then there is anything good for breastfeeding....nursing pads, Lanoshin, any of that stuff.

Oh...and we are cloth diapering so anything like a wet bag, covers, or cloth diaper wipes are much appretiated.

Ok....I am editing ONE LAST TIME....I would also really love a used or burned copy of a Norah Jones CD...I would not want anyone to buy it new though...to expensive for something that is for me not the baby...lol. Want to listen to it during the birth.

Past that I am open to anything....I feel akward asking for things and would be excited for any gift I might get and look forward to sending someone a gift too
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Here's mine:

Anything crafty is great

Anything for a baby boy (used/handmade is fine)

Cloth nursing pads

Mama cloth

Copies of Baby on the Way and What Baby Needs by Sears

Pretty much open to anything
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Ok, here is my ISO list, I am sure I will think of more later! For anything used and or homemade is great!

Cloth nursing pads
Cloth diaper wipes
Med. or Large diaper covers
Candles to use during labor
Fun skin stuff(lotion, massage oil etc.)/soaps for me or baby
Yarn (non acrylic)
Sleeper sacks, fleece is best!
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Oooh- I see some good things to make- I am almost more excited about sending OUT a package! But here is what I would like-

any cute baby knitting stuff- yarn, patterns, etc.. OR something knitted- but that seems like a lot of work for a swap!
anything for our seasonal table to celebrate baby's arrival
wool felt pieces or scraps for crafting
cute baby hat
sarong or pretty cloth to wear when laboring
image to focus on while laboring- water is something I have been visualizing a lot
any nice body products
vegetarian recipes your family likes
really anything baby related- gender neutral
anything handmade
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Um... I'm really not great at stuff like this:
first of all, anything homemade or second hand is just fine...
We don't know the gender of our baby and I'm allergic to virtually all oils, soaps etc.

baby hat (gender neutral if possible?)
Fun socks for labour (I'm stealing this idea from above)
I'm going to come back and add somemore in a few minutes. I'm suddenly drawing a blank....
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Okay, here's my list:


We are having a boy!

***Mei Tai that will fit up to size 18
***Any other baby wrap
***baby monitors
***candles (please no vanilla) I like any kind of crisp rain, or waterfall, linen cotton those type of scents
***slipper socks
***any kind of baby bathing products
***something for my 2.5 year old little boy so he can feel like a big brother
***gift certificate (like AMEX so I can go to any store)
***scrapbooking supplies

Can't think of anything else. I'll add on if I can

Thanks! :-)
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LOL...I pilfered most of the post from the November board who gave credit to someone else, I think! I wonder who originally wrote it... Thanks for the thought though!!!
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WOOHOO! It's a girl!
For mama:
I'd love some bottom balm from earthmamaangelbaby

GC to Bath and body works, gap, old navy, wal-mart, target, just about any WAHM
pine tree scented candles

For baby:*the only thing we DON'T need are gowns...I have plenty coming.
ANYTHING PINK! L/S 0-6 months short sleeved after that. Blankets, SOCKS (don't have ANY socks) dresses etc. gently used is fine, no stains though please.
Miracle blanket

baby bee products
monkey suds products
newborn paci's- NUK brand preferably
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Ok not much I can really think of here

for baby
crossover with snaps undershirts preferable longsleeve though I suppose I'll need some short sleeve ones too.

long or short sleeve lap tees (please no onsies)

natrual baby products (we currently use burts bees but would be interested in trying some other types)

Cloth Diapers any size really though nb-med would probably be best

anything handmade

for mama

nursing pads

postpartum mama pads

for the family

fun socks (it will be something cool to pull out for our homebirth)

teas (the kids love teas too)

we are planning a home possible water birth so anything really. We think the baby is a girl but won't actually find out until feb so anything girly or GN is just fine!
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anything handmade or second hand is great
mama pads
cloth diapers
thin receiving blankets for swaddling
We are having a boy but colors don’t matter.

I'm not able to think of anything else right off but anything would be just great. I just enjoy the whole idea of swapping with someone.
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Just putting my name in here--

We're having a girl and our dd will be 2.5 years at the time of this one's arrival
I would some coordinated/matching thing for them, but not matching, you know?

a cute warm outfit for baby in 0-3

Anything hand made for baby

Any kind of diaper or diaper supply (first time CD)

newborn pacis MAM brand

mixed cd of yur favorite songs

any cool yarn- cotton preferably (b.c I like it and have never had any)

anything from LUSH

anything would be great
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