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Oooh, there are some great ideas here.

I'm having a boy, so...
any warm baby boy clothes (0-3 months, I anticipate another little one)
handmade hat
cloth diaper wipes
any type of sling
any kind of natural baby products
(anything used is fine!!!)

for me...
a good book to read at 3 a.m while I'm nursing
any kind of scented bath or body item
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I have been trying to think about what i am in need of for this baby.

for the baby: gently used is fine
Anything handmade would be great
long sleeve baby shirts(no onesies, please)
gender neutral blankets since we are not finding out the sex and all we have are pink blankets from dd
wooded or organic toys

anything for my dd who will be three when the baby is born.

I am open to pretty much anything for myself, just can't think of anything right now.

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Me too!!

Oh, I wanna play!

First of all absolutely no known allergies in this house, so there are no restrictions. And anything handmade is great because I'm soo not crafty!

We are not finding out the sex until birth so...
1. We cloth diaper (but use a service) so any covers in any size would be great.
2. any sling
3. any kind of special 'big girl' treat for Annika who is 2.5yrs old
4. a nursing necklace (maybe this one won't have to fondle my other nipple )
5. Anything really. I soo bad at lists.

Oh, gently used is absolutely great!

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I can't believe it's the 31st already!

Homemade/gently used is great...

here are my ideas:

- nursing pads
- mama pads
- Lansinoh ointment
- sleeper sacks
- receiving blankets
- any kind of natural baby products
- diaper covers in any size
- cloth wipes

We won't know gender until February, but my hunch is that we're having a girl.
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I've been meaning to post this for a week!

We don't know the gender of our baby. Gently used is fine.

For mama:
nursing top, or if you can find something for $20 or under, a nursing nightie for the hospital
pregnancy tea (e.g., raspberry, nettle, alfalfa tea)
Peace is every step (cannot remember the author but I've been wanting to buy this book)

For baby:
baby socks or booties (either storebought or handmade)
newborn hats
onesies (either 0-3 months or 3-6 months)
a gently used sling. Heck, new is great if you can find or make one for under $20. I'd love to use a sling with this baby, i just need one that accommodates my not so strong back.
I'm also open/appreciative of handmade craftsy items such as a baby book, knitted hat and sweater, knitted socks or booties

This is such a nice idea...thank you, miss bliss for organizing this.
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Alrighty! Our iso list deadline has occurred. If anyone just spaced the date and really wants to participate, please try to do so ASAP! I'm kind of busy this morning (got back late last night from horrid travel day), but this afternoon I will try and post some swap request parameters.
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Okay, send me a PM that includes:
1. How many packages you'd like to send out (you'd receive the same number in return). Or if you have a double swap for someone (that means that the items you have before shipping total $20 + $20 = $40) in exchange you'd either get a double swap from one person or two packages from two different people.
2. The people you'd like to send packages to (please have at least two people, you can rank them if you'd like).

As soon as I have everyone's picks in, I'll match everyone up and post it to our list. The sooner the picks get in, the sooner you'll know who you're sending to/receiving from.

This is all so much fun!
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Okay, just so we have a list, this is who I have listed as participating (in order of ISOs) I have put a star next to your name if I have not yet received your picks.
April 77
Honeybee's Mama
Andi G
Maya's mommy
Daniel's Mom

Please let me know if I have inadvertantly missed someone. And keep the pms coming w/your picks.
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Okay, Picks are all in. Hopefully I can sit down and look at them all tomorrow morning, and have assignments posted by tomorrow night. My pm box is pretty full, but I should have it cleared out once everyone is matched up for swapping fun! Have a good night, Abby
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Okay, here goes. Hopefully this will make sense. I've been thinking about it and scratching notes on bits of paper for so long that I have chants of rachdoll to danav and danielsmom to anyak going through my head, lol.


bellalunalovebunny-maya's mommy(double)
maya's mommy----danielsmom
maya's mommy-----nostrow
todzwife-------honeybee's mama
honeybee's mama---katiemfree
april 77---------todzwife(double)

Okay. Letting out sigh of relief. That was mindwarping. I shouldn't volunteer for anything that requires brain power while pregnant.
Please Please let me know if I have screwed up somewhere/somehow, and have you down for a person you can't send to, or the wrong number of people, etc. I've checked it like three times, and at this point my brain is just swimming with chants of usernames. So please, if I have messed up, please tell me. Now I'm off to clean out my pm box, so the rest of you can pm me addresses.
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Thanks so much Miss Bliss!!
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Thank you Miss bliss!
So the sender is on the left column and the receiver is on the right?
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You are all so welcome! Yep, sender is on left, recipient on right. I'll go edit my post to reflect that.
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WOOHOO!!!! I'll go edit my post since we found out we are having a GIRL Thanks for doing this!
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Thanks so much missbliss!! This is so fun!!
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missbliss, do we send our addresses to you or to the people that are sending to us?

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missbliss, do we send our addresses to you or to the people that are sending to us?

Either will work really. People have been sending them to me, but you could just skip me, and send directly to whomever is sending to you.

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Okay, so I forwarded all the addresses that I was sent, other than to sleepymama, whose pm box is full. (so I'll send that to you as soon as you let me know your box has been emptied)

Can I assume that everyone else is contacting their fellow swappers/swappees to let them know addresses?
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Sorry...it's empty now.

I will send my address directly to my 2 people.
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My 2 packages are going out tomorrow
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