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Tylenol, Motrin, etc.

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Hi- this has probably been discussed before, but does anyone know which pain relief medicines are supposed to be safest while pregnant - in particular during the first trimester? This is my 4th baby! and I honestly can't remember which ones are supposed to be "okay".

I'm asking because I get headaches occasionally and I have NEVER been able to find any way of getting rid of them short of taking some kind of pain relief medicine. I can have a headache all day long, go to bed, and I'll still have it the next morning if I don't take something. Hot water bottles, dark rooms and hot showers *help*, but they have never been able to completely get rid of them for me.

xo - Kelly
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Tylenol is safer than Motrin
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Definitely Tylenol. Try the smallest dose first (obvious, I suppose). I got horrible headaches for a couple of weeks in the beginning of my second trimester, and did take tylenol a few times. Is motrin the same as advil? I know that you are supposed to avoid aspirin and ibuprofin (i.e. advil, nuprin, etc.).

I hope your head responds well!

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yes, ibuprofen is the generic name for the brands Advil, Motrin, and Nuprin.
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Agree with the above. Ibuprofen can make you bleed. Aspirin too--along with the other stuff.
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As others said - Tylenol is the way to go.

I have been getting killer headaches almost daily since I got pregnant and was trying hard not to take anything for them. When I asked my ob at my last appointment she said Tylenol was so safe when pregnant it wouldn't hurt if I had to take it every day.

I still try to relieve the pain naturally first - like you said hot showers, etc. . . but I do end up taking Tylenol once or twice a week.
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Thanks everyone!
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also, ibuprofen in the 1st few months of pregnancy can cause the babys heart to develop abnormally (have holes, murmers etc)
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