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April mamas

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Hope you all don't mind... our thread was getting pretty long and very buried.

So how is everyone doing now that the holidays are over?

I'm ready to get into the groove again... not that I like work or anything. : I just keep telling myself that I have less than four months and I'll be able to not only stay at home with Elana, but also with my new son!

Right now, I'm working on a letter for dh. I've been researching circumcision and realize I just can't do it. I'm putting together links and facts for dh to study.

I'm getting good at compiling info... first I had to convince him of homebirth and now not circ'ing. Poor man, he married me when I was 18 (he was 36) and had no idea I'd turn out this crunchy!
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i was just about to start a new thread for us too!
Thank you for doing this one.

I am doing good. had my ultra sound and we did not find out the sex, I want a suprise. I wil be happy for either, though I know how to care for a boy so I will have to learn new things if it is a girl. And we finnally started picking names out. Brandon Trisien, for a boy. And Monique (but I do not know if that is how I want to spell it) for a girl, Dp gets to pick the middle name.

Baby kicks all the time

Well good to check in, hope every one else is doing well!!!
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Hey Mamas! Welcome to D'Anne. Glad to hear everyone is doing well!

I'm feeling good as well. Feeling the baby kick A TON, which is a blast. My favorite part of the pregnancy! I've started doing yoga again everyday, and am feeling so much better because of it.

We're getting psyched up for the birth, and getting all the details in order for the homebirth. It's beginning to really feel real that this is going to happen...and in our house! Yay! DS (23mos) is getting as prepared as I can get him...reading books, talking about the birth, and looking at his own birth photos. I really hope it will work out that he can be there.

We're starting to think about names too. We don't want to tell friends and family until the babe is born, so I have no one to try them out on. We're thinking Elsa Margaret for a girl, and Ezra (no middle name yet) for a boy.

Hope everyone stays healthy!!

mama to Calvin 1/23/01 and baby bean #2 arriving 4/03
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Sounds like everyone is well!

I feeling Jeremy move all the time.

Amanda- I like the name Elsa!

Welcome D'Anne!

Starfire- I like your with the baby kicking all the time. I actually can feel appendages already. The other day it was a knee or an elbow grinding into my side. Ouch!

I'm just continuing to prepare for my homebirth. I still need to order my birth kit and pool... we have three paychecks this month so this is a good time to do that!
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Good to see a new thread!

Well, we are MOVED! We moved the week between Christmas and New Years and it went fairly smoothly. This house is wonderful, spacous, quiet and cozy!

This pregnancy has gone by SO fast! I'm excited to slow down and bit and enjoy it. She kicks alot and in the morning, we play the hokey/pokey game together. But it seemed like Dane kicked and flipped flopped alot more. Her name will be Amber Elizabeth. We didn't find out w/Dane but did this time. Dane already LOVES his baby sister and talks to her constantly. He always asks to "see her" (which means lift up my shirt!). I think I'm 26 wks. and see my midwife on Wed. and then will start seeing her every 2 wks. (how did that happen)???

A good friend brought over her old diapers and covers. The reality is starting to hit me now. Having clothes of her's hanging up in the closet is just so strange!

Feeling good, but occasionally my sacral area hurts. Went to the chiro. though and all better!

Take Care Everyone~

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hi all! and welcome d'anne (i'm also in the SF bay area, in half moon bay... where are you?)

i'm doing really well, but still really tired. just got over a horrid bout with sinusitis. terribly painful and lasted about 2 weeks (a *very* long time for me to be sick.) dh had to stay home form work for 2 days to care for dd, argh.

i've been working on hypnobirthing stuff and just had my first private session with a hypniobirthing practitioner/hypnotherapist, which was absolutely amazing. i am so excited to do this stuff for this birth. my folks were here last week and we all (me, dh and my parents) watched the hypnobirhting video, which has about 10 births on it. everyone was amazed. all the births were just so peaceful. my mom was nearly crying (said it made her think of what kind of birth she could have had, if the medical establishment had allowedor if she'd been more educated about her options. so sad).

that's about it for me. aside from just enjoying our new home at the beach.

busybusy...my dh and i did the no-circ talk. it was intense (we are jewish, which adds to the difficulty). but it went well. we have decided not to circ if it's a boy and even have the support of our local jewish community. good luck to you.

amanda, i love the name ezra. and i think it goes great with calvin.
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Hi all!

I'm due a he end of April, and I can' wai.

Oh, no I jus noiced he "T" buon only works in capial, so please fill in a "T" wherever you hink I mean one!:

This pregnancy jus flew by for us, oo, probably because I didn' realize I was pg unil 5 monhs

I'm a bi nervous, hough, because I have exra amnioic fluid and am having a feal echo done Thursday.
wish us luck. Oher han ha, we feel healhy, acive, and I am eaing A TON!

I's nice o have a hread all for us April mamas, and hear how everyone is doing.

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Here is a picture that my ds (who is 6 yo) took of me right before Christmas: http://photos.yahoo.com/lisaeccles

Anyone else keeping a photo log of their bellies? I also did this w/my first. Its so fun to see the growth! Has anyone or is anyone going to have professional pregnancy photos taken?


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I'm a very bad girl... with dh working third shift I never think to have him take a picture of my belly. I'll put it on my to-do list.

I had no belly to take pictures of until 20w with dd, but I love looking back at the pictures. I really need to get on the ball...

I'm not going to have professional pictures taken. I would, but all my money is going to the midwife! LOL
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What a cute belly! I'll try and post ours soon, too. I didn't take many belly shots last time, and am making up for it this time!

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Wow, I love the reminder of things to do!

I took so many pictures of myself when i was pg with ds, but now it seems like I have no time, plus for what ever reason it hasn't even dawned on me too. I wish I would have started sooner cause then I could have compared more.

My belly is big to me, but then again I dd not have a belly till I was 8 months along with ds. In the pictures when I lifted my shirt you could tell I was pg, but I still wore the same size jeans till 8 months.

Wow how my body has changed!

Things are well, though. Dr. says she is glad I am finnaly gaining some woehgt, still not to what they want to see, but a few here and there is good. I love it though, I am eating so much more healtheir than before so I am not worried.
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Dh and I are notorious in our family for not taking photos. We even received a camera and video camera as gifts and not-so-subtle reminders lol! I guess I should get cracking. Getting the actual photos onto the WEB would be more than I can imagine doing. Taking the photos, actually getting them developed, and then actually sending them out, is more than enough for us.

Do you think dd can feel the babe when it kicks when she's nursing? dd hasn't responded to it at all, so I'm just wondering what she thinks is going on. Maybe she thinks I have indigestion!
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Originally posted by bunny
Maybe she thinks I have indigestion!
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Indigestion...too cute!

DS doesn't quite have the patience to wait 10 seconds and feel the baby move, but he has seen my whole belly move in the bath! It was so much fun. We did have to change our language, though, from the baby "kicking" to "stretching", as he starting running around the house kicking, laughing, and saying "baby kick!". Thankfully, now he "stretches" like the baby! LOL!
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How is everyone doing?

I saw my midwife last week and my bp was slighly elevated. She's not concerned though and recommended that I take calcium and garlic.

The WIC lady weighed me on this ancient scale (different from the scale they weighed me on last time) and it said I gained 5 3/4 lbs in one month. According to the scale I use myself, I gained 4lbs. Now I'm 2lb above pre-pg weight!
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Anyone with sleep problems??? It doesn't matter when I go to bed at night, she always wakes me at around 4:00 am and I'm awake until I get up around 6-6:30 am. She doesn't move as much as my ds did, but she does a tapdance. He flip-flopped alot and is still a squirmer.

Next week I start to see my midwife every 2 wks.! Time is flying by


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Oh, poor Lisa! My ds just moves a lot after I comfortable in bed. Two weeks ago he was laying traverse and stretching and dh got to feel that. He thought it was so cool! : I just wondered if his toes were going to pop out of my belly. LOL

I guess it's not going to get any better either because the babes will just keep getting bigger! LOL

I asked my midwife and she'll see me at 28w, then 32w and then we'll start meeting every other week. Then at 36w we'll meet every week.

Does anyone else figure they'll go early? The reason I think that is on days where I have a million things to do and don't stop moving all day (either working all day or running my errands that piled up over the course of a week) I get b/h and just get that feeling. Ya know?
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I don't feel that I will go early (my EDD is 4/14) but feel that she will come around the full moon which is 4/16. I was late w/my ds and he came on the full blue moon (you know, once in a blue moon).

Yes, I do get alot of bh cont. when I am busy (like when we were moving). For me, I think its due to the physical activity, but also because I'm not taking the time to drink enough water. Gotta keep hydrated!

WOW~transverse!!!!!! That must have been something to feel!

Take Care~

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Hey- cool idea! We should all post our guess of when we'll deliver and our edd and see how close we are! LOL Just for the fun of it of course!

Name, edd, guess (the full moon is the 16th)
Lisa edd 04/14/03 guess 04/16/03
Michelle edd 04/25/03 guess 04/04/03

PS- with dd, I was dialating at 36 weeks. I was put on bedrest at 36w for slightly elevated bp, and was 3cm and 80% effaced already. When I was admitted to be induced at 38w I was closer to 4cm. I still think a few days of normal activity would have kicked me right into labor because the pitocin kicked right in and I had a quick 8 hr labor (from start of IV to delivery).
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Originally posted by busybusymomma
Name, edd, guess
Simone, edd / 4-11-03, and I think it will be here around Easter. So 4-20-03

With first child, never went in to get checked for dialation or anything, but I had contractions every 20 min. for three weeks. I set a date to get induced got one shot, (they didn't go an IV) and an hour and fourty minutes later i had my son! We all cried because he was the first boy . No one knew what to do or how to clean him : , but I knew that i was not going to let them cut him .

They say the second comes quicker, I hope not to much quicker.
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