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How early do you need to contact a doula to interview her and get on her calendar?

Do their schedules fill up so early that I need to call in my first tri or do I have some time?

Oh and when I do chat with a prospective doula.. what should I ask her?
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Doula schedules can fill up pretty fast, so don't hesitate to hire early. I've noticed that at least in my neck of the woulds, June is a very popular time to have a baby.

For good questions, you can go the DONA website. IMO, as a doula, the most important thing is finding a doula who makes you feel comfortable & safe. Experience may or may not be important. Cerification doesn't mean much to me, but I'm not a certified doula either. Because I want a VBAC, I want a veteran doula who has seen many births, many tricks of the trade & isn't afraid to make suggestions.

Good luck!

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I agree with loudmama that some doulas do fill up pretty quickly and it certainly doesn't hurt to start the interviewing process. I think education is also really important so I would want someone who is fairly well read and if they don't know the answers to questions, knows how to find them. And of course finding someone who click with is essential! The DONA site (www.dona.org) has great questions to ask prospective doulas.
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As another doula, I agree with both posts above. I seem to find that clients either book early or late with just a few in the middle of their pregnancy. I love it when I get hired early on-we have so much more time to get a great rapport going & really figure each other out.

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Not Trying to Hijack the Thread, but.....

Gray's Mommy - I just realized that we are both doulas, both due in June and both are married to police officers. How crazy is that? I was just reading the responses and noticed all of the similarities!
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So where is the best place to find a doula? All the people I know IRL are like, "You want a what?" I've looked on DONA and found some in my area do I just call and make an appointment fo meet with them?
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The DONA site is a great place to start and you can either call or email anyone you are interested in chatting with. Email is nice because you can email a list of questions and maybe narrow down your interview list a bit based on responses. Hope that helps!
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