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Which comes first? Weaning or potty learning?

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DS, 21 months, is showing signs of being interested in using the potty.

I was pretty surprised, because it seems kinda early to me (but DS is my first, so I'm not exactly an expert )

I always figured he'd wean himself before he'd learn to use the potty.

What's your experience been? Anyone still nursing a potty-trained child?
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Yep. My youngest dd potty trained at 24 months and is still nursing at 29 months!
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Mine did both at about the same time.

Some people don't weant until a child is four or five. It would be hard to hold off toilet learning until then
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We're toilet training first. She'll wean when she's ready, but she's already all for toilet training. I think it is often difficult for toddlers to master two new concepts simultaneously, especially when they are such major milestones. For us, it's better to focus on one major thing at a time. She is still requesting ninnies regularly. That one is gonna be a toughie.
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My ds weaned at 31 months. He is almost 35 months now and is using the potty about 4 times a day.

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My daughter potty-trained one week and weaned the next. I know a lot of developmental 'experts' say not to do these things at the same time, but since she 'led the charge' (so to speak) we didn't see the problem. It was kind of shocking (for us, not for her) to go from a nursing, diaper-wearing toddler to a weaned, toilet-trained child in less than two weeks though!

mama to Becca (2/1/00) and Tony (12/2/01)
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well, i gotta laugh

DD was using the potty consistently by 2.5, so she got a big girl bed that I figured I would lie down with her before sleep for--oh, maybe a year or so, since she ALWAYS nursed to sleep.

she'll be 6 in 2 weeks, and I'm pretty sure she's weaned (but I've been saying that since about 4.5!). But momma still falls asleep in the big girl bed most nights! Maybe I need to wean out of the girls' room and back into the big bed!

on the other hand, she JUST stopped wetting at night, so maybe she DID wean first!
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Yes. I nurse my dd who is potty-trained....she will be 3 in a week and potty-trained when she was about 2.5.
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Interesting question. I had never thought about this or related these two big milestones...

At 24 months, we're not even close to either of these yet. A few months back, DS was showing interest in the potty but it was a passing fancy. He is also still hopelessly devoted to my boobs and will wean when he's ready.

I do imagine that the potty will come first... he now in the "wanna do what you do" phase in a big way. Of course, he's not nearly ready to give up nursing so yes, I do imagine the potty will come first.

Or then again...
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My son has been using the potty since 21 months, and I found that nursing during that transition was very useful. He started nursing more frequently, but I think it provided needed sucurity during a tough transition. He's 26 months now and shows no signs of quitting nursing anytime soon.
Even though it's hard sometimes to have him still nursing so much, I believe it helped him potty train as quickly as he did (and I'm very happy not to be doing all that extra laundry anymore!).
Now I'm hoping that continuing nursing through the 2 year-old tantrum phase will help us get through that too!
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My ds is 22 months and is in the process of weaning right now... hasn't nursed at all in 4 days now. He has not shown an interest in the potty yet, but then again we don't own one... probably because I know he's not ready. So, he will have weaned before he is potty trained.
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My son was done with Dipes by 25 months. He's now 31/2 and still nurses.
Monpetitfils, my son has gone without asking to nurse for up to 7 days on many occasions. But he's still not weaned.

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I was going to put in a sidebar there *unless he changes his mind* regarding the weaning... we'll see. I am quite torn. He has been slowing weaning since about 14 months, coinciding with is walking. I also took a role by doing that don't ask, don't offer thing. To be quite honest, I am ready for him to wean fully. Does that make me a bad mom? I feel a little guilty about it.

Anyhow, sorry to hijack this thread, I guess my guilt is just seething over. : :

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Don't feal guilty MPF, two years is still a good long time. Trust me, I don't usually want my 3 1/2 year old to be nursing either! But sometimes... he can be pretty sweet.
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