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My question of the day...Dr. stuff

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Okay, I am a total newbie to all of this and don't really have a support system here so I will probably be bugging you guys everyday with one of my silly questions.

Today I was turned down by the state for health insurance (I make too much money...she told me I should have lied) Anyway, my plan is to use a midwife, which I have chosen, but wanted the insurance for the blood work and an ultrasound or two.

Now I am wondering...can you just use a midwife...do you need an OB involved at all? Can you just pay for bloodwork and an ultrasound on your own, and about how much might that cost?

Here's the other glitch in my story....we are considering relocating to Oregon and can't decide if we should do it in January, right before the baby is born, or after the baby is born.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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Hi there! Your MW will more then likely have a back-up physician (OB)that she works with *in case* you need one. I think some mamas go to both an OB and MW - if you don't have insurance, that seems like it is a pricey option. I will only be going to my MW. I will meet her back-up, but hopefuilly really never have to see him
I don't have insurance either - for all of the prenatal, delivery at the birth center or at home, follow-up visits and basic lab work ( 1 ultrasound and bloodwork) it is like $5000.00 - of which they will let us make payment plans. I think an ultrasound costs maybe $100 or so and same for the bloodwork.

Personally, I would prob hold off on moving myself until the baby is at least a month or so - moving is so stressful.

HTH mama!
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I used just a midwife at the birthing center the 1st time. Had no need for an OB, thankfully. If I need to use an OB this time, I'll use the one the midwives work with. I have no idea about the cost of anything. Insurance covered everything the 1st time; it'll cover 70% this time. Different insurance, different birth center.

OMG - moving before or after the birth of the baby? Yeesh. Tough call. We moved 3 wks after DS was born. Never again. And I am *strong* woman, who can deal with the stress & chaos of moving. We've moved fairly often, so I'm used to it. Luckily, our parents came up to help weeks #2 & #3. In any event - HIRE MOVERS, if at all possible. We did a lot of the packing and purging in the months beforehand. But it was still a PITA. I would say wait until the baby's 2 or 3 mos old, if you can. JMO.

Just saw your other thread...if you're due in June, then I'd go ahead & relo in Jan. if you can. You'll still have plenty of time to adjust to your new life & area before you have the baby & have to adjust to everything again.
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Definitely relocate in January if you can pull it off by then.

Midwives almost always have a back-up OB incase of you needing a section, since they can't do it. Usually, the midwives here send you to an independant lab for all your testing (infact, a lot of OBs here do this too). You can pay the lab individually. My only concern would be... Can you try and qualify for some coverage once you get to Oregon? I just ask because, I'm the queen of all things going wrong and God forbid, but if something comes up and you land yourself in the hospital (a complication free vaginal delivery costs $22k here), the bill starts skyrocketing and there's almost no way to control it. My bills ended up through the roof last time and without insurance we'd be freaking homeless right now.

My parents had 6 children with no insurance (granted they went bankrupt) and once my dad managed to talk an $11k bill (15 years ago) down to $3k by telling them he would give them cash and if they didn't take it they would be seeing $25 a month for the rest of his life.
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I agree and would move in January if you can pull it off. You then have a reason to take it easy and not do a lot of moving But too, moving with a little one is tough. We moved last year with Lil'bit being just short of a year and it was tough even then, i couldnt imagine doing it with a month old little one. I also agree, hire movers. Call around, get a good price and ask others opinions who you know have recently moved. Also, make sure they do things like laying down tarps to walk on etc. I was sooo rushed (horrible closing) that by the time I got to the new house I just wanted it over. I didnt notice they didnt put down the tarps or covers on the carpet I had paid a small fortune to have cleaned as they said they would and we needed to have it cleaned all over again I should have had a list to give them the minute they walked in the house! Basically, get to know the movers when they walk in the house! We offered lunch to them since we had a long wait inbetween moves and they appreciated it and worked a little harder etc. Also, label all the boxes etc and have them move said boxes into the appropriate rooms. It makes unpacking soo much easier.

I think moving before the baby will be a heck of a lot easier. not only that, but when you get to the new state, you can always reapply for assistance. If you go to the stated website, there should be a page for assistance that will list the income amount to number in family allowance and whether or not you will be eligible. I know here in Illinois they have a program (my girls are on it and I hopefully soon will be too) that gives insurance to pregnant women and children with little or no insurance. Granted that means finding new drs, atleast for well visits, but it also means a heck of a lot less medical bills and ours from well visits/shots etc are upwards of 2,000$ Good luck, I know its hard!
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I have moved twice while pregnant and it is very probable that we will be doing it again this time. IMO - moving while pg is much easier than moving with children or a baby. And when you are pg - you just stand and point and don't have to actually move anything! LOL

As for the OB back-up question, it is very dependent on where you live. Here, most midwives (out of hospital) do NOT have OB back-up due to the legal status of mw's in this state. Because we do have insurance (which only pays for the hospital OB or MW), I choose to go to the OB and see my mw for prenatal care. Each situation is different and there are always several ways to work prenatal care, but you will have to find what makes you most comfortable.
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Move before the baby is born!! In January you should be feeling great, not too big, in the more/less 'safe' time so a little stress shouldn't hurt you too much... Plus, if you are feeling isolated then you really need to get settled in some place and find a support group. If you can get to Oregon and start connecting, either with neighbors or with other MDC moms you'll be so much better off after the birth. Just last night I had a long talk with this wonderful support group I have now about how hellish our isolation made our first months of motherhood. Moms need moms. I'd suggest going to 'playgroups' before the baby is born... LLL meetings are great for that too. I would seriously suggest going while pregnant. :-)

Good luck! Lotsa changes coming around...
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Here are the "Finding Your Tribe" threads for Hawaii/Alaska: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...splay.php?f=93
and Washington/Oregon/Idaho: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...splay.php?f=97

Good luck!
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Thank you so much everyone...We are so torn as to what to do, but I'm sure the answers will be more clear after our visit to Bend next week.
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Oh, you're moving to Bend? It's a great place. Maybe you've already been there. I, too, would highly suggest moving before the baby. I had bad "Baby Blues" with my first, and I can't imagine even thinking about moving for the first month or two. I also had an unexpected cesarean, and recovery was very painful. So, with all the "ifs" about birth and baby, it would be much easier to do it before, probably.

Also, my midwives didn't have an OB they consulted with. I live in Washington state. I think it just depends on who you see.
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