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Helped needed in find clothes

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I have a friend who is preggo with twins and is very much in shape. She cannot find clothes that are big in the tummy but normal sized anywhere else.
Do any of you know of a place that sells big tummy clothes for a normal sized woman? I think she is a 12 and is about 6 months preggo.

She has searched the stores in her area(Western Washington) and just cannot find big tummy clothes. She doesnt want to wear tents. She is a classy dresser.

Thanks for your help~
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definitely check out japaneseweekend.com
their stuff is expensive but they have a multiples line - definitely classy stuff
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Ohhh thanks I'll pass that on!
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I can totally relate to your friend! My legs and arms and butt are all size small maternity but my belly is an XL. I look totally ridiculous in my clothes. Even the XLs don't fit right because they are SUPER baggy but the shirt is still short in the front. I need shirts that are snug and extremely long. But I have found they don't really make shirts much longer, just wider. VERY annoying. Maybe I will check out Japanese Weekend but I only have 10 weeks to go so I am not sure if I want to spend the money. I wish I had known about that earlier. :
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Nancymom, that just gave me an Maybe be you mommas of mutilples should get a sticky made of clothes that work for those beautiful tummies.
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I find that regular gap t-shirts (as long as they have lots of stretch) in size xl work really well since they are pretty clingy to begin with. Especially stuff from Gap Body. like these:

I can totally relate. I was an 6-8 to begin with and size L maternity stuff is too big everywhere but the belly and I'm busting out of the mediums!
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Thanks for the link. My belly is quicky outgrowing my old maternity clothes from DS. I'm only 22w!!! My boobs and belly are huge and getting bigger by the dayu and my legs and arms are the same as over.
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Sassy, how far along are you? I checked out that GAP link but the shirts looked way too short for me! I already have a long torso and if you combine that with huge boobs and a huge twin belly, I have not found a shirt that is long enough to cover me. My only luck has been with dh's t-shirts.
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I am not a multiple but I am also pregnant and in fairly decent shape.

I like mimimaternity and I have also ordered from isabella oliver and loved the quality and style. I also saw in Fit Pregnancy about a store called Due Maternity - lots of cute stuff but I haven't orderd from them (yet).


Once I know the brands i like, to save $$ I often check Ebay and get steals.
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I'm about 26 weeks and the gap xl stuff fits well - lots of stretch. I'd go to the store and try some on. I find that gap and old navy maternity run really, really big too. Or check out the japanese weekend multiples stuff if it's not too $$$ for you.
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My mom gave me some shirts and pants from target that were really cheap and stretched in a flattering way. They were supposed to be good til 9 months, but i outgrew them pretty much by week 30. These days,I'm in a real clothing crisis. Like I don't even have appropriate clothes to go to the store and buy new clothes....
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Yeah, all my maternity clothes are from Gap and Old Navy. They do run big, but not in the way that I need. I have a long torso and big boobs so all the shirts are too short. They are just very wide and baggy but not long enough. Oh well!!
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