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What Are You Craving?

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well, I don't have much of an appetite these days, and not much is turning me on, except for steak, burgers and ice cream. I don't know what it is, but the thought of anything else, is well, less than desirable.

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I had to go out last night, after eating a very small amount of pizza at dinner, to get pot roast. It started out as "Hmm, pot roast sounds good," and quickly changed to, "I NEED POT ROAST, NOW!!" :LOL
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Sleep. :LOL

I'm not having the cravings yet just sort of feeling like nothing sounds good and then something will sound okay. KWIM?
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Nothing sounds that good to me right now. But I am hungry for fruit a lot. With DD I was craving meat all the time, this one is definately veggie!
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I am craving tuna salad. This is all I want to eat, which I have to be careful of because of the mercury content If I could, I would eat about 6 cans of tuna a day.
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meat & ice cream cravings for me, too! however, i'm highly suggestible right now, as evidenced by the fact that after reading the posts and seeing erika's user name, i'm totally craving spicy buffalo wings now. :LOL
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Annie's mac & cheese. I just hit that stage where everything is nauseating/gross, but that will stay down.
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I am craving carbs and starchy foods. Rice, bread, potatoes, pasta and french fries and also bananas.
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It depends. Carbs a lot. I'm so damn nauseated its hard to tell sometimes.

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I've been nauseated a lot too. A few weeks ago I had A LOT of cravings, but now it's hard to find something I want to eat. Sucks because I am sooooo hungry. It's a bad cycle. Hungry, don't know what to eat, nothing sounds good, then I feel sick from not eating.... blah blah blah. How many more weeks of this!
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Protein and dairy....meat, eggs, peanut butter, milk, and cheese....all day long. That sounds like a pretty well-rounded diet, right?

I am usually the carb queen, but recently couldn't really care less about them...we had pizza and wings for dinner tonight; I had about half a small square of the garlic broccoli pizza, and 8 chicken wings. :
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My cravings include citrus and chocolate. I thought I wanted OJ the other day and it turned out....I NEEDED it! Amazing how quickly those things go from suggestion to obsession. I have also been enjoying fresh pineapple. And then there's the chocolate....doesn't matter what form that comes in!

With my first dd, I craved chocolate milk and salad (not together). With my 2nd dd, don't remember craving anything. And with ds all I wanted was salty foods....specifically sour cream and onion chips!
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Was Pizza

I had a huge craving for pizza. Well not anymore. I have pizza tonight and I don't think that my baby likes pizza becasue it made me SOOOOOO sick. I do not ever want to see pizza again. Other than that Stake n Shake dark chocolate fudge milkshake. But only at night becasue I do not get an appitite unitl like 4pm.
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I've made pizza for dinner 3 times this week....lol
But i found my new FAVORITE thing...frozen fruit bars!!!! I bought a box..lol my local market sells them and they have all different fruits..coconut, banana, strawberry, kiwi, ...mmmmm so good!!!!

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I haven't had any cravings yet...I am actually forcing myself to eat since I know I'll be ill if I don't. I'm trying my best to get all my water in & I think that may be filling me up. We'll see what tomorrow brings
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I'm craving spicy stuff. Jalapenos, buffalo wings, mexican food, and cajun food (I'm from LA so that's not much of a stretch).

Hopefully I crave better stuff this time around. Last time all I wanted was cookies and ice cream. I ate whole packages of chips ahoy in less than an hour and I had Marble Slab or Cold Stone nearly every day. Sometimes twice a day! Needless to say I ended up with a 10.5 pound baby. I only gained 25 lbs though, so it may no have been my eating habits that made him so big...supposedly my placenta was enormous.
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Healthy, raw stuff likes veggies and nuts.

I am a very healthy eater in general, however...Fridays are ice cream days at work and the freezer is filled with Drumsticks, Toll House Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fatboys, etc....this is my vice and I always have something. Today I looked in the freezer and nothing looked appealing...I just ate my rice and veggies and was content.
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I haven't felt like eating, but have been making myself do so. I've been *SO* indecisive about food, it's annoying. I can't wait for the cravings to start just I don't have to *decide* about what to eat! Coco - I'm in the EXACT same boat as you are!

I've had mild cravings for KFC fried chicken, mashed potatoes, Life cereal, biscuits, cheesecake...haven't indulged yet, though...angel hair pasta w/sauce last night was particularly yummy.
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Miracle Whip.

For lunch I have had 2 slices of Ezekial bread toastes with 2 cooked eggs and MW. I've had this for like 4 days now. I keep offering to make one for dh but he always passes. I've also been having a thing for pizza from this dumpy place in our old neighborhood. We actually stopped going there becaus eI was waiting to p/u instead of having it delivered and noticed how absolutely filthy the place is and now I'm like, "Let's order from Pizza World" and dh won't let me.
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Fresh lemonaid, ice cream and french fries or potato chips. Nothing else sounds good or does anything for my appetite. Last night my mom and I took ds#2 to my absolutely favorite pizza place (not your typical pizza ... the best stuff in the world and homemade creamy garlic dressing on their salad) ... it just didn't do it for me. I was sooooo bummed. I ate anyways, but picked at a lot because I didn't feel well. Tonight I talked dh into Quizno's for subs since we had a coupon, and I had to make myself eat my sandwich, which usually is the yummiest thing around. I loved the potato chips though, so after dinner, he walked around the corner to Thrifty's and bought 6 half-gallons of ice cream and two huge bags of potato chips for me. I'm hoping this appetite thing doesn't last for too long ... not sure how well I can nurse a toddler and grow a baby on potato chips and ice cream!

Unfortunately I can't even phathom the idea of fresh anything, and cooking makes me want to gag. I'm hoping only another month of this (I never had this with either boy); I would like to provide some nutrition to my boys and dh (they are kind of fending for themselves). At least the boys love to go in the fridge and get an apple out, or ask me to peel them a banana.
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