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Originally Posted by mimid
Miracle Whip.

For lunch I have had 2 slices of Ezekial bread toastes with 2 cooked eggs and MW. I've had this for like 4 days now. I keep offering to make one for dh but he always passes. I've also been having a thing for pizza from this dumpy place in our old neighborhood. We actually stopped going there becaus eI was waiting to p/u instead of having it delivered and noticed how absolutely filthy the place is and now I'm like, "Let's order from Pizza World" and dh won't let me.
Okay, I have to know (though am fearing I am right ): do you actually top the eggs on the bread with MW? Oh boy ... :LOL ... I'm going to have to work hard to get that image out of my head, even if it's wrong!
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My cravings are changing daily. In fact, in some cases, I'll get what I'm craving, devour it, and then NEVER WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN! The thought of some of the stuff I've been eating makes me want to gag! (Annies Mac&Cheese with chipotle tabasco sauce mixed in? Ew! But I so wanted it then...)

I'm so not in the mood to cook, either, which is weird because I usually love to cook. It's not so much that it makes me sick, but more that I'm completely uninspired and disinterested. I've had canned soup two nights in a row! And we've been having a lot of Thai food lately (something I haven't gotten sick of yet).

I do have to say that DH and I were both in the mood for mexican yesterday, and went to this place we had been to once before. The chips were awesome, so I got my hopes up for the meal. It was the most disappointing thing on the planet! The blandest, heaviest, boringest thing ever. I thought I would cry, I was so bummed. We just have got to come to terms with the fact that Metro Detroit has the worst Mexican food on the planet.

chiromama, I am SOOOO envious of you in Portland! I would be eating Burgerville black bean gardenburgers and Cha Cha Cha wet burritos everyday if I were there! Maybe it's a good thing I'm not there actually, i'd probably have gained 25 lbs by now!
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I can't cook right now either. It' so hard - just no interest and it makes me sooo sick. I can't seem to find anything that works for me. I wish I was having cravings! If something sounds at all appealing, I try it, but it still doesn't taste good. And yet I keep forcing the food down even though it tastes like crap, because I feel way worse when I don't eat.
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im not having any discernable cravings yet...w/ dd#1 it was green apples and kfc's mashed potatos and gravy (not together) and w/ dd#2 it was fried dill pickles : they're so good though...yesterday dh asked if i wanted some and it didn't sound good...im kinda craving burger and fries...oohhh and kettle corn was really good last night!! and chocolate is always welcome
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Keeta, LOL. I feel the same way. One day I'll crave beef, the next turkey and then I'll dislike both the next day. I'm still craving ice cream though. I also have ZERO desire to cook when I usually love to. Food just doesn't have the pull with me it used to, though I eat. trust me.

Stacy--I hope you're feeling better.

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Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders
Okay, I have to know (though am fearing I am right ): do you actually top the eggs on the bread with MW? Oh boy ... :LOL ... I'm going to have to work hard to get that image out of my head, even if it's wrong!
I make a sandwich out of it. Spread the MW on the toast and then stick the eggs in between the 2 slices. Sooooo goooood. I don't think the MW topped eggs sounds as good. Maybe I'll try it? !
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I was giving a massage outside the other day and got a whiff of a bacon cheeseburger from the restaurant and it smelled good.

I am an 18 year vegetarian!

I will not eat meat, but it did smell good for a moment.
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Today it's mashed potatoes!

I've gone through the gammit...pizza, tacos, mac & cheese, sherbet, and the list goes on and on...

I wonder if our bodies crave these weird things because there's something that we need that we can get from these foods...but pizza? I don't get it..

Potatoes have Vitamin B right? Maybe that's what I'm low on...maybe it will help this nausea...

One good thing...I'm eating us out of house and home, but haven't gained a pound. Of course, I'm still nursing my 19mo. so that might have something to do with it...she's starting to slow down, though, thank goodness. My nips are killing me, but that's another thread!
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i wanted a burger and fries for lunch and when dh brought it to me it didn't taste good im in the same boat as many of you guys...something sounds good, but when i go to eat it, it no longer sounds/smells good...it really sucks! i can't wait to either enjoy food again or have some really good cravings, so atleast something will sound good again! :
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