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Wow, I'm surprised to hear that about LLL (assuming you mean the Portage Lake group).

I've been attended regularly for a little over 18 months, and I never felt that way at all. I seems to me that the new moms are always given focus at a meeting, to make sure their needs are met first before the 'regulars.' Very sorry someone didn't feel welcome.
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New to the Forum!

Hello all!

My name is Tia and I'm interested in connecting with other mothers in the area for playgroups and also to get to know new people! Anyone with toddler girls!
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Just taking a quick minute to chime in about the wonderful, supportive, busy ladies of our local LLL here in Houghton. The dedication these woman have shown to our community is really starting to pay off. The steady stream of new participants from all over the area creates a lively, energetic gathering each month at the new meeting location in the area hospital. That's right, the hospital has embraced the group and is providing wonderful facilities for us. A great opportunity to reach families from many walks of life. Women come to meetings eager to share their birth stories and glean from the many women who gently and compassionately open their hearts. Many find the circle a welcoming place to heal after a less than hoped for outcome from providers who just don't trust birth. So challenging here in our tiny community. Here's to the ladies who make breastfeeding a joy, by their tireless energy to spread the word, and their wonderful personal example. Change is in the air around here, but one things always remains, breastfeeding connects mamas and babies and families!
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Just some food for thought,it surprised me to hear, not trying to say anything bad about LLL. Nice to hear from some locals who strive to serve moms in the area.
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Welcome Tia! Where do you live? I'm in Negaunee, and would love to meet up sometime. I have an almost 18 month old boy who loves other kiddos.

I'm also wanting to chime in about LLL. I haven't been to any meetings since moving up here; is there even one operating currently in Marquette county? The LLL website says there is, but I've not gotten ahold of any of the listed leaders yet. Anyway, I've always found LLL to be supportive, open and helpful, not clique-y at all! I hope to start attending again, and hope that all pregnant and new mamas feel welcome to go to learn more about how to nurse their babies. Since we don't live in a real breastfeeding culture, resources like LLL are all-important to help new parents know what's normal with nursing a baby.

Hope everyone is having a nice summer!
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I'm in West Branch between Harvey and Skandia! Yes we would love to get together sometime!
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I would like to clear up a miss understanding in the communitie. Several people have told me they heard Iam no longer offering my midwifery services,and my clients are being refered to other midwives. Not so! Still tending to women all over the U.P and upper lower M.I

Iam exspecting in September and taking August and September off to prepare for my birth. Please spread the word and send good birth vibes my way.

I would also like to thank everyone who have helped me through some wonderful, transforming life changes. Thank you guys are always in my thoughts.

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Hello mamas! My family may be moving to TC ASAP any tips on finding AP community? I found the LLL meeting but wondering if there is a yahoo group maybe? How about homeschoolers? I'm trying to find a good area to live. My partners job in on 3 mile near 31. Please email me mraven 721 at gmail .com
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Is anyone interested in a playdate this afternoon/evening at the Lower Harbor park in Marquette today? I am from Menominee, but we plan on going up there for the day.
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Hey JenLove

Sorry I missed the message, we were having a b-day party for my daughter! Can't wait to catch up with you next time!
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I just wanted to inform everybody that there is almost a certified birth doula in Sault Ste Marie! I am one vaginal birth away from being fully certified. My third client is due in a few weeks. Wish me luck!
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hey yooper mamas! 


my husband's family is from the houghton area and we spend as much time up there as we can in the summer. the porcupine mountains = heaven!!! 


we'd really love to move there in a few years. i am currently a doula- studying to be a a midwife. also working towards my ibclc and cbe certifications.... 


my husband is a forester. hopefully he can get a job in the UP in a few years so that we can become permanent residents. (our second choice is albuquerque... polar opposite!) 


does everyone here homeschool? we are currently unschooling, but may not do it forever. how are the schools in the houghton area? i am open to either home or public school. 


we love the keewenau co-op and it seems like there is a nice community of alternative-minded folks. wherever we move, i don't wanna be the only liberal hippie! smile.gif the neighbors and family we know up there are lovely folks to chat with but not the most open-minded... 


hope everyone is staying warm. our family in lower michigan is buried in snow and without power, but i haven't heard whether the northern areas were affected. on our side of the lake, it's just cold and windy. yuck. 


feel free to pm if you'd rather discuss privately! 

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HI Yooper Mamas!  Long time, no chat, eh?

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I'm considering applying to grad school @ NMU this fall, which would mean living in Marquette a few days a week (since I can't do a 6 hour round trip commute more than once per week). Does anyone have opinions/info on the daycare/preschool options available in Marquette? 


DD1 will be 5 in October, but I'd like to keep her in pre-k another year, so I'm looking for all day/afternoon preschool programs for her. Headstart isn't an option for us and I'm hesitant to do public school. I'd probably keep her in her current preschool in Ironwood one day per week and do 3 days of preschool in Marquette (and give the poor kid Fridays off). 


DD2 will be 22 months when the school year starts, 24 months in October. I'd need to put her in a daycare center 4-12 hours per week.


I noticed that the YMCA appears to have the only program that is AYCE accredited? Do they have a preschool as well? (I couldn't tell from their website.) Any opinions/info on the Chocolay co-op preschool or the Discovery Hut? What about the Catholic school? She currently goes to a Catholic school in Ironwood and would have been doing Kindergarden there in 2013, but might need to do one in Marquette instead.


I'd also be using an evening babysitter at my apartment 1-2 nights per week since it looks like one or more night classes are unavoidable. 


Also, any opinions on the family apartments on the NMU campus? Are they ok or would I be better off renting off-campus? 


Thanks for any information :) 

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Mama_ness: A friend of mine works for the US Forest Service in Bessemer, MI (but his kids go to public school). (Another friend works for the Forest Service @ their Ontonagon location, but she doesn't have kids.) I know of one MDC unschooling family in Gogebic county. (There are a lot of other homeschoolers here, but I think they're mostly using faith based curriculums?) I know a few other families over here with younger children who are considering homeschooling. No idea about in Houghton, although I get the impression that there are more homeschoolers/unschoolers over there :) Sorry that wasn't very helpful. 

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My husband and I along with our two year-old are most likely moving to the Kewenaaw Peninsula (Hancock area to be precise) and we're looking for a homebirth midwife. I contacted Ellen Rabe but she is moving back to Canada. Are the any others in the UP area? This is quite urgent as we're due in Dec already!

Also, if there are any other cloth diapering, babywearing mamas that live in the Houghton County, I'd love to exchange e-mail addresses! :)

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RE: Houghton/Hancock Midwife...

Hi there!  Ok- I live in the Northern Lower now- but lived in the Houghton area for a long time- had a homebirth there too! 

I would contact Marcee Garland- here is her FB- http://www.facebook.com/marcee.garland

weetest mama and fantastic midwife!  She is a dear friend and mentor to myself and so many other mamas! She is the local homebirth midwife. 


She is the only one I would trust as a MW up in that area. Actually she just got back from a 2 week (or maybe 3) stint at The Farm with Ina May Gaskin.

She is fantastic- and can give you name of past clients to talk with. 

I know RedHotChilli (I think is her name on here- but I am not 100% sure) had a homebirth with Marcee. She posted in this thread a few years ago- her IRL name is Courtney. 


<3 Many baby blessings to you mama! 

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You won't be the only one, you'll be in very good company!

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Hi Elinana, I would love to visit with you about Superior Birth Options!  Pm me for info or visit my FB.  Happy pregnancy to you and your family!

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Wow! Thank you all! I wasn't expecting to get this many replies this fast. I was worried this thread was already buried! I will send Marcee a message. Where in the UP does she live? I'm a little worried about the distances there as our current MW lives just down the road less than a 5min drive from our house (I know...I'm very lucky!!)

Mrs. Cheerful Face, my profile here is fairly new and I don't think it allows me to see others' profile info. Do you have your FB page linked?

I'm looking forward to moving up to the UP as it seems like there's at least a few crunchy mamas up there!

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