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I'm headin to Houghton tomorrow!!! SO happy... can't wait to go HOME!!
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Copper Country LLL?

Hey everyone! I am now in Hancock! And so happy to be home.

I was just wondering if anyone has had a chance to check out the LLL group up here? I'm just wondering what it's like. I won't be here to get to the January meeting but someday if I happen to be around when there is a meeting I'd love to drop by.

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liz, I go to the La Leche League of Portage Lake, but we have two different groups. RedHotMama (in this threa) is the leader of the Portage Lake one. Anyway you could always PM her for more info- but here is the flyer I got the other day! Hope you can come- I will not be at the Jan one but I will be at the Feb one!!!

Monday, January 2 6:00 p.m.The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
Monday, February 6 6:00 p.m.Family Nutrition and Starting Solids
Monday, March 6 6:00 p.m.Breastfeeding Benefits
Monday, April 3 6:00 p.m.Getting Breastfeeding off to a Good Start

Location: Fellowship Hall, First United Methodist Church
401 Quincy Street Hancock, MI
Meetings are held potluck style; please bring a dish to pass only if you have time. (Mothers of newborns are not allowed to bring food!)

Questions mothers bring are always addressed first before moving on to the topic. We also have a lending library of books about breastfeeding, baby care, nighttime parenting, nutrition and loving guidance. Please join us! There is also a daytime meeting held the third Thursday of the month from 9:00 am to 11:00 am in Houghton.
Please call the leader of La Leche League of Copper Country, (if you want her number PM me or RedHotMama!)

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Thanks Crayon!! I live in the Saginaw area but both parents are up here so I try to get up here whenever I can. I don't know when we are coming back after this, maybe not til spring or early summer, so at that time if it works out I wouldn't mind stopping in! I go to LLL meetings in Saginaw every month and we've got a great group down there.
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Hi timneh_mom, I hope your visit was merry. Next time you're up we'd love to see you at a meeting! Sorry it didn't snow much for you this week, I was pretty bummed. Hope to see you next time...

Crayon, Tuesday's are waiting for you! I received a ton of beautiful tea stuff for Christmas. Wait till you try my new dip too
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redhotmama, owwww... I want to be back NOW! I got a little tea pot for x-mas.. It was just a little one and metal but it is cute! I will be back for the 2nd Tues tea party- are we still on? I think we are coming home Monday the 9th... I told Scott I got plans for Tues so I HAVE TO BE HOME

Rainey got some really cute dresses- she will be all dolled up!

Scott was trying to make these new food rules for the new year and I told him I would do it all except when I am with the girls :LOL
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Tell your man what happens in this house food wise, stays in this house. He need not be tortured by tales of brown sugar shortbread, curry-honey prezel dip, chocolate-praline cake, mushroom swiss quiche, spicy wing dip, pumpin butterscotch cake or garlic sesame spread.
Can't wait to see Rainey with cute hair and dress!
Today Naomi said to Chris,"No Daddy, change mind"
I swear, I can't believe how quickly babyhood is passing.
Sniff, where's the hummus and Darjeeling?
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Snow update..
It's coming down steadily with about 8-10" since 10:00 this am. I'll keep some for you crayon and cherrypudding. It's funked up our sledding track though, it's too fluffy. I'm going to have to go out there with my watering can! Chris built an awesome track starting on our compost pile and meandering through the yard and around the house. We must have tried it 50 times this week and it was good and icy. Any sledding advice yooper mamas?
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I told Scott my girl time is my girl time (and one papa ) Anyhoo... I think the in-laws are getting tired of us, and us of them- so I am thinking we may end up going home tomorrow (Sunday) Scott said to leave Monday and I said- well if we are going to go home I would rather be home for LLL on Monday- duh... So if I am home are we doing the Tues thing???? At 1pm???? I need some good (bad) food and some sisterhood time Too much family overload... I can only deal with so much of a cry-baby 3 year old (my niece). I need some normal parenting friends with non-cry-baby kids

Okay- well, I will keep you all updated on when I am getting home. Even if I live in the getto I want to get home

I say put some water on your track- the watering can sound like a great idea or a hose...

Missing you!!
When is Cherrypudding comin home??
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Court- Naomi is getting so big... I love that they are growing but I do love babyhood so much!!

New on the Breeze front- the girl is a nut job- she has now started peeing on the potty- perhaps she is going to follow Naomi?? She can't tell me yet, but everytime I change her diaper she pees- so I have started putting her on the potty when I change her and to my amazment she is peeing on the potty and even pooped yesterday!

As much as I love my cloth- I will be happy when I don't have diapers anymore- even if it is 2 years out, I will be happy.
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Tuesday's on. We're having macaroons and black bean salsa. Plus 3 or 4 or 5 pots of tea. I've been buying the cheap tp, it flushes better! LLL is Monday, would LOVE to see you there! Cherrypudding is en route and should be in tonight. I made her a lasagna for her fridge and some choc. chip cookies....if you had left me a key I could have hooked up your ghetto-ness too

did scott leave some nice glove here on T day? I've asked every man I know and if they're not Scott's they must be the Schwan man's!
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Hummm.. There are reasons why no one knows where I live And who knows, my mortgage is super duper late, and I could be looking for a place in Hancock soon! If I like my house I would be mad and bummed, but I don't so I don't really care- how sad is that?? But coming home to court's food would have been nice- must be nice to be your neighbor!

They could be the Schwan man's cloves, I know what happens after hours If they are black and look like snowmobile gloves they are ours- I know they are a namebrand, but I ca't think of the name off the top of my head...

Well we are leaving tomorrow early- if I can get scotts butt moving. I will have him drop me off at LLL if I get in late- I hope to be home between 3-5 so I can leave Rainey with Scott.. What church is this at? Is it at the white one before you turn to the Ryan Center? Or is it the one next to gloria de? Did I spell that right?? Anyhoo- let me know!

Yes, my sisters- I am comin' home

I love that my friends still love me and dont care I am poor and getto!
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Okay- we have decided to stay here for a few more days... How I wish I didn't have all the fun stuff happening in the next few days But Scott's parents have now left with my niece (thank god) and we are now here alone with our girls and it is once again quiet. So we think it would be good for the girls if we waited a few more days before going home- give them some time to recupe (sp)

I should be home for next Tues tea time

I will break out my tea on Tues and dream about being with you all... How I miss my firends!!!
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Hey there...Not from there but grew up spending summers and Decembers there my whole life until my grandparents moved to SW florida in their 70s 5 years ago...

They lived way north of Manistique....way north....it was about an hour drive but they had a great house on the lake.....dh complains about the snow here in Ohio (central) and I just laugh.....

Anyhoo, I wanted to know if anyone knew how to spell (lmao) or knew the website for Lake Kitchiitakapi (butchered I know).....we are planning a trip up that way this summer and wanna take my dd there bc I loved it when I was a kid.....if anyone knows please PM.....

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Hey Crayon,
Just wanted to tell you I'm back and see how your holiday was. I sure did miss our playdates with you and redhotmama!It is always nice to leave to see family but in the end it always seem just a little nicer to come home.I will have plenty of storys to share as I am sure you will too.
Well we are off to replenish our home with good wholesome food.
Thanks again REDHOTMAMA for being such a great friend and hooking us up with that PHAT lasagna!!!
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Hey sis-ta
I am so excited to be coming home. I think it was okay that we didn't end up driving back today- It seems the whole world took today off- so my panic to
get to the bank and such was kinda pointless. Not sure what day we are going to be back--- but soon!

Originally Posted by cherrypudding
Well we are off to replenish our home with good wholesome food.
I hear you- I have eaten crap-o-la non stop Right now eatting ruffles and drinking diet coke- yuck... I have not packed on the pounds, so I am happy about that, but I feel pretty slugish from the lack of good food. And Court's cookin'

Well, we are off to wally-world

Enjoy LLL tonight, and tea time tomarrow- Bean salad sounded SOOOO good... But we will have to do that again soon....
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Just want to say way to go to you and your dh on the sale of your product. I have been thinking about all of you this break and I'm glad to here things are starting to pick up and look up for you and yours!
See you soon.
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Cherry Thanks!

So some good new- Scott went and talked to a development company today (Carries Creations) They have a pretty good market share of real estate sites down here in the northern lower. Anyhoo... He just stopped in there today and the guy wants to do something with our comapny- not sure what yet but that would be huge for our comany because we would have a developer in all 3 sections of Michigan!!!

Okay.... I so suck- but I will not be back home until Wed. So I have to miss Tuesday Tea Time again Scott has a lot of people to still talk to so he wants to drive home on Wed, and then Thursday he wants to drive all over the Crystal Falls area and then on Friday he has a meeting in Iron Mt. (maybe Ironwood??- shoot I cant remember) but anyway, he is booked up all next week- I guess that is a VERY good thing! And as it looks now we will be headed back down to the cabin sometime this month to talk with our prospects here again.

Humm... Can someone grab my name tag from MOPS? Please? I didn't make it last month and I will not make it again on Tues.

Also a good note for our company- We got a partner!! A graphic designer from downstate that used to work with Scott back in the day. He is super duper good and we are super lucky to have him! Also, Scott and him are just spliting the profits right now until the can pay salry for both of them- and that guy downstate makes a lot of money right now so he will have to make good money- so that means Scott will also have to make good money- in the UP...

Anyway! I can't wait to be home!!!! I just don't make tea like Court!
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So we are leaving tomorrow!!! (okay- perhaps monday but I am pushing VERY hard to Sunday!!)

Scott talked with that Carries Creations yesterday and now he is thinking he needs to do some work on the program before he can sale more...


This calls for the dancing banana

Also on a side note: The detroit mamas are having a coffee night- ummm... I think us Hougton mamas should have one. Maybe in the next 2 weeks or something???

Anyway that is just an idea...
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I don't know about coffee time but Cherrypudding and I went bowling Sat. and had fun! Would the Yoopermamas be interested in descending upon Copper Country Lanes?

Welcome Back Crayon!!!!
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