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My dh is a construction worker, so my boys were able to visit the job sites and even sit on some of the equipment and "help" since they were very small. My oldest (18 years old) now works with dh on his breaks from college, but believe me, he has no intention of doing it for a living. So far dd, age 2, is not interested in construction, but I saved all the books just in case. She does love going for rides with Daddy in his pickup though!

BTW, they are CONCRETE MIXERS, not cement mixers. Concrete is cement and sand mixed together, which is what the mixers carry to pour foundations. Can you tell I have been married for 22 years to a construction worker?
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They make for great entertainment

Me, DD and DH have all indulged in it. Lots of sites in midtown Manhattan to choose from. . .

I pray there is a new apartment for me that doesn't cost 2,000 dollars a month. . .
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Go to this site and see why my ds thinks the computer (or peter as he calls it) is for "looking dumptrucks".
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DD is 28 mths and loves trains and various machinery! My father (her Papa) flies back and forth for his job a lot and dd loves to go to the airport to see the planes. I always point out tractors, and her Nama and Papa (my parents) gave her a John Deere tractor for Christmas. She can't quite reach the pedals, so she doesn't play with it much, but she sure loves the real thing! Her fave CD is a Bob the Builder one with the song "Dizzy" sung to the old tune.
I think it is a girl thing almost as much as a boy thing at this age!
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My dds are totally into all this. For some reason around here they are always moving houses. The otherday were lucky enough to come upon an empty work sight where they had moved the house just clear of the basement and hadn't roped it off so we trudged through the mud (in our sunday best mind you) to take a good look at the basement and the underside of the house. She was totally stoked for days about it.
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Dream excavator

What fun the construction stuff is. I enjoy finding the sites as much as my son does. I am so sad when I pass a good site and he is not along. Grandma got ds on a digger last year while I did shopping. And his first sentence was said on a tractor eating chocolate pie...and I quote, "More pie please." A recent tamper viewing helped put baby brother asleep as the ground gently moved beneath our car.

I want to add more construction toys at home and am looking for a wooden excavator. We have the Plan toy Bulldozer, but ds has heart set on an excavator. Any tips?
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