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Well Endowed Moms

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I'm a 44H. We do the football hold mostly. We can also do a modified cradle hold, but that doesn't always work. I love BFing at home cuz we can be cozy on the couch with all the pillows and all that we need, but when we are out I stress. It's really hard to do the football hold in a standard chair because DD gets so heavy.

Do you have any advice on how to make nursing away from home easier? I thought a sling would be the answer but I haven't gotten that figured out for nursing yet, but maybe I don't have the right one.

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I have never been able to nurse in anything other than football..well, now that she is a 1 year old monkey, sometimes she'll come at me from the front or something..but that's mostly just playing...for a real nursie, its football......i used a nursing pillow, cushions, , would lay my dipey bag on the floor beside me sitting, and use it to prop her on....I just got used to it..although it annpys me I can't just put her to my breast in a "normal" hold like all the pictures..it just seems so much easier!!!
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I'm a 38H or so, so I know your pain. In general, I've been Boppy dependent, and use cross cradle with my children, rather than the football. When we're out, I sit on the floor, and I rest the baby on my thigh, with the arm closest to his head sometimes under his head when he's little. I use the opposite hand from the breast I'm using to support that breast.

I know a lot of more endowed women who can't seem to get the cradle position down. When the babies get older, they come up with variations anyhow. My 10 month old likes to stand or sit while he nurses now. It's not the most modest position, but it works.
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i am a 36 J

with my first bf ds2 it was so hard because i learned to breastfeed laying down ans then to try and hold my GINORMOUS boobies up I think i almost got carpal tunnel
what helped me was taking a burp cloth/cloth diaper and folding it up and sticking it under the breast to lift it up and then holding babe in a cradle hold. that worked really well for me at home. i didn't nip often because of that.

in comes ds3, i don't even need the booby lifters anymore and don't even have to support with my hand. i have become an old pro at it . i can even do it in public now .
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