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What to do?

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So Im now 2wks 1day past my edd, ( that in its self is so confusing because I thought they gave me a due date of oct 6th but on my charts its the 8th, that is a good thing though and will play into my favor) and we really have few signs of a little one on the way.

I had a nst/afi on friday to check amnotic levels and placenta conditioning as well as baby. Baby is perfect, he really loves it in there my amniotic levels are lower than normal( uh duh hes been in there a bit) and my placenta is deteriating, or showing its age the doc says. This whole experience in itself was werid, I havnt been to the hospital ever during this pregnancy and now Im in here with all these high risk pregnancy docs, just werid.

So the doc comes back and says we need to get baby out now and we need a hospital birth and blah blah blah . I ask what immenent danger my son is in if we dont have him today and of course the doc says some crap like natural birth in africa with no doctors is because they dont have any but here in america again more blah blah blah. So he really cant say anything except baby needs to come soon.

So of course now thanks to the doc my dp is worried about the baby and me, he wants me to be supportied and have the birth that I want but he also wants the baby home and safe like yesterday.

On friday after the nst we went to my acupunturist and she did some work to encourage baby to come. Nothing happened, then today we went to midwife and she scrapped my membbrains ( ugh just the thought and the word ugh, reminds me of nails on a chalk board) so a littl cramping and some minor blood very minor. I did start to loose my mucus plug on thursday though so that has still been coming. Anyway then we came home and I napped and then did 70 minutes on the breast pump. Some little contractions now but nothing.

And my midwife wants me in at 10 am to see what the next plan of action is. This wouldnt be all that big of a deal but A) dp is very worried, and B) I have to be in active labor by Friday the 28th or my midwife cant see me anymore. A rule of going 3 wks over I guess.

So what do I do? How else can I get him to come. I just want to hold him and love him. I walk lots everyday, eat spicey food, have sex, talk to the baby and encourage him to come, keep the stress levels down. Now what?

Sorry this is so long, I guess I just needed to get this all out. Thanks mamas from a first timer!
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I don't know how to help out with that, but I really hope the baby decides to show up soon!
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The 28th is still a long way off, and if you've started to lose the mucous plug, baby will probably be here in a couple of days at the most! I would just be sure that you feel the baby moving plenty, and do another NST if you DON'T feel the baby moving enough. If the placenta is deteriorating, yes I would be more proactive about being sure the baby is fine in there, but I would not have them induce labor....not unless there is a sign that the baby is NOT thriving. And then, yes, I'd have them induce it without delay. But it seems like things are starting on their own, and I'd hang in there and be patient. My first three were all born at 42 weeks...the little buggers just don't see our calendars, darn it! But mine were all totally fine. Try not to stress. Babies that spend a little longer in there usually have good reasons for doing so, reasons we cannot know anything about.

Hang in there hon!! Hugs for this tedious time!!
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Do you happen to know how long your mom carried you and any siblings you may have? I'm 41 weeks 5 days now with no signs of impending labor and I just found out from my mom that both my sister and I were at least 3 weeks late, mabye 4, and that is very common in my family. Obviously she delivered both of us with no problems despite us being so late, we were both very healthy. It may just be that women in your family carry longer than "normal". I think that how long each woman gestates may be influenced by genetics. In my family, long gestations and big babies are typical. Unless your Dr. gives you a VALID (i.e. NOT "you're not supposed to go past 42 weeks/ the baby may be to big") reason why you should be induced, I'd keep doing what you are doing, relax and go to your regular checkups to assure yourself that the baby is just fine. Your baby knows better than any Dr of when it should come out.
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Thank you ladies, After writing this post this morning, I decided to go back to bed and rest and talk to the baby. My midwife called right before our appt and we decided that we would just wait and see what he ( the baby) wants to do. I know that it will all be okay. Thank you for the words of wisdom.

My mom is gone now so I really have no way of knowing when she really was due with us or how long she carried. But that is a good question. My sister has always had hers early but then again she is very mainstream and allowed lots of interventions. Something that Im not.

Come home soon little baby, Mommy and daddy love you.
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Besides, a "normal length" gestation is 38-42 weeks, meaning that 42 weeks is still normal length! And I WISH care providers would not start thinking "postdue" until well beyond 42 weeks. Like 43 and 44 weeks. I mean, if 37 weeks and beyond is full term, then why can't we allow a 3 week buffer on the OTHER end of 40 weeks? I think it would be well if "normal length" gestation could be expanded to 37 to 43 weeks. It would prevent a lot of stress! I liked my OB---he would just say, "Well, you're due October 1st, so that just means the last half of September or the first half of October. Go home and tell all your relatives you're due October 15th so they don't call and bug you to death." Sage advice.
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Hugs to you. It is so hard going past those stupid dates. I was in your shoes 2 yrs ago w/my daughter, sitting at 42wks, 2 days. Actually, sounds like we also share the same birth center, as you said you would have to go to OHSU after 43 weeks. I was threatened w/the same thing and went the whole 9 yards w/the biophysical profiles, threats, etc.

Have you spoken to your midwife in depth about how you feel about the hospital? They may not realize how seriously you don't want to go there, and may be able to work more with you to avoid it. I wish I had spoken up a little earlier w/them, even gotten angry, it may have saved me alot of stress. feel free to pm me if you want to talk.... and hang in there, you are clearly doing a great job taking care of your babe, as your babe seems very happy staying put! They say well nourished, very healthy moms can carry the longest!
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Good for you girl!!

If you want to read about natural inductions then here is a link for you....it has some great info.

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