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Did your skin go back to normal?

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I was just wondering how many people's skin (belly skin) went back to normal after having twins. If so, how long did it take? Is there anything you can do to help the skin go back to normal? I just cannot even imagine what my empty belly is going to look like after giving birth!! Someone tell me what I should expect so I don't freak out.
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It's lovingly called "Twin Skin" and all the books seem to indicate that for most women it never goes all the way back on its own( lots of references to post twin tummy tucks). I suppose the tone you had before pregnancy would have a lot to do with it of course.
I was heavy before pregnancy and always had a bit of a "belly" But it stuck out like a little pooch. Even at 20 lbs below my prepregnancy weight, what used to be a pooch has now been stretched out and is the constant victim of gravity. Only a good pair of jeans can hold it in place LOL
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Um . . . how shall I say this? No, it did not go back to normal.

I consulted my dermatologist when they were about 8 weeks old. (His wife had twins too, so I thought he would be sympathetic.) He gave me some prescription cream to help with the initial elasticity problems (my belly skin was basically like tissue paper after their birth, very dry and itchy). He said the rest would be up to plastic surgery.

The good news is that not everyone who has twins has this problem. I carried straight out like a torpedo (from the back you could barely tell I was pregnant, except for the "waddling" gait), so it's no surprise my skin was stretched beyond its limits. The other good news is that I look fine in clothes, so it's not a huge concern for me, just no low-riding pants anymore.
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I also look fine in clothes, back to my pre-pregnancy size. But unclothed, my tummy looks very different, mostly due to the crepey skin. I have a very minor case of twin skin but it is there.
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It must vary a lot--I have 5yo twins who were born just a few weeks early, and four children total but this is almost imperceptible on my belly. Just a faint scattering of stretch marks...

My breasts are rather oddly shrunken and dangly, now, though....
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Thanks, ladies. Also, if you wore a post partum girdle, do you have any you would recommend? What exactly is "twin skin?" I have heard lot's of people mention it. Is it just stretch marks or saggy skin or what?
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Um, no, no, no, my skin did most certainly NOT go back to normal. OTOH, I went through the pregnancy after 35, and I understand the story is different for some (many?) women under 35 because their collagen still rebuilds itself or some such thing...

My entire front looks like exactly what happened, a huge inflation and an equally huge deflation. Finding a bra that fits is my biggest challenge. I used to be "more bounce to the ounce" now I'm "more flap to the flop". I have NO IDEA how to fit a bra to my current shape. Tube socks perhaps

I don't have twin skin (where you can fold your skin over itself, tuck it into your waistband, etc) and I did not have the dreaded diastasis recti, where the muscles of the abdomen separate. I do have a saggy belly with a c-section scar. I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight but my body looks much much different and my waist size is still three inches bigger than pre-pg. Not bad considering all I guess.

OTOH, the rest of my body ROCKS if I do say so myself. I am strong, super strong, from carrying two babies for two years. I have fantastic shoulders, arms that look like I spent hours in the gym, legs that have muscles I only dreamed about having before, and at the risk of sounding totally vain, a really really fine a$$. Where that one came from I have no idea presumably has something to do with the aforementioned carrying of the twins for two years straight.

So it's a mixed bag. I'm not the same ole' gal with the same ole' bod and it's hard to get used to that, especially when looking at my front side in the mirror. But I'm strong and healthy and that shows too, and one day I will find a bra that fits!

Sending you springy skin vibes, mama!
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Originally Posted by royaloakmi
Um . . . how shall I say this? No, it did not go back to normal.

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Originally Posted by nancymom
I was just wondering how many people's skin (belly skin) went back to normal after having twins.
: : : :

I am back to my pre-preg weight, a few lbs lower actually, and my daughter just said to me the other day when I was standing there in my bra and underwear,

Emily: Mama, you have a big belly.
Me: Yes honey, I know.
Emily: And, why is your skin all wrinkly?


And, I don't have stretch marks... I have what I call "tear marks". I don't think stretch marks are allowed to get this wide, lol.

I call the entire area my battle scars. And, honestly, I'm proud of them. I carried 2 sets of twins full term. I think that's worth being proud of, dont' you?

You'll be fine, come to term with it or get surgery. Actually I'm still contemplating that, even though I am ok with my body. It's all good.


mama to Emily and Nathan 7/14/01
And Colby and Avery 6/25/05
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Yikes! No one ever talks about this stuff. Did anyone use belly cream and still have problems? Do you think the cream helped at all? I have been using some expensive 3rd trimester belly cream (Magia Bella) since about 22 weeks and I just opened my 2nd bottle this morning. I figure it can't possibley hurt, plus it was a gift so it isn't costing me anything. Thanks for being honest, ladies.
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I only used stuff when...

My belly would itch or hurt from the stretching.

Actually, my first pg, I didn't get a single stretch mark until 36 weeks. And, I literally woke up one morning with a bunch where I'd had none the day before.

I heard the creams don't work -- you're either gonna get them or you aren't. But, people say different things.

I think theres no harm in using it, espeically if it keeps your belly skin from itching. It seems like it WOULD work.

Either way,when you're holding 2 babies, you won't care as much.

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Whether or not you get stretch marks is a matter of genetics. No cream will keep them at bay if your body is going to get them. I have heard so many women praise this or that cream, and so many other women say (usually quietly) that they used it religiously and their bellies look like a roadmap. Glad the cream was a gift. If it feels good use it of course, but the skin tears from the inside and creams can't help that. I do understand there are some cosmetic treatments involving creams that can reverse some of the damage after the fact, that is a different matter.

Good luck!
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Yup - what Amy said, it's totally genetics and luck! I have no stretch marks and didn't get the dreaded twin skin. My belly is relatively unaffected by having children (not that it was that great to begin with!).
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My boys are almost 11 now so the belly skin has had plenty of time to do whatever it's going to do. I will say that it did continue to improve until they were like 2-3 but it will never be near what it was before. I don't mind the stretch marks or even the loosness on the lower belly. What bothers me most is how loose the skin is right above my belly button. There's a little poochy, saggy bit there that makes my belly button look like it's winking or something. I don't think any kind of topical treatment would have affected it at all. The damage was to the deeper connective tissue so I think that's mostly impacted by your body structure, how you carry, the rate of growth & the quality of your skin to begin with.
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If you think twin skin is bad . . . you should see triplet skin (That is my 3 babes laughing at me)!

Lets just say I considered plastic surgery "vain" and "unnecessary" until recent events . . . !
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Well, I think I pretty much had twin skin after my 10+ pound singleton, so this is no shocker to me now. It's not pretty. I'm a good 20 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with the twins (and about the same weight as I was before I got pregnant with my son) and have what I describe as a "belly flap." It's gross! Gabriel (my 3 yo) came into the bathroom the other day after I showered, patted my belly and said, "Big belly. No babies in it." Sigh!
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Originally Posted by TripMom
Lets just say I considered plastic surgery "vain" and "unnecessary" until recent events . . . !
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Twin Skin! Stretch Marks and the like have to be about genetics etc. With first preg I came out with 2 mini marks. Great! While I carried my two I would lay awake at night listening to the stretching! I carried it all in the front and when they were born full term that's where the belly stayed. sigh.... some one said "more flip to the flap". Yes, after two sections, gallbladder surgery and torn stomach muscles my TS is just another part of the reason I never wear low ride pants. But I figure it's okay because I have three DC to chase around and there is just no way to bend down in those things without flashing some "plummers butt"
I have a friend who carried her twins to full term and is back to her pre pregnancy body nary a stretch mark. ...wait, did I say friend?
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I'm 33 weeks today, the babies are still in me, and I ALREADY have this weird pooch of skin just under my navel. Looking down at my belly, I have a pretty limited view, so I thought everything was fine. And then I felt this wrinkly lump in the shower and checked it out with a hand mirror. . . .ACK! Everything below my navel (basically everything outside of my field of vision) is screwy. I don't know why I care, though. I never had much of a flat belly and never really exposed it, but it's just this weird feeling that something is permanently different in my body. I don't know why, of all the other things that are now permanently different, this bothers me at all. But whatever....Let's see where I am after the birth. Another 5-7 weeks of stretching?!?!?!

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I have this problem too! I am only 20 and it's depressing to think that I may never wear low-riding jeans again! These are my favorite!! I've always struggled severely with my weight. 4 months before I got pregnant I had lost 10-12lbs which I had been trying to lose for, no joke, 7 years. I finally lost it!! I went down 1 size and looked great. Then I unexpectedly got pregnant, and with twins!! I gained 45lbs with the entire pregnancy and was 54in around in the end when before I was pregnant I was 33in waist. I've lost all but 10lbs. My twins are 4 1/2 months old and I can kinda wear my old size. I still can't wear my fav pair of jeans though. I'm trying to get this book called Mummy Tummy. Have any of you tried it? Does it help at all with the extra skin?? Does the extra skin get better so when you sit down you don't have a spare tire??:
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