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Well, I guess I'll be the odd one in the bunch and admit that I did not get the typical dreaded twin skin. : I have three dd's...the youngest two are my twins. I carried them to 38w3d and measured 52 weeks pg two days before I delivered them. I knew I'd dodged the stretch mark bullet with my first daughter (both my mom and my sister had horrible stretch marks) but knew I would not be so lucky with my twin pregnancy. However, I somehow dodged the stretch mark bullet again. I did religiously coat my stomach with Vaseline Creamy lotion but am not sure if that had a difference or not. I'm sure it did help with hydrating my skin and some of the elasticity but who knows for sure.

Now...my poor boobs are a whole different story. I went from a small A to a very large C and stayed that way for almost 3 years (my girls self weaned at 3 years, 4 months). Now they are like little deflated balloons. Lovely.
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My tummy definately looked much better after I had my first two children, then I had my twins and I have a little skin hanging and a few stretch marks. But I have to say by boobs look far worse after nursing 4 children. How long does it take before the fat goes back into them or does that never happen?
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My tummy muscles seperated before anything else did. I could sort of stick my hand between them and feel a little lump on each side where they had pulled apart. Gross, I know. I didn't have stretch marks until week 33 and gave birth at almost 36 weeks. Now at 10 weeks, my belly button is a weird brown color which I am told will not go away and despite being 3 lbs lighter than before this all started, I am sort of squishy around the middle.
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I was almost 21 when I had my twins. I went back to my pre-preg weight very quickly, but my belly has never looked the same. I guess I wouldn't call it the twin skin. My waist is at least 3-5 inches thicker than before babies and there hasn't been anything I can do about it. So, I bought pants a few sizes larger!
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Hate to say it but no my belly is not the same it's not bad but pre kids I had flat little tummy nice six pack and now well lets just say a little floppy . I was lucky and did not get a single strech mark. My poor breasts look like deflated balloons I went down 2 cup sizes after nursing. Would I trade my new body in for my old one. Not a chance. My boys are healthy happy good natured little guys. Would I have surgry to fix my body. Probbly not still working on talking DH into one more.
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