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due date guesstimate?

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Ok, here's the deal...
I have not had a cycle since last september and now I find myself pregnant. I know I am not 4 months along, but short of having an ultra sound to estimate a due date I have no idea what else I can do? Is uterine size fairly accurate? I chatted to the midwife we hired this week and she didn't seem too worried and said I should just wait and make note of when I first feel the baby move. That seems sooo far away!!
I am really making myself a nutcase!!!

Should I just make arrangements to get the u/s? What do you all think?
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Has your midwife examined you yet? She may be able to get a pretty good idea of how far along you are from the size of your uterus. Of course, if you want the most accurate estimate, you'll have to have a u/s.

Congrats on your pregnancy!

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Well, it's certainly your call based on how you feel about routine u/s and how important it is for you to know your due date *now*. I would think that in a month or so it will be obvious how far along you are, based on uterine growth, fetal movement, and how you are feeling.

Were you able to hear the heartbeat with a doptone? I think you need to be at least 8-10 wks in order to hear it that way. If so, then you know you're at least that far along and in the next few weeks you should be able to determine if you're closer to four months or still in the first trimester. Just a thought if you have the patience to wait and don't want the u/s.

I'm sure this doesn't help you at all! Sorry for babbling. If you have the patience to wait then I'm sure you'll be able to get a more accurate date in the coming months.
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IMO, just feeling the size of the uterus is not very accurate. The day my dr. told me I was pregnant he examined me and said I was at least 10 wks. along. I knew there was no way I could be that far along and not know it, so I had them do a BetaHCG. Then because of that, he called and told me he thought I was miscarrying cause the numbers were so low. So I spent a week grieving and depressed and doing a few more blood test before they actually confirmed with an ultrasound that I was only 3 wks. Even had that not been the case, It would drive me insane to not know how far along I was, but that's just me.
Sorry, that probably wasn't much help.
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Hmmm....I was thinking that uterine palpation may not be as accurate as actually knowing your dates. This is my 4th pregnancy, so maybe mine would be less accurate? I DO know I had breast tenderness beginning in Nov. but because I was under a ton of stress I didn't think much of it.
(It wasn't until I was at the Orthopedic clinic with my Dr. pushing for cortisone injections that I felt I definitely should NOT allow that. I like to think this baby was happy to keep his presence low key until our health was in question. )

I am leaning toward the u/s because I am a little worried about an anti-inflammatory prescription I was taking. (I blamed a lot of my weird feelings on the prescription.)

Amazing how a car accident can mess up your whole life like this!!

I am still open to hearing any thoughts about the pro's and con's of u/s if anyone is interested in posting them. Thanks to all of you I am always learning something new here
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Because u/s is sent in a pulse you're not getting a full shot of it the entire time you're having the procedure done. It's when you have continuous EFM or something long term that IMO the risks increase.

Have you had it with your other pgs? I haven't had any with this pg, but had 3 with ds. If I was in your shoes, considering the concerns with medication, I'd have it. Just my opinion.
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I know how you feel. I had no idea when I got pregnant with this baby and so I did do an early ultrasound to date the pregnancy. I kind of feel all things in moderation. It took all of maybe five minutes to see the fetus and measure it's size - so I don't think I harmed my child at all by doing it and it put my mind at ease to know exactly how pregnant I was.

Also the earlier in a pregnancy an ultrasound is done the better it is at dating the pregnancy so IMHO it would be worse to wait a few more months and then decide that you are still unsure about the date and get an ultrasound then b/c the info you get my not be as accurate.

Just my .02
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