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Anyone have any experience with Zofran or Phenergan for morning sickness?

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Anyone have any experience with Zofran or Phenergan for morning sickness? How bad off do you have to be to get a perscription? My sister is suffering badly, and homeopathic/chiropractic methods have given her no relief. TIA!
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I did a search, and here are some threads which may be helpful in some way (I hope I've pasted these right--if the links don't work, just do a search on the key words of interest):


I also highly recommend helpher.org (it's *all* about hyperemesis in pregnancy). There is all sorts of info there, and discussion groups, so you can ask anything you want about these medications there and hear all sorts of responses.

I think the rec on meds is that they should be considered if you've lost a certain amount of weight and/or you get dehydrated (there's a good run-down on that at helpher.org). Obviously, if non-medication strategies work, they should be used first. I started on Zofran after non-stop all night barfing landed me in the ER on an IV. I also (independently) had lost several pounds (~8 by ob's scale, ~10 by home scale) by ~7-8 wks.

My personal experience with Zofran is that it is very effective in stopping the barfing, but it does very little for my nausea. It also gives me absolutely intractible constipation (not an uncommon side effect). I tried Phenergan, but it upsets my stomach (kind of funny in a twisted way) and didn't help the barfing/nausea at all. I'm now on Reglan, which seems to be the most effective overall (but it makes me a little bit sleepy). Zofran is available in sublingual tabs (no swallowing!), and I think you can get the other 2 as suppositories, but I have a 2ndary condition which counter-indicates that. Zofran is the newest of the 3, is not available in a generic form, and is very expensive and not covered by all insurance (I was lucky--mine covered it, though the co-pay amounted to $3/tab).

I hope this helps. It seems like there have been many threads in the last month or 2 about morning sickness, hyperemesis, and these medications. Maybe it's time to start a sticky about M/S and HG.
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I took those two drugs (I believe, can't quite remember their names) for about 2 weeks to help me get through a really rough spot in my 3rd pregnancy. My dr. should have just written me a medical excuse so I could stay home and rest, instead of going to work. It made me EXTREMELY drowsy--to the point where I was laying my head on my desk at work almost crying because I wanted to sleep. I regret taking the drug-I think it was unnecessary since my sickness didn't last much past my 3rd month. And my son was born with a heart defect which makes me feel really guilty for taking the medications-even if it was for only a few weeks.
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I took Zofran and Compazine with my last pregnancy. I was "urping" about 3 to 4 times a day. I really couldn't keep anyhting down. I am not one to take medicine, but I was miserable. I resorted to meds. My doc put me on Zofran. I about died when I found out how much they were. My insurance company only paid for a couple a week. I talked to my doc about something else which was cheaper. I was on Zofran for about 3 weeks. I switched to Compazine and I felt better. Zofran helped the "urping" but I still felt nausious. The Compazine was MUCH better. I was only on the drugs for about 2 months total. Unfortunatly I randomly "urped" up until my 8th month. I had started having m/s around 5 weeks.

With this pregnancy, I was a bit luckier. I started m/s around 8 weeks. I nipped it in the bud by taking Compazine after that. I also had to take extra presrtone, which causes nausea. So I was on it for about 1 1/2 months.

I have been lucky. I had no problems with my last child. This babe seems very healthy too.

Just my 2 cents worth . . . hope it helps.
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kkmama had some good suggestions. I also reccommend helpher.org. I went on phenergen this pregnancy at 11 wks after losing 15lbs and ending up in the hospital for IV rehydration. I thought I had bad ms when pregnant w/dd, but with this pregnancy I was truly unable to function because I was puking constantly. There is no way I could have held down a job this pregnancy, and when I was pregnant w/dd, I was working full time. I definitely looked green around the edges and had to go running for the bathroom more than once, but I was able to work. Phenergen doesn't help me with the nausea, but it does stop the puking for me. I was *absolutely* opposed to taking meds while pregnant, but I am practical enough to know when meds are the lesser of two evils. And since phenergen is one of the 'older' drugs used for pregnancy, I felt a little better about it.
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Another nod to the helpher forums. I took both Zofran and Phenergan this time-- I was just too sick to manage without them. But honestly, what worked best for me was Unisom (the version with doxylamine succinate). Half a tablet every six hours did more for the nausea than any of the prescription stuff. There's a lot about it on the helpher forums if your sister wants to check it out.
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I've resorted to Zofran with both pregnancies. That is probably the only prescription medication I've had in ... decades, but I've yet to find a home remedy that helps me (and since I'm 18 weeks into my second/last pregnancy, I give up).

Basically, I Zofran but it is really expensive - like $20+/pill expensive. Luckily my insurance pays for it but just a regular prescription for it would otherwise cost over $1000. That just boggles my mind.
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I lost a ton with both dds and dehydrated so was on Phenergan but it didn't help much if at all! I haven't tried the other meds.
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I had severe morning sickness with dd. I was on Phenergan and hated it. It makes you really sleepy and weird. When I would take it I felt like I was outside of my body, I hated it. I was switched to Reglan which was soooo much better it really helped my morning sickness and it didn't make me feel as weird.

I was given prescriptions at the hospital. I had SEVERE morning sickness ( puking every 15 minutes, mostly stomach bile because I couldn't keep anything down). I hope your sister feels better!
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Looks like everyone has their favorite medication... I wanted to add that if you look these meds up, there's been a limited amount of research on them (esp. Zofran), but that the results are very reassuring; none are known to be associated with any problems in babies. I also wanted to add that on helpher.org, there is discussion about dosage, combos, food suggestions, and other stuff. Even if she decides not to go with a med, there's a ton of good info there.
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I just have to chime in here too ... If you're not really talking about "morning" sickness, but rather all day/night sickness and she's absolutely miserable most/all of the time and is losing weight or is in danger of such (not able to eat or stay hydrated)-- then she'll probably be a candidate for Zofran or these other drugs (IMHO.) I have to nod over to helpher.org like pp -- it was the ONLY reason I was able to get pregnant again -- I thought there was hope out there to have a pregnancy that would be more bearable than the first. Well, I was only half right. I switched healthcare practices this time and took Zofran for several months, but I'm still not getting pg again after this child is born. . . again, like others have said, the Zofran takes away most of the barfing (and therefore the dehydration and weight loss) but the constant, life-altering nausea was still there for almost 5 months. I guess you didn't need to know all that, but it feels better to express
Oh yeah, helpher.org is a great place for the friends and family of HG sufferers too (like yourself!) -- there are wonderful info sheets to help you help her get through this very very very difficult time.
Please give her hugs for us!
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Thanks very much, everyone! She's taking B6 and Unisom and has reported some improvement.
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Phenergan here

I haven't taken it this pregnancy but I did last one. I wasn't able to keep anything down, I couldn't stay hydrated, I was losing weight, and I couldn't even function at the mkost basic level. My OB gave me Phenergan and it did help the nausea some but more than anything it knocked me completely out. I always said it really wasn't for nausea it was just made to render you unconsious so you didn't know how really sick you actually were. The really weird thing is.... I have an extremly high tolerance for medication with the EXCEPTION of this drug and only this drug. Nothing, not narcotics, sleeping pills, anesthetics, or anything else really strong will render me useless so quickly. This stuff for me was creepy. It did work though and got me through when nothing else worked.
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I could have written Silvercrest79 post!!! Phenergan is the ONLY thing to ever make me feel like that! I seriously was so sleepy I could not wake up enough to walk to the bathroom and back. I had to lay on the floor and fall back to sleep! It only helped the nausea because I was in such a heavy sleep i didnt know I was sick. In that sense it did help. VERY weird stuff!!
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