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Vegetarian Times

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Anyone subscribe to this mag? Is it worth the $$ ?
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I like it OK, but I've let my subscription lapse because I just don't cook out of magazines enough to justify the expense. You can find a lot of great vegetarian recipes online at places like Vegweb and sites of cookbook authors like Nava Atlas and Mollie Katzen and even places like Epicurious.
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I've subscribed to it for years. I have a few favorite recipes from the magazine--but don't usually have the time to try too many new ones!
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I was disappointed. i found a stack of the magazines in our ER waiting room. i am glad i didnt subscribe.

Jane, i like vegweb too! good site, lots of info and some great recipes.

someone here recommended vegfamily.com...and it has changed my life. we are eating so much better,and the recipes so far are delicious. the three meatless meals i have prepared from there were so good we didnt even miss it. i made one last night, but added a few pieces of chicken to it so DH and the kids wouldnt totally freak out. i ate just the veggies concotion over cous cous and it was awesome.
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Yeah ~ we got Vegetarian Times here for a while but let the subscription lapse too ~ it just wasn't worth it. I had it for almost 2 years and found 1 good recipe that I still use????? I guess it has its place, but, I can only get one mag that I like, and mothering has taken over!!!!!!!!
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IMO< it's not worth it anymore. I loved the magazine about 8 years ago. But it has seriously gone down hill. I buy it once in a while now. I'm really disappointed in the changes they've made.
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i got a free subscription so it was worth it but i definitely wouldnt pay for it.
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imo veggie life is much better. i really don't like the slickness of vegetarian times. also, i think they use too much dairy.
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so veggie life has less dairy? we just found out that my oldest (7) has a major cows milk allergy and i am looking for some good recipes...
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