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Who nursed their toddler along with twins?

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I would love to hear your experiences. My son will be 31 months when the twins are born and he is still nursing, but just barely!! My milk dried up completely when I was 4 months pregnant and now he just drinks the colostrum. But he only nurses a few seconds or minutes a day and it even seems like he forgot how to latch on properly. Did your toddlers do this? I really hope he will resume again when my milk comes in, but I am afraid he forgot how. He says he still drinks milk so he must be getting something but it just feels different when he nurses. I am not sure if it is me being more sensitive due to pregnancy or if his latch really changed. It is hard to explain. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.
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Congratulations on your twins! I haven't nursed a toddler with twins, but I faced the choice during my pregnancy.

When I had my son, my daughter was nursing only once a day. I did tandem nurse them, and it was fantastic (exhausting, but fantastic). It was a great way 1) for my daughter to bond with her baby brother, 2) for her to reconcile feelings of jealousy and insecurity about sharing her Mama, and 3) for me to occupy my toddler while nursing (she always had to nurse when the baby did). I think alot of adjustment issues were avoided by tandem nursing, and I would do it again in an instant.

I was nursing my son (he was 21 months old at the time) when I found out I was pregnant with twins. I decided to wean him, because I tried to imagine how he would feel when the babies were nursing and he couldn't (remember my daughter went from nursing once a day to nursing everytime the newborn did). I thought that not weaning my son would make things MORE difficult for him with the babies birth. So we weaned and found other ways of being close that could continue once the babies joined the family.

I hope you don't mind my opinion. I'm not sure that I would have had the same feelings if I didn't have the tandem nursing experience. I think I made the right choice for us, and I know no matter what you choose, you will make the right choice for you and your family!

Good luck!
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My ds was 16 months old when my twins were born. I nursed all three in tandem for 14 months.
He continued to nurse a lot throughout my pregnancy even though he was just getting colostrum. And he would suck so hard sometimes it would hurt.
Nursing through the pregnancy was very uncomfortable but I dont think his latch changed, I was just super sensitive, and he had to suck so much harder to get anything.

For some reason his latch did change later, but not at the time. And some time after his second birthday nursing him became very uncomfortable and continued to be until he weaned.

And like the PP said, ds did want to nurse every time the babies nursed too. So he went up to nursing like 12 times a day at first. This wasnt much of a problem with us because there was plenty of milk to go around and he wasnt bad about waiting. It did cause a little jealousy wiht his brother I think because his brother had a difficult latch so I usually would not nurse them at the same time. whereas he often nursed at the same time as his sister and always seemed closer to her when they were babies.

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Just wanted to reply too since there weren't a lot of comments. I am nursing my one year old, and am 11 weeks along with twins. Rach isn't a comfort nurser, and she sleeps through the night - she's been doing well with 3-4, 20-30 minute, feedings a day. I haven't lost my milk yet.

I don't know if she will make it through a drastic supply drop or not. I really hope she will continue with at least one session a day until and after birth... I think it would be a really awesome way for her to bond with her new siblings.

That said, I think I might not know what I am getting into hoping to nurse three at once! My doctor hasn't mentioned weaning, but my husband has suggested it as it seems to take a lot out of me some days. I think we'll play it by ear.

Good luck with whatever choice you make, too!
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I want to add, that while I did nurse 3, I probably would not have made that decision if ds1 was over 2 when I was pregnant. It was really tough and a huge part of continuing to nurse him was because he really really needed to nurse.
He was only 7 months old when I got pregnant. HE was only 16 months old when they were born. Nowhere near old enough to have been weaned IMO.
And while I do not consider 2 a good age to arbitrarily wean a child. I consider under 2 to be not really worthy of consideration of weaning. But I could have weaned him after age 2 without beating myself up about it.
(does that make any sense?)

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my 3rd child was 32 months when my twins were born. she was still nursing. i can't remember exactly how much longer she nursed but i know the babies were well over a year before she was finally weaned.

it had its good points and its bad points. i didn't really *want* to do it but i didn't feel she was emotionally ready for weaning. while it was not my first choice, i comforted myself with believing nursing helped her with what had to be a very difficult transition.

it was overwhelming but i'm sure if i had not been nursing her it still would have been overwhelming.

good luck with whatever way it turns out .
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I am 14 weeks along with my twins and my dd just turned 1 and is still nursing. There is still milk at this point, although I feel the supply is decreasing despite my best efforts at staying hydrated and well-nourished. I have no intention of weaning her just because I'm pregnant with twins. BUT, if she decides to wean herself that would be fine with me! If she does wean and wants to come back after the babies are here, I will accept her with open arms so as to not reject her-- which I feel could cause her to harbor resentment or shake her confidence. I am preparing myself for several months of just nursing, nursing, nursing and not too much else. I tell myself that it is a temporary thing and that I WILL get my life back someday! But in the meanwhile, I am going to allow myself to make those few precious months of breastfeeding all of my babies the main priority in my life-- organize ahead of time so that only minimal cleaning needs to be done regularly and accept help with housework, enjoy dh's cooking (because I know he secretly is a great cook!), and treat myself well and enjoy it all-- when those days are done I want to have great memories of it.
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