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OK, I just invested a lot of time in reading this thread, and even though I feel like it will never amount to anything more than running around in circles, I had to reply.

If I decided to have this next baby in the hospital it would be an unethical thing for me to do, unless it was absolutely medically neccessary. But I would never make such an unethical decision, because I always follow my head and heart.

I had my first baby in the hospital, and it was a very ethical decision. I was 19, single and alone, and falsely confident with my copies of What To Expect and a Bradley Method book. Losing control of myself in that hospital gave me so much first hand knowledge on the process of birth. I was then able to go forward with my eyes opened and look for another way, a better way, and I had my second baby at home. If say for instance I had had an accidental unassited birth the first time around, I really think I would have just gone to the hospital for the second birth. It wouldn't have sparked my curiosity or caused me to search for my rights.

Each situation is so different that it really is impossible to talk about this as a question of ethics.

Yes there are are ethical and unethical people in the world. There are ignorant people and well-informed people. I don't think there's much point to discussing this. It'd be better to have a more pro-active topic. How do we get the information out there to more women?