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Originally Posted by willemsmamma
I'm done, I'm done, I'm so done.... why won't this baby come????

I'm going to officiate myself as this DDC's official whiner
Uuuuumm, this is November ddc. Of course the baby hasn't showed up now. It's still October!! Just wait 'til November comes...
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I am convinced, TOTALLY convinced, that Mama Nature would not let a sick woman bear the brunt of her illness symptoms AND labor. That is just too counter-evoluntionary for my money. So I am sending healthy thoughts to you under-the-weather mamas, and trying my darndest to keep from catching DH's cold!!!

And let me just echo Fern's post -- RENTING SUCKS. I hate it for so many reasons, and being in nesting mode just exacerbates all of them. And not that I am entertaining these thoughts for long, but even in the most uncomfortable moments pre-birth, even during labor, even in what is supposed to be the happy babymoon, a landlord can call and give you just 12 hours notice before he or she can come into the house for whatever reason. I hate the thought of being so vulnerable to someone else's whimsy or selfishness.

OK, off my rampage now.

Surprise surprise -- I, too, am feeling just the merest bit testy lately.
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i had an appt with my mw this afternoon. everything is fine, tho baby is back to being posterior (she was about 4-5 weeks ago, but had turned to back sideways since). mw suggested i do childs pose and other tummy down stuff, but also wasn't overly worried, wc was nice (i was posterior and didn't turn during labor and my mom ened up w/a c/s possiblly could have been prevented, but that's the way it went down).

i also asked her about birthing in my bathtub and she she said it would be no problem and she loves bathroom births

yesterday i started feeling like i wasn't going to go into labor on my own- i had the same feeling with DS and had NO prelabor symptoms (don't now, either, other than some cramping), and i took castor oil at 41w2d and had him a day later. i'd rather go into labor on my own, tho, yk? so i told my mw about this feeling and she offered to do a "vigorous" cervical exam. i said i'd rather wait til at least 40 weeks and she agreed that she thought that was for the best.

anyhow, we shall see!

teresa, i LOVE your sheep skipping rope btw...it totally makes me smile every timei see it!
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Alright, Willemsmama, I'll go ahead and let you be the "official" whiner, but only if I can be the annoying side-kick! My talks with this little one are becoming sterner and sterner everyday. I think he's mocking me! Ok, it's the weekend again, so now would be a GREAT time to go into labor. I'm even concidering the castor oil. Although, I must say that for a second, I thought you could skip it and drink a McD's shake, and I was all over that! Then I read closer and realized it was just to cover-up the taste.

Happy weekend everyone! Hopefully we'll have even more babies next week!!! Only 3 this week so far, right?
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Originally Posted by BeTheEarth
I am convinced, TOTALLY convinced, that Mama Nature would not let a sick woman bear the brunt of her illness symptoms AND labor. That is just too counter-evoluntionary for my money.
Are you kidding??? I had the worst cold/flu combo with the absolute worst sinus infection when I went into my 30 hour labor with willem... oh, and did I mention I was in TRANSITION for 5 hours!!!! Mother nature isn't always Mother Nurture... she can be brutal!!!! I was so upset that I couldn't "smell" my baby for like 2 1/2 weeks afterward. (you know how everyone says that a newborn has such a delicate, fresh smell....
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Feelin' kinda low

i know i should be all excited and happy.. my friend maggie is having a baby blessing for us tomorow.. but it sort of just made me realise how few close friends i have my days are so full of elwynn and life and things that i dont on a regular basis see very many people.. i do have a few close woman friends.. and have my knitting group.. just getting to know and love them.. but yeah. i guess when i wrote down who i wanted and feelt comfortable coming its was pretty small list. i didnt care so much then, except a few folks cant come so now i feel even sadder.. maybe its just hormones, and truthfully i would be happy is just 3 people came ( and at least 3 are coming..) i guess i just feel like this is the time in life where community and friends really make life easier and i wish now that i had spent more of the last 7 months re-connecting with people here ( thats how long we have lives in vancouver..) okay.. enuff of my whining..

laisett" my little guy was posterior up until labor started then he got himself into the right possition.. so don't worry too much now! ( i know its hard) babies do tend to move in early labor

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*rant* I'm not excited and happy. I feel gross; don't see how I could possibly retain anymore fluid than I am now. My face and other body parts are on FIRE and I'm tired of being pregnant.
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Originally Posted by oetien
Uuuuumm, this is November ddc. Of course the baby hasn't showed up now. It's still October!! Just wait 'til November comes...
Some of us have been more than a week or two overdue before... it's why I'm so excited about these contractions. It's more fun to think of yourself as being in very early labour for six weeks and things could pick up at any time, than to consider yourself as being in "false" labour and the real thing will never get going. Therefore, just wait til January comes.

:group: We're doing it!! We just have to do the last finishing touches, and then lots and lots of cuddles. In the meantime, I have to try and find a way of stopping our cat weeing everywhere. :
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Originally Posted by flapjack
Some of us have been more than a week or two overdue before... it's why I'm so excited about these contractions. It's more fun to think of yourself as being in very early labour for six weeks and things could pick up at any time, than to consider yourself as being in "false" labour and the real thing will never get going. Therefore, just wait til January comes.
Thank you Helen you're just so diplomatic
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I have such a crazy busy day planned tomorrow! Tomorrow morning I need to take DS shopping for cowboy boots for Halloween (must be bought tomorrow before costume party tomorrow night), then for treats to give out at the party (play-doh is my plan), and for some kind of autumn-themed food I can make (Hodgson Mill makes an awesome whole wheat gingerbread mix that is just divine). Then we go get MIL from the airport, swing by the house to pick up DH, go to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins, then go to the party. Maybe I'll have my baby tomorrow night after all the excitement of the day!

I feel bad because I think I'm too grumpy with DS. He's such an active kid and he's soooo mobile and tall/heavy for his age, and I'm already intenstly uncomfortable all the time from being hugely pregnant (and my giant baby dropping at 33 weeks) that I snap at him whenever he jumps on me, pushes me, knocks into me. And, I know he doesn't mean to 90% of the time. Its a wonderful thing that MIL is arriving tomorrow - she'll have a lot more energy to deal with him and maybe I'll be in a better mood if I can just go lay down in my room alone when I'm having contractions and can't find a comfy position and am so tired I can't stand it - instead of being a toddler's playground and 24-hour-buffet.
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Sorry- tired, crampy, overemotional. That came out wrong. Do you know what I mean, though? That our collective cervixes are going to have to dilate to 3-4cm before they get to 10 whether we have hour-long labours or 2 week labours?
FWIW, my LMP with Alex was 07/01/1998: he turned head-down on the 12/10/1998, started having regular contractions (false labour, if you will) every night the following week onwards, stopped going out, just focussed entirely on getting the baby out: he was born on the 24/11/1998, almost completely painlessly. I'm never, EVER doing that again; visualising labour as a part of pregnancy and it all being one seamless whole is the only way I'm going to stay sane if this one goes over (and if it's not Monday, I'm pretty sure I will.)
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especially for Helen and Monique (and anyone else in prodromal/early labour/cramping, etc.)

And Teresa, I hope you are feeling better soon. I was glad to see you post- I thought maybe you were off having a baby, or something.

I've been doing more and more nesting trying to convince myself that this baby might actually come sometime. Cooked and froze a huge batch of tomato, lentil & artichoke pasta sauce yesterday, and made labour-ade popsicles. Today I did data entry for my husband's taxes , and made and froze some whole wheat focaccia/pizza dough.

And I think I'm carseat installation impaired. I cannot make it fit in the car in a way that seems even remotely secure (I've tried with the seat belt and the latch system). It seems like the baby would fly out the rear window in an accident, or something. I have an appointment at a car seat safety clinic tomorrow- hoping I don't need to buy a whole new seat.
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[crickets chriping]

It's 5:00am (eastern) - anyone else up? Helen, are you having that baby yet?

I just ate THE MOST fabulous wee-hours snack: peanut butter & jelly on toast and 2 glasses of milk. Mmmmmmm, I feel good now, maybe I'll even go back to sleep for a couple of hours! Oh I was going to ask y'all - is anyone else really thirsty throughout the night? I never was until about a week ago; now I have to drink a glass of water every time I get up to pee. Is this normal?

Man we are all sounding more and more miserable!! I'm glad it's not just me. I'm getting pretty complainy to poor DH and my friends and I am still just under 4 weeks til my EDD. : Seriously, after next Friday when I'm clear to go to the birth center, I'm going to be sending some serious COME OUT vibes to this little one! Speaking of which, we had our appointment at the birth center yesterday to sign all of our pre-admit paperwork and stuff, and it just felt *so good* to be there and look at the comfy-cozy rooms and talk to the nurse. I just love that place and feel so happy that we're going to be birthing there. I took pictures (to help with visualization) so maybe I will post those later today.

Hey Fern, I totally understand what you mean about feeling somewhat isolated. We moved to this town in May and I have made one *really* good friend here, and several good acquaintences (like your knitting group). Well when good friend wanted to throw me a shower, I was totally reluctant because I really thought that none of the other women I'd met would want to come because they wouldn't care. Turns out that quite a few came and we had a lovely time, but I still kind of felt the same way before-hand. It's not the same as living in a town where you have a really strong social network, or a large family, etc. Try not to get too down; you know if we all lived near each other we'd have an awesome rocking blessing for you!!!!

OK and this is totally unrelated, but it just keeps happening so I'm like WTF? As y'all know, our daughter's name is going to be Brynn. There's no really cool story as to how we picked it; we found it in a baby name book and it just seemed like the absolute right name immediately. I think the baby picked it, ya know? Anyway, I swear, almost *every time* we tell someone what her name is, they are like, "Hm, that's....pretty [interesting, different, unusual, etc.]. Is it a family name?" And I'm always like..."uh, NO!" Just because we're not naming her something on the top-10 list doesn't mean we were saddled with some crazy aunt's name or something. Anyway, what is the deal? Seriously, is this a hideous name to everyone but me and DH?

OK, well one more glass of milk and then I'm back to bed for a while. Hope you are all having a good Saturday morning. (God why am I in such a good mood at this hour?!! )
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Well, so another baby makes four this week!!!
I'm beside myself with exhaustion. From lack of sleep, from dealing with tantrums, from it being so difficult to move....
RCM, I could have just about written your post. Dh is definitely doing the single parent thing. I give him sooooo much credit. He definitely wasn't this understanding last time around and I held it against him for the longest time (and especially when I was in labor).
So 1st time moms, if your dh/dp isn't quite *there for you* just try and realize that they are on a roller coaster of a learning curve here. Just wait till the baby comes. THAT's when it all seems to become real to them. It's like, oh... there was a REAL baby in that belly... wow!
Dh has learned to ignore my grumbling and moaning and complaining (I really am in a lot of discomfort here and he hears about it a LOT) but yet is quick to offer me assistance and space or food or whatever he thinks I might need/want. He took offense to everything last time I was pregnant so I always felt guilty.

Flapjack, I totally agree with you on the whole prodromal labor thing! I know every twinge I feel IS working this baby either towards a better position or prepping my uterus for some really hard work... so I don't mind it so much. It's more the fact that I'm Soooooooooo pregnant and people are already having their babies despite it not being November yet... I just want to be one of those mamas right NOW. I swear if I don't deliver by my birthday next Friday I WILL go out of my mind...
Update: I had some really strong and regular contrax again yesterday. Didn't time them because I figured if I was in labor I'd eventually figure it out. I seem not to care anymore about making sure my midwives will be able to make it here in time for the birth... I'm on that roller coaster of hormone induced emotions that are making me feel apathetic right now.

Amy, I don't think the name Brynn is hideous at all. People said that about Willem all the time (and still do). It's because it's not off the top ten and so people figure that there is a *reason* you picked the name.

MamaFern, I'd be your friend IRL if I lived up there! I know what you mean though. I had NO friends at my shower a few weeks ago, just mainly aunts and cousins on dh's side, so I felt all out of place and akward. But like you said, elwynn consumes all your time so what can you do.
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Well, we met with the MWs last night. Baby is still breech. MWs are not 100% comfortable with a home breech delivery, mostly because of the politics in our state. MY MW is already under investigation for a routine transfer (OB nurse with a vendetta) and she also mentioned a Seattle MW who might loose her license for doing a breech HB that turned out fine. Its an ugly time for MWs. I feel for them!

But even if she was inclined, DH is just not. Seriouly. When she mentions a 1% risk of prolapse, for example, he hears "1 in 100 babies die!" and I hear "99% chance of success." He and I are so different. She went over all the risks and even noted that my presentation, baby size, birth history, ect make the odds of a successful breech birth very high. If DH was on board, I think she might consider it.

But dammit! I dont want to have surgery for no reason! Most OBs around here would insist on scheduling surgery and not allowing me to go into labor. I refuse that. I refuse to not allow this babe every single minute to turn at the 12th hour.

So I am trying to enjoy my life, praying that I dont go into labor this weekend. (I'll send any and all labor vibes to you ladies! ) On Monday I will be calling around to find someone to do a version and see if I can find a decent OB who will do a hosp breech delivery. The one I have heard about, backs up a HB MW here so maybe there is hope that he would be more handsoff.

Sorry to whine so much. I just cannot beleive the peaceful, healing birth that I have been planning all along is suddenly rife with ultrasounds, OBs, hospitals, etc. FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN FEAR AND IGNORANCE!!!! If there were a legitamite health issue (pre-e, etc) then I would be much more ok with it. But no, I just live in the wrong state, country, etc.

Anyhoo...we are going to the pumpkin patch today to take some pics and a hayride. I hope we can have a nice family outing. Just the three of us. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so I just need to relax and enjoy the weekend!
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morning all!

i had a lot of back pain last night wc i think was cntx...but it faded out and then i was left with a sore lower back! i kept gasping when i turned at night, i was so stiff! i did some yoga poses and i'll keep doing those every day and hopefully before the big event baby will turn for me

mama fern (and amy) we also moved recently- in may- and have a high needs child! i don't really know anyone with kids here, tho i feel really blessed to live 2 blocks from my brother and his partner we didn't have a baby shower this time around at all, tho a friend of my moms has been on a buying spree on ebay and has sent tons of baby clothes (as have my parents). it's very sweet.

bensmom- i'm so sorry you are having to deal with the stress of a breech baby and a possible hospital birth so frustrating!!! i think your plan to hang on as long as possible is great- hopefully that little one will cooperate, but if not, i'll still be hoping for a smooth, peaceful birth for you and i hope you have fun at the pumpkin patch today!

amy- did you get anymore sleep? we haven't named our babe yet (not til she's born), but our list of names is quite unusual, so i totally understand where you are coming from! brynn is lovely- i'm sure it will suit her perfectly and she'll get lots of compliments on her name all her life (i've never met anyone with my name and i love it!).

to everyone!
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Re: names

For some reason, I just can't name this child! It feels like the last thing I have to do, and I just can't commit!

I think the deal last time was that I didn't really know what it was like to name someone. I chose Maisie's name way before she was born just because I liked it. And now she's just so MAISIE that I'm afraid of picking the wrong name for this one. It's like, I don't know who this child is yet, so I can't give her a name. Anyone KWIM?

I've considered:

Lottie, Clara, Ivy, and I REALLY like Anna, but it's just so g--da-- popular, and unique name is very important to me.

Not to mention, we really should come up with a boy's name or two just in case. I LOVE Hugh, but Tim hates it. It goes so well with our Irish last name, and it's just so strong and manly, I don't know how he couldn't love it.

Oh, well!
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Amy, it might be just where you live - my husband and I both have known several Brynns where we are (along with Bree, also a often-heard name).

BensMom, I do know of that woman with the trouble and the breech delivery in the Seattle area. It was actually over on a local island, not Seattle. They had to go to the hospital at the last minute with the baby (who was fine) and one of the docs reported her to the medical board or whatever. Also, most MWs malpractice insurance will not cover breech births. There are just a handful of MWs in my area who will do breech, and it's pretty much on the downlow. This does not help your situation however...I'm so sorry. I know it might not help emotionally, but on Penny Simkin's (awesome doula) site she has something about having the "best cesearean possible" when it's unavoidable, if you have to plan for the worst.

Flapjack, so true. I've heard a lot of stories IRL lately of women who had 2 week-4 week strong contractions and "issues" who ended up with very fast labors. My MW is concerned about it for me as well - she's like, "if you wake up in the middle of the night with ctx 5 mins apart, call right away and you've got the fast version..."

Although, my chiropractor does some sort of woo-woo hippie stuff body-mind thing (NET, I think it's called) and she determined that the baby wouldn't be born until the 8th or 9th and is quite happy inside. Hm, we'll see, I'm not sure I believe in it. I think there's some sort of betting pool that others have going that it will be the 31st. Because that would be the worst day for us.

Does anyone else have IBS? Baby has moved over to the right side of my body and I am in horrible cramping pain. I spent all day yesterday on the couch, not eating anything all day. Ok, half of a pb&j, that was it though.

Ooh, Lottie is cool. So are the other three. There are a lot of annas here, along with annabelle, isabelle, annie, etc etc. I know one Clara.
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Willemsmamma, not five minutes after I read your post bursting the precarious bubble of naivete that I had built to convincing myself that I would and could not get sick at this stage of the game, my mother called to cancel her trip up to meet my mw and go over the homebirth stuff because everyone in her house was down with a nasty fevery virus -- she assured me as well that women CAN and DO get miserably sick while pregnant! Now, to build a real bubble so that such a fate will not befall moi...

Amy, I love the name Brynn, and I have been weathering the "is it a family name" question, too. I have continually been surprised at the level of frankness and officiousness that people feel compelled to show toward a pregnant woman's choices. And P.S. -- PB&J on toast in the wee hours is definitely something to go on the list of "good things I've discovered this pregnancy." It's not such a long list yet, but I figure every little bit I can pass along or remember for a possible next time will help!

And nataliekat, I think Lottie is just too adorable. Seriously. And uncommon and full of personality.

My DH has become single parent to our dogs, which I know is not as intensive as being a single parent to a toddler, but I share your pangs of guilt every time I see him spending an hour each night walking them, getting up early to let them out and feed them, playing tug-o-war for the 45th time in an hour, etc. These guys really are troopers.

So I'm feeling not even close to labor. I mean, NOT EVEN CLOSE. I'm trying not to think about what that means, since it essentially means nothing, this being my first child and all, but I find myself hoping for little signs. (Then I think of all of you in the throws of uncomfortable early labor, and I roundly chastise myself in what I imagine to be your voices.)
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