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Congratulations Christy! Your babies are great sizes and it sounds like nursing is working out, too - I'm so happy for you! xoxoxox
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Yaaaaaaaaay! Congratulations & GREAT job on growing those babies!!! SOOOOO glad to hear things are going well with BFing!!!
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I'll be thinking of you.
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Congrats times two!!!!!!!!
I'm so relieved to hear that breastfeeding is going much better than you were told to expect.!
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i'm so happy for you too! can't wait to see pics!
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I thought I'd update you again. I haven't talked to Christy since yesterday, but I think she was expecting to go home today. Although, no one's called me. I'm trying not to call, so that she can rest.

Carrie is doing really great. She's nursing like a pro. They're making Christy supplement with a SNS in the hospital. I think she plans on ditching it once she gets home, but it's keeping them off her back. The staff also keeps sneaking Carrie bottles, but she doesn't appear to be having any nipple confusion and goes right back to the breast.

Andrew is still in the NICU though. They think his lungs just weren't quite ready. He hasn't been on oxygen since the first day, but his O2 saturation is still a little low and his heartrate is a little rapid, so they've been watching him. He probably won't get to go home until Sunday or Monday. He has a feeding tube through his nose, and Christy's started to get enough milk from pumping to send to him. So, they start his feedings with the bm and then top him off with formula. Hopefully, he'll figure out how to latch as soon as they can get him home.

So, it's rather heartbreaking that Andrew is still in the NICU, but the outlook is good for everyone. The sooner they're all home together, the better.

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That's awesome that Carrie is doing so well (and Christy, too). It must be tiring to have the babies apart- good job mama and good luck. I hope the whole family is together soon!
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In from Jan DDC and couldn't not reply. My ds1 was a 33 weeker and exclusivly breastfed! It was very difficult and I pumped and did allow bottles while in NICU as I just wanted him to get to a point where he could come home. He was in for almost 3 weeks and when we got home we began the long, frustrating, but ultimatley successful journey to get rid of bottles. He nursed for 2+ years!!! He was 4lbs 15oz at birth. Don't be intimated and remember you are the Momma and know what is best. It can be done and is all the time. Congrats on your babies!!
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Well, Christy and Carrie went home this afternoon.

Andrew is doing much better. When my sister went to the NICU this morning, he had taken his last 3 bottles in the allotted amount of time. They would try to feed him the bottle, but if he didn't take it down in so many minutes, they would squirt it down his feeding tube. Anyway, the fact that he had taken 3 in a row, was really good news. They were able to get a lactation consultant in the NICU, and he even latched on and got to nurse. YEAH! All the bottles he's had, and he still latched great!

So, it's looking really good for him to come home tomorrow! I really hope that the next time I update, it's to let you know that everyone's home safe and sound.
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Thanks so much for keeping us posted! I think about Christy and those twins a lot. I cant wait to hear that everyone is home safe and sound!
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Glad to hear things are looking good for all! And thanks for keeping us posted!
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Oh, I'm just about jumping up and down with excitement (or I would be if I didn't have a sleepy toddler on my lap) about the nursing and the going home! I'm so glad that everything seems to be going well, and everybody is starting to nurse, and be healthy!

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Exciting news!!! Andrew should be on his way home as I type this. I talked to my sister this morning, and the hospital had told her that they could pick up Andrew anytime after 2pm. YEAH!!!!

My mom's getting in this evening to help Christy out this week. So, hopefully she can just sit in blissful peace and nurse those little miracles!
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That is so wonderful! It sounds like everything worked out even better than expected! Yay on them both latching on, and coming home so soon! Thanks so much for all the updates.
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that is SUCh great news!! ive been thinking about her and her babe's so much.. i cant wait to see some pictures!!
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It's so good to hear a happy outcome!
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What great, great news!!! I tell you, these babies are going to be in awe over their mom....carrying them until they were 6 pounds each, and nursing them so well... Christy, you should be SOOOOOOO proud of yourself!

PM me if you ever want/need to talk about nursing two newborns.... my sons nursed exclusively for 12 months, then continued nursing part-time until 27 months. After the first couple of weeks, nursing two becomes a breeze.
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I am so glad to know that mama and babies are doing well.

If she needs inspiration regarding breastfeeding twins she MUST READ this.

This is an article in Mothering a few months back. This woman breastfed FOUR children, including a set of TWINS, with ONE breast!!!!!

You can totally do this sweetheart - no matter what the "german" doctor says.
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Yay! Congrats on everyone going home, happy and healthy!
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