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silent bbt thermometer?

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Has anyone ever seen a bbt thermometer that doesn't beep? Dh complains about mine e v e r y freaking day, and I just wish I could find one that vibrates instead of the beeping! (no funny business, those of you who temp elsewhere )

I can't imagine how much more frustrating it would be to temp and wake a co-sleeping babe!

Any inventors among us?
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Let me know if you find one! DH gets PISSED if the thermometer wakes him up. So now I wake up and go straight to the bathroom to temp. I know you're supposed to do it in bed but I got sick of DH throwing pillows at me
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I searched online for a glass thermometer and found a few places where you can buy them. Silent but they take about five minutes - not sure if they still are made with mercury, either. I didn't end up getting one but would be curious if anyone else uses one.
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WOW...that is amazing....
My bbt digital....I can bearly hear!!!! Maybe b/c I am so fricking groggy in the morning at 6:30am...who knows.

I can only suggest the good old fashioned GLASS ones....that is what I used for 4 years while ttc my first child...It works, just takes a bit longer to use.


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Yes the glass ones still usually have mercury in them. I am surprised they still sell them. they are easily broken, and what a disaster if they do break!!! I'd stay far far away from them.

I had a silent digital thermometer that I got from longs or wallgreens I think. i think the bbt "beeping" one is more accurate though, so I use it (I just stick my head under the blankets though to try to muffle the sound.)
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Can we all say PATHETIC dh's over here? Especially if you are ttc....

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I can hardly hear my BBT either. lol My 2 year old sleeps with us...dh is already up and gone...

Best of luck. I got mine at Walgreens...if that helps or not.
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thanks for the input - have wool - i entirely agree with the pathetic nature of my dh's complaint! puh-lease! but it's one spat i'd rather not have anymore! actually, i am comforted that i'm not the only one who faces this ridiculous complaint!

i'll look for a new bbt at walgreens!
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Here is one that I found you can use.  It test through the ear.


Is through the ear accurate enough?  Can it be trusted?



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