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How do you do it??

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Okay, how do you fit writing into your day?

What is your routine?

Do you have a routine?

Please share....
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Um, I write when I am up from 2:00 am to 5:00 am due to being so darned pregnant! Some of my most trippy stuff comes from those periods!!!

But seriously, my kids know that if Mommy is typing, don't talk to me unless there is an emergency. My writing sessions usually just happen in spontaneous spurts when it feels like something is trying to get through, and I just have to let it. I am not disciplined at all right now about "writing exercises"

PS Hi BelovedK
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Hi beansavi
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Mine is at night when Sophie's asleep and my husband (who can be so charmingly needy sometimes) is occupied. He, however, used to have Thursday nights as his night to himself, and I think I am going to institute my own... Or a more sooner jaunt--I have tomorrow off and may get my mom to watch Sophia while I have a day to myself. Until then, I take small moments on the computer at night or write in a journal in a soaky bath or grab a moment during study hall or planning (I'm a teacher).
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supersarahmommy, You definately deserve a night to yourselfto just if you want to.

I get up really early on the days when my husband has the kids and i have to work (we're seperated) and write and write. I usually go outside of home to write unless I'm transcribing something to the computer, I write mostly by hand. When the kids are home, they generally entertain themselves when i'm at the computer, but they're older (5 & 10)
Well bedtime routines call......
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It's my problem... haven't found the time to write lately.

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shameless bump
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I JUST got back into the swing of writing, and I'm enjoying writing in the mornings during dd's first nap. I pop her in the sling and she sleeps while I write. I don't have any older kids, though. But I am getting up so much earlier than I used to now that I have a little babe, and I like writing in the morning. I always think of Barbara Kingsolver writing about how she gets her kids off to school and then writes till it's time for them to come home. 'Course she makes money at writing.... (my goal!)

I also have a notepad in my bedside table for things in case I can't get to the computer. Haven't used it since she was a few days old, but I know it's there.
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Congrats, danaan. A new baby is just sooo My guess is that writing will keep you sane amidst the chaos (and simplicity) of such a change in your life.
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that's a tricky one.

Because my writing for the last 20 years has been so technical, I write in an order. First, I have to research, find the articles I need, read them, process that, cross-reference it in my mind with a whole lot of other stuff, and then there comes a point where a light switches on.

At that point, then I write. There is no point in writing before that because it will not flow.

Up until two months ago, my best writing was done in the 10 days before my period came, but having been thrown into menopause, I'm going to have to chill until I can work out how my body/brain connection will work out.

At the moment, I'm just working at night, when its quietest and there are no distractions, because I'm working on the final edit of a book, which then goes back to the publisher for proof reading and all that stuff.

While they do graphics and stuff, I'll probably start working on the next one. But again, it will be stuff I can't just sit and allocate X hours a day or whatever.

Even with embroidery (Traditional japanese embroidery), I embroider when the brain clicks in, and I understand the feel of the piece. If I try to embroider because it should be done, then I loose the feel and it becomes a technical mechanical exercise, and I don't relate to it. Writing is also like that with me.
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wrong thread
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It seems to be in the right thread, unless you moved it.
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I did another post to the thread about first experiences, but because I had three pages open at once, stuck it on the wrong one :
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There is an excellent podcast called "I should be writing" by a mom of a 3-year old who is in the process of completing her first fiction book, and working on a non-fiction book. http://shouldwrite.blogspot.com/

Mur Lafferty is very funny in her podcasts, and her shows are full of tips and insights into writing, editing and getting it all done.

Another great writing website and podcast is "The Secrets", hosted by author Michael A. Stackpole: http://www.stormwolf.com/thesecrets/podcasts/index.html

Michael give lots of great tips on editing, writing, and how to get published. He has written over 30 books, 8 ending up on the New York Times Bestseller list. His podcasts also focus on how to make writing a career.

These are great resources, fun to listen to and full of good advice for writers.
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