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Importance of school

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I am school sick.

My husband and I moved out of New York City with our 2 kids to enjoy the beautiful, peacefull life. I love it here in rural PA, but 2 years ago our wonderful Montessori school closed. We worked frantically with a group of parents to create a charter school, but it was too frantic and we imploded.

Now for 2 years my son (and I) have struggled with the public school and it's discordant values, and now next year my daughter will enter kindergarden. We tried homeschooling (for 1 month) but my kids missed the social life. I read about waldorf, and sudbury valley and other alternative schools and it seems just heaven- To send your kids off to a school where they will be celebrated for their individuality, nourished by inspired, fufilled staff, and learning respect from all.
I want that for my children (and myself). A school where creativity, art and music is a part of life and not a boring "special".

So I am looking for alternatively minded people who love where they live and think that their kid's schools are terrific. Is there an affordable, country life where kids can spend their days in a creative, healthy school environment?

We are planning a road trip and ready to move.

Has anyone out there found heaven?
Tell me about it.

Julia (wife of Michel)
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Julia -- I just pmed you about our schools -- right after I read your post in the other thread! Check your mailbox! Also, I know of a good school near Princeton NJ called "The Studio" but I think it is really expensive. I do know the teachers personally though, and it seems wonderful.
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a waldorf parent

I also sent you a message about my school (seems so tacky to advertise on a bulletin board), and there's a waldorf school called the River Valley School in Upper Eddy (??), Pennsylvania, that you may want to visit, since it's probably close to you.
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Just had to put my 2 cents in. My children attend a charter montessori school in florida. When we first started, the school was private, but, as of this year, we are chartered. This was much easier to achieve since we already had a school established. I just love it, and can't imagine what I would do without it.

I am in love with our school, as our my children. School will go to 8th grade, and I'm already freaking out about what to do about HS!

Good luck in your hunt!
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Importance of school

Dear Mommy 22,

Thank you for your response. Could you please give more detailed regarding the Montessori Charter School in Florida: for instance location, grades covered, Kindergarden, elementary etc... and what is available after..... Thank you.

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