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Over 35 & TTC -- January Posts

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Welcom to 2003. It will be a great year I have decided. I have decided to take the advice of one of my mediatation books and name this year. So it is -- The Year of Clarity, Love and Joy.

Well part of that joy will be a pregnancy and birth of a happy healthy child.

So, pull up a chair and check in with your Thread Buddies. How are you and what is this year going to be for you?

Best wishes to you and your family in 2003 and may all your dreams come true
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Me again

I am back to post again and not very happy about it - in fact I just want to cry -- really hard.

I logged off and went to the bathroom and there it was for a visit AF. I was a day late and I guess a dollar short and once again had my hopes up. But, what else is new. I get my hopes up every month and so far nothing has happened on its own. I want to so badly just have a baby with just DH and I in the room. We do have a wonderful and amazing DD. We had to have medical help to have her. And I just wanted so much to have the next one on our own. UGH! I am so sad and just want to climb back into bed for the day. But, alas I have my little darling DD to take care of -- not that that is bad in any way at all. I am so happy that I do have her.

Which leads to the next item. The guilt I feel about wishing for another one and someone like you have one isn't that enough. Anyone experience this.

All I keep thinking is why did we wait so long to have kids?? Answer: careers, moves, life etc. And I did not know how amazing it would be. All I ever heard were the horror stories.

I admire (I can't rember your name) you said you were going to be 43 when you concieved the next one and were not concerned good for you.

Got a little long. Thanks for reading
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Greetings All! Well here we are in the New Year, and baby dust alla round. Now that my surgery is done to remove a uterine polyp which was preventing pregancy last year and I feel better, I'm ready to TTC again. Except...dh is away working for two weeks. Sigh... But when he gets home, look out! Luck and love everyone.
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Just wanted to let you all know I made it through the day with flying colors and am happy to report I am doing A O K.

As for the name AvalonDaughter. I decided to change my name as the HopeP was just too boring with all of your neat names. I decided to get more funky.

Have a wonderful weekend
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{{{{Avalon Daughter}}}}

I'm joining in the January 2ww. I don't know if this will be my month, but I'm thinking there is a possibility. Best wishes to all you waiting moms.

I feel guilty for wanting another one when sometime I'm not a very good mom to the first one. I get so impatient with her at times, and I ask myself if I should really be having another one, but I'm still trying for now.
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Bamboogrrrl - am here with ya. DH & I have been TTC now for almost 2 years & no luck. Am going into surgery on the 9th to remove a uterine polyp and for my doc to peek about and see what's blocking my left fallopian tube & keeping it from spilling. Hopefully both will get taken care of (though am quite anxious as I've never had surgery of any kind since I had my wisdom teeth out,) and our 2003 with see us becoming a family of 3!
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Sorry AvalonDaughter!!! What a bummer!!! I hope this will be your last AF for a long time, and that you will be holding your beautiful new baby in 2003!!!!

I hope 2003 will shower us all with lots of fertility!

I like the idea of naming the years. It seems proper to call 2002 my Miscarriage Year (6 of them, blah!) and I think I'll call 2003 my Happiness and Fertility Year. I am totally done miscarrying now, been there, done that, got the t-shirt, moving on to a better place!

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Thanks all for posting! Good luck to you all.

2003 Happiness and Fertility Year! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I keep thinking I'm pregnant this time, not sure why. I have noticed that I still have some CM, so that is a good sign. The last two times the CM stayed with me the entire time.
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I hope you are!!! How many dpo are you? When are you going to test? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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I'm going to test next week on 1/16.
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Hi there!

Thought i would join in and spread some baby dust around here!

I just turned 35 in December and my dh and I are TTC #2 (dd is 20 months olds) I just got AF yesterday so it won't be this month but I am thinking positively and hoping maybe next month

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Amywillo I send baby dust your way! Let us know

Deidre - We have children the same age. That would be neat to be pg together!
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It looks like a positive. I took a test on Sunday night, which was a little early, but I figured I'd see what it was like. The window turned slightly pinkish as the urine moved up the window, and the control line started coming in. Finally after the time was up, I could see a kind of where the line would be in the test window if the color were actually there. After a few minutes, the background turned back to white and I could see the pink edge of the line. Not as thick or as colorful as the control line, but the one time I took a test when I wasn't pregnant there was absolutely nothing there, so this is a positive. I took another test today, and it wasn't any stronger, but I'm thinking it doesn't really matter at this point. Well, let's see if this one sticks.
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Good luck to you all!

I was here last month and it brought me good luck. Today I am at 8 weeks along with my first appt with Dr. on friday. The support here is great and it really helped get me thru!

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Well, count me in - we are officially TTC #2! I'm 37, dh is 43, and ds is 3 yo. DS just started morning preschool this week, and dh surprised me by suggesting we use our child-free mornings this week for some BD! I've been asking for another baby for over a year and dh has finally gotten comfortable enough with the idea. I haven't been charting, just watching cm and the calendar, but I think I'm fertile this week.

Good luck to you all!

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Great to see you all! I am hoping that this forum brings me good luck too!

AmyWillo any luck???
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