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Please think of me tomorrow...

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Some of you know that I have had trouble with low supply since Riley was born. This will make alot of sense to those of you who have followed our journey!

On Friday, the 14 (4 weeks PP) I started bleeding really heavily. It was dark, clotty, and I had bad cramps. This continued a few days. I called my midwives and I was seen last Monday (the 17) and was running a temp, had a very tender cervix and uterus. So she gave me antibiotics, since she figured it was a uterine infection. I was definately sick, so I took them. I made an appt for this Monday (the 24) to see my backup OB to have a few tests run and a pap at my 6 week appt rather than seeing the midwives. In the meantime, the IBCLC I've been seeing called my midwives, presenting the possibility of retained placenta. So my midwife called me to make certain I was seeing the OB.

I went to see him yesterday (it was a PITA btw, I had to go to the hospital in order to get in) and he thinks I have retained placenta. He told me that my uterus was not the size or shape of a uterus at 6 weeks PP, and it was SO tender. My gosh I almost cried, and I never had problems with internal exams before. He said based on that and the low supply, that he thinks that's what it is. Apparently most of the time if a woman complains of low supply he checks for it. I know someone here mentioned it once, too. So I had to be admitted to the hospital to have some bloodwork done and then we scheduled an U/S. I go tomorrow (Wed the 25) for that. If it is in fact retained placenta, I'll have to have a D&C.

In some ways, I hope that's what it is so I get some closure. But in others, I'm just plain scared. I really do hope that this is the cause of the low supply so that it will be over and I will make enough milk for my baby. Please think of me tomorrow!
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Oh Michelle - is it bad that I hope this is the case? It can be fixed and your milk supply will go up!!

I believe I suggested this may be a possibility when you first started having supply issues as I went through this as well. I had very heavy bleeding off and on, passing enormous clots and tissue (tennis ball sized), and eventually had a secondary postpartum hemmorhage at 4 weeks PP - that was my body taking take of the last bit of placenta left. I fortunately did not need a D&C but I did have a horrible uterine infection when that hemmorhage occured.

I suggested the possibility of retained placenta when I was 2 weeks PP to the nurse in my OBs office because of the clots and the very low milk supply. Eva was gaining weight with just breastmilk, but I had to literally nurse her all day and there was not enough left afterwards for my 2 year old at all. Of course I encouraged her to nurse afterwards, hoping it would increase my supply. It did not. After the hemmorhage at 4 weeks, the nurse still wanted to blow me off but I demanded that my OB call me. As soon as I described the symptoms, she has me come in immediately.

We did an ultrasound and labwork - my uterus was much to big for a 4 week PP uterus, very painful on exam, and my labwork showed an infection (not surprising based on the 103 fever I had). I was put on antibiotics. After two days, it felt like my milk came in a second time and since then I've been having the wonderful problem of oversupply!!!

I certainly hope this will put an end to your supply problems. And I'm glad that they are looking for this problem before you hemmorhage or get sicker. It can be life-threatening if you hemmorhage. I should have been more demanding that I see my OB when I called two weeks after Eva was born. Live and learn ...
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Oh Michelle..... I hope that this is it and you start to feel better! Good luck tomorrow!
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Good luck tommorow! I hope if you do have to have d&c that is fixes your supply problems. That happened to a friend of mine about 6 weeks or so after her dd was born. She just started gushing blood and went to hospital and they did an u/s right them and a d&c that day. You must feel so conflicted, not wanting to get the d&c of course, but it would be nice to fix your supply problem with that. I will be thinking of you.
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Thinking of you anf praying everything is OK
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!!! Thinking of you and hoping everything works out for the best!
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I hope everything is okay! I'll be thinking of you as well!
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Thinking of you! I hope it all went well and you are healing quick!
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Thinking of you Michelle!
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i hope it goes smoothly for you, and that this is the end of your supply issues!
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I hope everything is okay Michelle. I'm worried that we haven't had an update yet.

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Ugh I'm so sorry I haven't been back to update, my internet was down all day today!

I ended up not having retained placenta. The ultrasound was quite interesting though. I didn't realize how much of a phallic symbol that wand was. Wow. LOL! Anyway, everything is good in there. I went up to OB afterward and demanded to talk to the Dr so that I'd know right away. 45 min later I talked to his nurse. She said everything was fine. Probably was just an infection like originally thought. I asked for a thyriod test, though. One last thing to check on that might be causing low supply. It's 5:30 and she said she'd call today by the end of the day if anything was wrong so I'm assuming it's normal. It's all been a little hard for me to take in, though. Even though I'm glad I didn't have to have a procedure, etc, there's still a part of me that's upset that it wasn't the cause of my low supply. I guess that would have been too easy.

I let myself grieve a bit yesterday and then this morning I called my midwife and told her I wanted to go on Domperidone. It's the drug that works to stimulate milk production- but isn't approved here in the U.S.- you have to have it made. So she called the prescription into the compounding pharmacy about 45 min away. It should be ready tomorrow. She said it will take up to a few weeks to work. It's not covered under ins so I'm hoping it works. If it doesn't, I won't be using it after a month. And then I can honestly say I tried EVERYTHING. I will still nurse so long as I have milk, and who knows, maybe my milk was on the up and up anyway (well, I'm making 4x what I was only 3 weeks ago, so maybe...) but I want to give it my best before I say "Okay, we're just gonna have to supplement no matter what" So we'll see I guess. I had been trying to avoid medication but it's been six weeks and I've put so much into this already. I'm ready to try this.

Thanks you guys for your thoughts.
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Michelle, I am glad you are OK! I am also glad to hear you're giving dom a shot. It's working wonders for me - I'm BFing exclusively, which is something I've never been able to do before. Good luck!
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just putting this out there...you may or may not be comfortable with it. I vaporize marijuana (an alternative to smoking...no carcinogens involved) for chronic insomnia and postpartum depression, but I notice that it increases my milk supply bigtime (as opposed to what the studies I've researched on the internet say). Just a thought? You did say you tried everything, so I thought I'd just add that.
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