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Eczema help

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Hi ladies,

I have a patch of eczema on my neck that has gotten worse with the pregnancy. In the past when it got itchy, I'd put 1% hydrocortisone on it for a couple of days (not the most natural remedy, but it works...). I don't want to use it when I'm pg. My super body cream isn't doing the trick. Any tips for dealing with eczema? I actually haven't had the eczema that long... a few months... I have no idea what even brought it on.
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i've had severe eczema/hives since march. i've been to the dermatologist many times and no one knows what causes it. it isn't as bad now that i'm pregnant, but on dry days, it flares up.

i take claritin as rarely as possible, maybe once a week to once every other week, on days when the itching becomes truly unmanageable (i have it all over my back, stomach and legs). when it is just a small patch, i use an aveeno spray that has colloidal oatmeal in it. other times i use a benadryl spray (when desperate but not wanting to ingest claritin).

aveeno also makes a colloidal oatmeal lotion that i use right out of the bath or shower. i can recommend taking oatmeal baths too

good luck!
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My eczema isn't as bad as it was when I was younger but...

Aquaphor helps & is fairly unmedicated. Also, I 2nd the Aveeno recommendations - the bath packets & the other products are very itch relieving!
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I use cetaphil lotion ( aveeno just quit working for me one day! ) and am taking fish oil pills. I've been taking the fish oil for two days, and although it makes me sick to my stomach, my skin is getting better.
Also putting evening primrose oil on the patches is helping. I was trying aquphor, but the petroleum made it worse/more dry.
I know if I avoid dairy, it will get better, but i can't stand rice milk right now, and yogurt goes down easy first thing in the morning... and mint ice cream is soothing the belly late at night... so i'll have to fight the eczema till the stomach calms down!
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unrefined shea butter!!
For the OP- If you dont find something that works for you soon pm me, I have a great excema cream I can send you a little bit of for free (hope this isnt against board rules??)
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Sarna Lotion
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Isn't sarna a steroid? It was given to me by my derm last year when i had herpetic eczema (now THAT was horrible!)
The bummer about eczema, is that different things will work for different people.. so hopefully someone will have the thing that will work for you
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Mine has gotten worse and worse.. today went to the pharm, and got some Sarna Lotion.. Stacy's right, it's totally safe in pregnancy, the one i was thinking of was script with steroid.
It stings a little, but soothes the itch for a while.
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Thanks guys, I think I'll try the Aveeno and see how that goes... and just keep trying things. I wish the eczema would just go away permanently. I wonder if it's here to stay for the pregnancy.
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Twilight, mine has gotten so bad, I called my derm to see what she can offer that will be safe. It's all over my face, neck, chest, arms and hands. i look awful, and feel like i've been sunburned and rolled around in poison ivy! I hate resorting to meds, but it's keeping me from doing anything... I don't feel like going out, and it'snot going to be fun to work tomorrow... I hope the aveeno works for you! It used to be the perfect lotion for me, but one day, it just quit working!
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No, no steroids in Sarna. It's an OTC product.
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Yeah, Stacy I was thinking of Sarnal (my derm gave it to me once last year when i had a virus attack my eczema) and it has a mild steroid... it's the prescription version of sarno.
I'm feeling a wee bit better today, but still hoping my derm has something, the bleeding and cracking is going to make it hard to work
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