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August Mamas redux

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I feel pukey.
Just wanted to share
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Me too. Yesterday all I ate was goldfish crackers and today the only thing I can stomach is rice cakes. Oh yeah, I managed a cup of tea too.:
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Yeah, the only thing I can really eat are salads from the Whole Foods salad bar, with black beans and tofu and lots of balsamic vinegar. Yum. At least it's a little healthy!
Ugh, just thinking about food makes me wanna run to the loo.
Take care, Stephanie!
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I hear you....I don't understand why they call it morning sickness, I am just blaaaaaaaaa

I was actually starting to feel better, then dd and I got the 24 hour stomach flu and since then, I can't stomach anything....

I'm glad to hear you guys are getting something healthy down though...Yesterday, my main meal consisted of Gummie Bears!
Not good!!:
Today I managed some carrots atleast....

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I'm not feeling all that great...haven't been sick, but have some vertigo going on, feel totally drunk all the time!!! ARGH!
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My morning sickness is gone!!! Hubby and I went out for dinner and I ate like a farrowing sow. Boy did I ever pay for it. I bloated up like a balloon. Oww. But on a happier note, my breasts came back over night. It was the coolest thing. Went to bed with sad, floppy, empty, dried-up, little bags, woke up with happy, firmer, substantial breasts. Plus my tummy did a little pop overnight. It happened at exactly 9 weeks for me. Now I know I can safely put the blue jeans away for the next few years.

Big question is, what do I wear now? I'm already tired of bibs, sweats and leggings. Any ideas out there? :
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Annais, yeah at least you can eat healthy. I am getting plenty of starch though: .

Actually the balsamic vinegar sounds good, can't handle raw veggies now though. Maybe on my rice cakes.

Jen, Gummi Bears, eh? Were they they vitamin ones though? LOL

Mamasoleil, I have been lightheaded too. I go see the midwife tomorrow, I'll let you know any suggestions they have.

Take care all.
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Hey all....

Well, I am 8w today and I think m/s is finally hitting. I have been feeling icky for a little over a week, but today I have felt even worse -- kinda gaggy, queasy and gross. I am still incredibly tired.

Also (and a much more serious concern): I had a headache at work all day yesterday afternoon and towards the end of the day, the vision in my right eye, the outside perphial vision became swirly/blurry. I went downstairs to the clinic to check with the midwife on duty. She had me get my blood pressure checked and it was high for me: 143/70. The vision thing was freaking me out. She had me go home an rest (after I told her about our friend who died 12/28 and how stressful everything is these days and that I would be seeing my RE for a progestrone shot this morning and I promised to talk with them about the b/p)

So this morning, the b/p was even higher: 146/82. The RE wasn't a concerned as the midwife (especially after I told him all that was going on). The blurry vision thing is gone but the headache (dull ache) remains. He said he wants me to keep monitoring the b/p and try not to freak out about it. He said this just happens sometimes, even in early pregnancy.

There is a b/p machine at our area target (about a mile away) so I am going to check it there everyday this weekend. The check this evening was better: 135/73.

Any suggestions on keeping my b/p down? The midwife suggested massage (but we really don't have the $ and insurance won't cover it) and my regular doc has been trying to get me into a DO who does osteopathic manipulation therapy and she called to say today that my insurance told her they won't cover that, either. ugh.

trying not to stress....

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Kathy, not too much help just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you.

BTW, maybe your dp could give you a massage. I know it is not professional but maybe it would be enough to help. What about some sort of massage school type of place that may offer less expensive services because they are not yet certified? Or looking through the classified ads for someone who just does it on the side out of their home?
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I hope you are feeling better Kathy! Alot of it is probably stress...I know when dh is stressed his b/p gets really high! That's not much help I know, but hang in there, it will get better!

I guess I should have looked into the vitamin gummie bears, for future cravings....so far this morning, I am feeling better though, and I actually got to eat pretty good yesterday.

We have to go grocery shopping today, so that will be the true test of how I'm feeling!

HOpe you all feel better soon!!!

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Saw the midwife today and she suggested sniffing lemon when you feel nauseous.

I bought a bottle of lemon EO so I'll let you know how it works.
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That's funny because the only way I can drink my water right now is with lemon in it. Very interesting...
I made dh go to the supermarket with me yesterday, and we lasted about 15 minutes...I kept saying,"we're done, right?" Poor dh has no food.
Kathy, I hope your b/p is getting better.
Take care everyone!
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Sorry to hear that your shopping trip wasn't too great Annais...thankfully mine was good...I left dd with dh (I was needing the break!!!) and spent 200!
I feel really good today too, thank goodness, I lost like 15 lbs in the last month, between ms and the stomach flu.:

I also finally got my prenatal vitamins...I was just taking the end of my regular women's vitamins...I don't know if that has anything to do with it..but I've felt better and better the last few days since starting to take them again.

Anyways, I hope that you all feel better soon!
Take care,
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I don't go to the grocery store or even into the kitchen! I'll be 9 weeks on Wednesday, but I've been sick since week 5. It's really amazing to me how everyone reacts so differently. DH loves balsamic vinegar on his salad....it makes me run screaming the opposite direction! But gummy bears have been ok! Really, I'm pretty limited to dairy products, fruit and cereal. Oranges and OJ are really good, but I have to eat something else with them or it comes back up again. Yogurt, icecream, and milk seem to be the best for calming my stomach, but I definitely need to have something else with it...usually a handful of dried cereal (or a brownie!!) I tried cheese ravioli last night. I threw up in the middle of the meal, but came back and finished and it actually tasted good!!! sigh....

Anyone else having huge mood swings? I feel so completely helpless sometimes and I feel bad that DH is doing EVERYTHING around the house. Whenever I start crying and apologizing for being a lazy whiny brat, he patiently reminds me that I'm actually doing a really hard job. (gosh, he's good!) I just have to keep telling myself that my body really is working hard and I'm not being lazy (I'm just so used to being really busy!) and everything is going well and that I'm not really "sick", just reacting to the growth of our wonderful baby!

Sorry for rambling so long. I'm just so tired of this and can't even remember what it feels like to feel normal. I had mono earlier this (last!) year....it's been too many months of feeling worn out and icky recently. The best thing I've done recently is spend hours on the phone calling all my friends and sharing the news. That really was fun.
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Hey Sharon, I know what you mean...our house is a complete mess, and dh is doing everything. I can't even look at the dirty dishes, and there are a ton of them in the sink right now. Ugh.
Last night I felt horrible...all I want to do when I get home from work is sleep! And I actually got to for a bit last night, which was nice, but then of course I had to get up and watch Buffy, hee hee.
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