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Alenushka: this might not be what you are looking for but there is definately some good info.


I have done it 4 times and the results were amazing! If it is just a placebo affect so be it, well worth it to me. I don't see how that is possible though as I had a huge milk supply, my uterus shrunk back to noraml size within 5 days, etc.

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Such a study does not exist and is unlikely to, as there is no way to really do a blinded study on the matter. For me it is enough that I have seen far more people who have done it happy they did it, and very, very few stories of people who regretted it, if any. 


After two bouts of PPD without the placenta and one postpartum without that miasma when I consumed the placenta, if it's the placebo effect, sign me the hell up, because PPD SUCKS and postpartum without depression is worth taking the chance. 


Is it for everyone? Probably not. But there's no harm in it, and I can tell you I felt a difference very, very fast. 

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Oh, and it's only $250 if you hire it done. My midwife helped my sister prep the thing for me for free, and we already had a steamer and a food dehydrator and a blender. Midwife had an encapsulator, but that's a luxury, not a necessity, and we bought the empty capsules. I've spent far more money on vitamins over the course of a pregnancy.

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my DD is 7 weeks old, and i still have my placenta in the freezer. I'm planning on doing this in a week or so, is that too late do you all think? I had to wait until i had the $$ to buy the capsules! 

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I did this and had zero PPD! I think it really helped... When i forgot to take it i would feel a little down but then i would remember and feel better. DH was amazing and did all the work for me. We used a dehydrater and mortar and pestle to crush. I did help fill the capsules with a straw which wasnt too hard or time consuming.
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7 weeks isn't too late at all. That is about how old ds was when I did it for the first time.

If money or time is an issue thatn smoothies would work too.

Hope it works for you.

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My apologies if this answer already appears in the thread, but how after the birth does the placenta retain potency? Mine was encapsulated and have been in the freezer for nearly 3 years. I had to mostly stay away from them at first since we lived in an apt with mold and my allergies were always activated. The tonifying effect always tonified my allergies into a head cold. But now I am in a major depression and I'd like to use them perhaps...


...on another note, Raise Qi or Bu Zhong Yi Wan formula has been very helpful with exhaustion/depression...  

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if they have been in the freezer it won't harm you. I don't know anything about the potency.

I would recommend giving it a shot and seeing if it helps.

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I joined the facebook group called "Placenta Alchemy II" a while bag and they have excellent discussions & provide great resources on there. Definitely worth joining & checking out!

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I realize this is an old thread, and someone may have already mentioned this; apologies if so.


What about washing, drying, then freezing the placenta until just firm enough to cut up into pill size pieces, then freeze those and take them as if they were capsules; perhaps three times a day.  The dehydrator makes a lot of sense, but I was thinking of other options, since I do not own a dehydrator.


I thought of this after reading the book "Beautiful Babies" by Kristen Michaelis; her website is www.foodrenegade.com.  She mentions the freezing technique for eating liver if your tastebuds don't agree with the whole thing.

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I disagree with freezing it. It changes the energetics. There is a 5000+ year technique that still exists for a reason, because it works. When something is ineffective, its usage doesn't last that long. In TCM it is steamed with digestive herbs to support digestion and assimilation. Then, if you don't have a dehydrator, you can simply slice the placenta and put it in your oven on the lowest setting until it's ready to be powdered and capped.
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yum... I read that it has been suggested in the past that postpartum depression in some patients is spurred by the quickly shifting levels of female hormones after giving birth, and that by eating the placenta, the hormones will stabilize and postpartum depression can therefore be prevented.


If you want to eat your placenta because you believe in its supposed health benefits, go right ahead. Just be aware that this material has to be handled with care, and you have to protect those around you from being exposed to any tissue waste that you may find unsuitable for consumption.


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I have done this twice, with my most recent two births which were unassisted. There are people who will handle it for you and encapsulate it for a fee, but I don't find that necessary.

TCM is not the last word on placenta consumption. You can steam and dry it that way, or freeze it in bits (leaving it raw), or eat the whole thing over a day or two. I have done a combination of these. DH always cuts a piece for under my tongue immediately after the placenta is delivered. Then he has cut up some and lightly cooked (raw inside, but warm) it for me within an hour of birth. It was not repulsive to me. Then I have used a dehydrator and crushed the dried product, swallowing some every day.

I had severe PPD with my second child and have not since.
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I so wish I had done this, maybe my PPD wouldn't have been so severe.

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Hi all, 


My name is Becca Newmark and I'm a senior in the Anthropology department at Princeton University. I am writing my senior thesis on the practice of postpartum placenta consumption/placenta encapsulation, and I was so excited to see a lively and honest conversation taking place between women on this website.


If any of you are interested and willing, I would absolutely love to speak with you regarding your plans, your past experience, and your understandings of the potential benefits of placenta encapsulation. Of course, I understand if you are not interested in speaking with me. While interviewing women is an important aspect of my work, I believe it should be valued both by myself and by the women I am interviewing, and so I completely understand if you don't want to participate. 


You can reach me on my account here, or at my school email (rnewmark@princeton.edu). Thank you so much for your time!


Wishing you health and happiness, 

Becca Newmark

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Sorry if this has been addressed already, i couldn't read the whole thread. I would consider this since i had ppd with my first and am now pregnant again, but i read somewhere that the placenta is a bit like the liver in that it filters all the waste from baby and that eating it is unhealthy for that reason. Also my baby had maconium in her water when she was born, which makes me wonder if it would make the placenta unsafe to eat in that case as well
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