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Co-sleeping saved my baby's life last night - Page 2

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Yes, you should write dr. sears that was a great idea
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Wow, I am so happy he is safe! They used to call SIDS crib death but the crib makers got all up in arms about it because of sales, so they changed it to SIDS... If only the public was more educated.

Sending you and your family lots of love~
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That must have been so scary! Hugs to you mama, and hugs to your little one.
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to you and your little one! I am so glad everything is OK!!!
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You gave me goosebumps. SOOO glad your baby is okay.

The same happened to us when my ds was a bit older. Co-sleeping really can be a lifesaver.
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Thank goodness he's ok!!! That is just terrifying!
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yup, that is why we cosleep

Originally Posted by LoveChild421
ds has choked like that twice and both times he barely made any noise, I just woke up for some reason and looked over and he was vomitting and choking. I can't imagine what would have happened if he had been down the hall in a crib. This is why co-sleeping actually reduces SIDS.

I'm so glad your little one is ok- these experiences really make me feel confident in following my instincts and co-sleeping.

This happened to us last night, with our dd who is 16 months. She was coughing so hard that she had to throw up, but was asleep and woke me up with the sound of her choking. This has happened twice now. Dh said it is a good thing we are co-sleeping.
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thank goodness!

I had read a number of stories like this (on a "mainstream" board) and they really did influence me to embrace co-sleeping.
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That sounds so frightening!

I'm so glad that your little baby is okay! Your story has just cemented my plans to co-sleep with my babies, when we have them.

Take care,

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Good for you, Mama, and good for your precious baby!
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Glad to hear you're both okay! We had a very similar scare the night the new AAP guidelines came out. Our dd is older, 16 months, and threw up dry solid food (sorry TMI) and choked silently but moved around enough for me to wake up and turn her over and knock her back and pull it out of her mouth. It makes me wonder when I'll feel safe having her out of our bed. I think she's with us for a while!
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I sleep w/ both my ds's,its the only way I sleep well! glad he's got you!
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There is no feeling like having your baby with you in the night, touching him, hearing him (or her, of course!) and KNOWING they are safe and you can help if they need it. It's funny how after you have a baby, you don't ever sleep the same- it's always with a "baby sense". My husband laughs because when DS is between us and DH rolls over, I'm immediately awake to check the blankets on the baby and make sure all is well before falling back asleep. He says I sleep with one eye open- on the baby! Must be...

There is a reason it feels right sleeping with the little ones.

Glad to hear your baby is ok!
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wow!! im so glad miles is ok! what a scare!! thank you for sharing that with us. s
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I'm so glad he's OK. I worry about that exact same thing happening, and it is one of the thousands of reasons I'm so glad we co-sleep.
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How very scary! I tell ya, co-sleeping is a WONDERFUL thing! I never would give up the experience! Not only is it wonderufl bonding, but as you experienced, it can also be life saving! I am SO thankful that you co-sleep so that your little one is safe!! Hugs to you both!!

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You know, the peds and everyone have all their scare tactics to try to keep the babies OUT of our beds, when this is a darn sure good one to keep them IN our beds! I'm so glad all of your babies are safe. I think Mothering Mag should keep this in the news. It just makes me not want to be quiet anymore when all those moms get on my case for the way I raise my daughter, "because it isn't safe". Ugh. I have just been not really speaking out because I'm so tired of arguing with people who seem to have no intention of seeing any other point of view.
I'm so sad for all the babies who die in their cribs. It is heartbreaking.
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Thank goodness your babe is OK! What a scary story.... my DH was a proponent of co-sleeping because of the possibility of this exact thing happening. I'm so glad you shared and that your babe was next to you!!!!

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Oh, my, I can't believe you had to go through that. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Glad everything is ok.
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