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do i tell my mom?

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hello everyone!! i am due to have a baby in april, my second child!! i am feeling great, very blissed out with love for my two year old and baby inside, guesing i have another girl with me but who knows!!
anyway, i am having a homebirth, i found a great midwife who is cheap knowledgable and i like her. she is actviely working as a nurse in australia's best birthing center!!
So how do i tell my parents!! they will worry, worry and freak out and think i am a lunitic, risking the life of their grandchild!! they don't know i did not vaccinate either!! my partner is lucky is parents know all and are not bothered by it, boys get it so easy.
so do i tell them now or later or at all, or stand my ground? or spare them the worry? i don't know. my mom might be alright but my dad will again think i have not grown up and lack real maturity, that is how he will see it. which sucks. i am very grown up really. ?

anyway, need some advice on this i am trembling at the thought of telling them.. too bad it could not be something i am busting to tell them. something we could share happily together. tara
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Is it the midwife, or the homebirth that would make them worry?

If it's the homebirth, you can always tell them about the midwife you love and how she works out of the best birthing center... then oops! The baby came so fast that you had her come to your home instead. Not too much of a lie, more like omitting info to spare them worry (and you any annoyance if they pester you about it).

Would that work?

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I would tell her and take the time to educate her on all the wonderful experiences you will be going through. if she gets all nutty on you then she will need to be put in her place. but I like to try and educate the wise elders here and there
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