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Happy New Year! I have been eating oatmeal to help my milk supply and it's been working great! But...............I put alot of brown sugar and margerine and rice milk in it. Does anyone have other goodies they put in that are just as sweet but, not soooooooooo bad for the waist line?

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How about some dried fruit, or cook it with some apples and cinnamon? Most apples are plenty sweet enough to go with oatmeal.
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I like just a little bit of molasses...it has iron so it seems healthier to me...
also applesauce is great too...
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Try making it with apple juice. I also put a little maple syrup and dried fruit in it.
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I put raisins, whole almonds, and a little rice milk in mine. Sometimes sunflower seeds too!
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I like really ripe mashed bananas mixed in!! mmmm
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I put a few frozen blueberries in the bowl before I begin preparing the oatmeal and a little maple syrup. The hot cereal thaws the berries and it tastes like blueberry pancakes without all of the work and way more nutrition.
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dried cranberries, raisins, apples, pears, bananas, yogurt, cow's milk, rice milk, oat milk (for even more oatieness), walnuts, pecans, almonds...
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My mama gave me the idea of stirring in a spoonful of fruit preserves. It makes the oatmeal taste kinda like the fancy fruity packets of instant oatmeal, only better since it's heartier, fresher, and probably better for you. I find that one spoonful of preserves is plenty (and I love sweets!).

Hope this helps.
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We eat a LOT of oatmeal at our house. Among the three of us, these are some of our favorite ways:

dried cherries, golden raisins, maple syrup

cinnamon, maple syrup or sucanat

butter, salt and pepper

soy sausage, a little butter

dd likes babyfood fruit (sweet potatoes/apple or pears/winter squash) and cinnamon

dried mango, maple syrup, butter

bananas, maple syrup, cinnamon

maple syrup, sunflower seeds, raisins

You get the idea... (we like maple syrup)

We also will sometimes stir in some flax oil if we need that.
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Groundhog what is sucanant?
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I use dried cranberries and sliced raw almonds - and cristilzed maple syrup.

Sucanat is Su-gar Ca-ne Nat-ural. It's unrefined cane sugar. At least it's supposed to be. One of the sugar manufacturers started using that term, so you have to be careful which kind you buy. It's merely squeezed and dried sugar cane, it isn't bleached or cooked or any number of horrid things they do to sugar cane (or beets) to get it "refined" - not to mention all the waste ....

I also add raw oat bran to mine for more fiber and to feed the gut flora. It's not as tasty raw, but it is really effective for fiber, and mixed in with the cooked stuff, it tastes just fine. I use flax oil, too. And before cooking I add flax seeds so they break down a bit since they're too small to chew.

Oh, sometimes I use unsweetened jam and/or yogurt (I buy unflavored yogurt, but sometimes I have flavored yogurt, so...)

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