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Need Gift basket ideas for pg friend...

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My friend (pagan, vegetarian, not sure if she is a vegan or not) is in her first semester (always been overweight) and had painful endometriosis all her life. She's 33. After TTC (with painful, invasive fertility treatments - docs gave her little hope) she got pregnant!

She's physically miserable... nauseous, hormonal (crying everyday), worried about what will go be wrong with her baby (she's all nervous about upcoming ultrasound.) She made the mistake of watching TLC's Maternity Ward (yikes) and she swore she won't do that again.

She won't be BFing because she doesn't feel comfortable with her body (she was sexually abused in childhood - so this is a hot button for her.) That's what she says now, hopefully she will change her mind - whatever decision she makes, she has my full support.

Knowing her, I'm pretty sure she'll be a natural pro-AP mama. She knows nothing about pregnancy, birth.

I just wanted to send her a care package to help bring up her spirits - any suggestions? So far, my package will include:

BOOK - Expecting Adam by Martha Beck (incredibly inspiring book about a woman's pg with a Down Syndrome baby... I know, I know, but ya gotta read the book.)

BOOK - Creating a Joyful Birth Experience: Developing a Partnership with Your Unborn Child for Healthy Pregnancy, Labor, and Early Parenting
by Lucia Cappachione

BOOK - Gentle Birth Choices (should I include this one yet?)

VIDEO - Prenatal Yoga 2000 with Shiva Rea

OIL - that oil (can't remember the name) that supposedly helps prevent stretch marks, always advertised in Mothering.

TEA - Organic Rasberry Leaf Tea from Compleat Mother

Any other suggestions? Or put it this way... what would YOU love to see in a gift basket delivered to you? But try keep my friend's profile in mind... I won't be sending her "So, that's they are for!" or a baby sling just yet.

Tanya (natural birth junkie, HypnoBirthing fan...)
Giancarlo - 2.5 yrs old
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how about some stuff to make her feel good -- like bath stuff for instance. if you're leaning over the toilet every minute you don't feel at your best -- KWIM?

also maybe something peppermint or ginger to help her tummy?

I don't know if you plan to get her another gift as the pregnancy progresses -- but maybe a body pillow (ok so the idea of cramming a body pillow into a gift basket is a bit silly, but...). I needed one to sleep from about 4-5 months on, and they don't seem to sell them except for holidays and back to college time in my town.

how about some of the fun stuff that goes with having a baby -- a mothering mag, a baby names book, a cute little blanket or something she might need for the baby?

also maybe the "girlfriends guide to pregnancy" -- she sounds miserable, it might be good for a laugh.
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How about some essential oils, like Lavender, and maybe some citrusy ones that might perk her up a bit (Lemon, Orange) and make her feel less nauseated (Peppermint?). Maybe some lip balms ?

I tried to order Mother's Tea from CM and it still hasn't come, I think they slowed down production or stopped or something, I ordered when I was like - 12 weeks and am now 35 weeks, I wrote a letter and never got a response - anyway, you can stick in some regular Raspberry Leaf Tea and maybe some ginger tea too if she is feeling pukey ... and you can get her a cute little teapot too.

Do you have a particular really relaxing CD that you think she might like ? That is a thought... or how about a nice journal that she can use as a pregnancy journal ?

What about Dr. Sears "The Baby Book" and he has a preggo book out too...

Tanya, I think anything that you give her will certainly boost her spirits. Just knowing she has a friend who is concerned about her will help I am sure ((Hugs))
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Thanks for the ideas!

The Girlfriend's Guide is a great idea! I bought it last night for her.

Bath stuff/pampering stuff is great too... Hopefully I can go to the heath food store today.

Yes, I do hope to send her things throughout her pg. But a huge pillow is too expensive ($80?) and I just propped my own pillows.

Julie, I have tons of RLT that I ordered a year ago. I can send you an envelope - free. Don't worry about it. E-mail me you address.

That's too bad they stopped production on it. I'm sure it was Catherine's "baby" and perhaps her dd is too overwhelmed with everything else to continue it.

Giancarlo - 2.5 yrs old
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my body pillow is nothing special...I bought it for ten bucks at walmart. sears sells them too around here.
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Tanya - can you email ME ? We changed servers and are computer illiterate and haven't been able to get to our old address book - my new email is traynor342@comcast.net and I will email you back. That would be AWESOME. The tea I'm drinking now is kinda - well, I don't know but suppose that the CM tea has got to be better than this LOL

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This is fun!

How 'bout a nice water bottle so she can carry it with her and stay well hydrated?

Life Savers candy or another hard candy -- these helped with my nausea a lot.

For books: Operating Instructions by Ann Lammott. Great book about her pregnancy and the first year of her son's life. Told with humor and honesty.

Choosing Naia about a mother who learns that the baby she is carrying has Down's Syndrome. How she decides to keep the baby.

Good luck to your friend, and yay for you for being there for her!
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How about printing some really inspiring birth stories and putting them in a folder for her? You can find zillions online. I also love the Pregnancy Tea by Traditional Medicials. How about a couple of Luna bar? Great source of protein and other good stuff.

Do you have any birth videos you could copy and send her? The Gentle Birth Choices video is great.

Anything scented Lavendar. It's so relaxing.

She's very fortunate to have you as a friend.

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Thanks for the ideas! Lifesavers - wow, but I sent my "first trimester" package already, which included CM's RLtea, Girlfriend's Guide to Pg, Expecting Adam, Gentle Birth Choices (bought the book used, don't have the video), Another PG book...

I was going to send a

I'll send some fragrant bath stuff when I visit the local farmers market (great idea). There is a vendor that sells homemade INCREDIBLY scented stuff.


I called a local Yoga studio to ask if they carried the Prenatal Yoga video I was looking for, and they suggested a gift certificate(s) for some local classes in her town. NOW THAT's a great gift! Wish someone gave me that!

So that will be the next present.

Birth stories from the web... great idea. Much better than watching A Baby Story.

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Hey there,

Here's some ideas I'd use in making a gift basket (because I AM in the process of starting a crafts business one of these months, after my baby is born this summer) and yeah, I'll be selling gift baskets, lol:

A nice homemade oatmeal soap for itchy skin
Lotion - Trader Joes has a nice creamy lotion (the Cream not the Lotion)
PreggyPops - those new suckers in naseau reducing flavors (I like them!)
A box of Traditional Medicinals Red Raspberry Leaf or Pregnancy Tea
A Book
A gift certificate for a meal restuarant when she can't stand to cook
A nice soft handmade pillow case set?
A lavender sachet (eases naseau)
A gift certificate to a chiropractor or a massage therapist who works with pregnant women (for a bit of pampering)
An invitation to attend a parenting class or LLL with you
A nice letter of support from you telling her what a great mom she'll be
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The best book for pregnant women (in my ever so humble opinion) is Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg. It really is wonderful! Very easy to read and understand, great B & W pix, clear charts on the stages of labor. It was something I could not have done without!

A copy of Mothering magazine?

You are a very sweet friend!
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