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What are you doing with your maternity clothes?

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May be a little early to discuss this but I was just wondering. I saved a bunch from my last pg but they were mostly all the wrong season so they were wasted storage space. this time I'm keeping a few of my die hard favorites and everything else I'm swapping/trading here on MDC and whatever doesn't go here I'll put up on ebay. I'm doing the same for all my prepreg clothes that I never fit into again after my weight/size/shape plateaued after having willem. (Dh was always like, "but honey, that's so cute/sexy on you" every time I tried to clear stuff out that I knew didn't fit/match my shape anymore ).
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We're giving everything to charity or to a local clinic that a friend of ours runs. Also if we have a girl, all of the boy baby clothes will go the same route.
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I think I might donate them, I don't plan on having any more kids, but some of the stuff is so cute, I hate to get rid of it, it was hard to find maternaty clothes thatfit "my style".
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hmm... wish I could be generous like that but with our financial situation I don't think it'd be wise to give it all away.

Anyone else?
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I have 2 friends who are trying to get pregnant so I will definitely hold onto mine and loan them out if the need arises. Also this is only my first pregnancy so there is a chance I may use them again myself! Probably 2/3 of my maternity wardrobe is on loan from other mamas, though, so I really won't have a lot left over after I return those.
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I'll probably keep some cute ones around to loan out. I wish someone had offered to loan me maternity clothes. I ended up buying all of mine.

Then I'll probably give the rest to Goodwill. Ebay is great to get a little extra cash when you need it. I would definitely do that if we needed to.
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I stay Home, so we needed the extra $ ( plus I only have worn a lot of it a few times ) So, I have started to sell it on ebay & had great success!
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I am the first one of all my good friends and family to have a baby, so they have all sworn me to keep my items for me to loan to them! Also, I would like to get pregnant again, and living in Houston the seasons almost blend together, so I should be able to wear alot of it no matter what the year is!
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My maternity clothes have been around the block a few times. Some of the pieces have been worn by 4 people. This is our last child (for sure . . . dh saw the doc!) I have a friend who is thinking of a third, so I'll keep the clothes for her. After that I will donate the clothes.

I have a lot because of three kids and different seasons.
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I participate in consignment sales in the spring and fall, so the nicer stuff will go there and the rest will go to charity. I've already started sorting out the summer stuff since it's finally cooled off nicely.

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I will donate most to the addiction recovery shelter for homeless women that opens in December. (I volunteer at the one for men now and hope to somehow be involved with the preggo women in the Spring.)

I am really bad at going to the post office; it sounds weird but it's one of my least fave things to do. So, I don't know if I will try to sell on MDC TP or not. I do have some cute things and some nice stuff but do't know if I would actually follow-through with sending it and then I would have really bad ratings, etc...
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Consignment stores. No more babies for me, and I'll need the money to get more clothes in the future for the new one! Where I am, there are mixed maternity-baby-kid consignment stores.
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My summer clothes are pretty worn out since I had about 4 outfits and washed and wore them over and over. Those I will give away or sell very cheap -- like $10 for the lot.

Then I have a few sweaters that are pretty nice from Gapmaternity, are "this season" and I have not worn too much since it just got cold. Of course, I will be wearing them constantly til the baby comes so they may get rattier depending on when that is. I may sell them for decent $ on ebay or keep them for the next time.

Then for the 4 pairs of Old Navy black yoga pants -- which are litterally the ONLY bottoms I wear, I will keep since I think they will be fine post-partum for quite some time.

I will definitely keep my few pairs of comfy PJs.
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We're planning on having 3 more kids, so I'm keeping everything. I'm going to buy a couple rubbermaid bins and store them in the basement till I conceive again - probably about a year from now!
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Most of mine belong to a friend, so they will go back to her, probably along with the ones that I've acquired that won't work as "normal" clothes. Or they will all get passed to another pregnant friend, but they are mostly summer clothes so possibly not. Whatever, it's a growing, travelling collection!
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At least 1/2 of my maternity clothes were leant to me as well, so I'll be giving those back. What's left I'll either save for the next time (which *hopefully* won't be for at least 3 years or so, if I can ever come up with a F&*$$*@ choice of birth control that WORKS), or, if I don't really love them, trade them at a consignment store. I'd lend them out to any of my friends if they were pregnant, too.
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Last time I ebayed them and that was a HUGE mistake. I should've put a higher reserve on them because they didn't sell for much at all then the mom who bought them was upset because she felt like the items were shrunken! They weren't! Last pg I stupidly bought a lot of designer and maternity boutique clothing which quite honestly fits according to trimester. So a lot of the items that would fit in first and second were no way, no how going to fit in the 3rd trimester. I was OK with that but the woman who bought the stuff was not. I did give her some $ back but the other thing was my lot was of all Size SMALLs which is not the most popular selling LOT size. So I made out poorly. Now my cousin who is lucky to be more average than my shrimpy butt sold her clothing (mostly all from Target) as a LOT on ebay and made just about as much as she paid for the items!!!

this time my stuff is trashed... we remodeled our house this entire pg so what is still wearable is trashed. So i think my maternity clothes that are still functional will be seeing the inside of a Salvation Army drop off bin.
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The nine huge boxes of maternity clothes that I borrowed from a co-worker will go back to her... although there are a couple of shirts I can hardly bear to part with

I hardly bought anything new for this pregnancy - I picked most of my clothes up at yard sales or the thrift store, so there is really no point to trying to TP or ebay any of it.

I'm keeping a few 'intermediate' season things that I bought and really love, like my preggo jeans, a pair of black pants, and a couple of shirts that just look and feel really good for my next pregnancy. Other than that, I bagged everything up and gave it to a friend of mine who is TTC in janurary. I feel a little weird about that, because I'm not 100% supportive of their decision to TTC, but it was that or freecycle, and she promised to freecycle them when she was done with them, so I guess it all works out.
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