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why your username???

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Some of us have some pretty cool screenames and others of us have boring ones like mine. I was just wondering how you came up with your username.

Mine, obviously, is because I'm Willems' mamma...
I joined MDC just about the time I found out I was pg and creativity was still on the reserve.
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How funny Monique! I have thought of starting a thread like this so many times because I am so curious about everyone's user names. Mine is so boring and stupid. I wasn't pregnant when I joined MDC, so I didn't want to have "mama" be a part of my username (obviously), and the only other thing that I really felt was enough a part of my identity to be part of a name is the fact that I'm a gemini, but all of the cute gemini names that I thought of were already taken.

I've thought about changing it to something more creative or expressive but then it would be weird because I've been *Amy* for so long and that's what everyone knows me as.

So yes, tell us what your username means!

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Mine is from a song by a band called Orgy. It's pretty easy. When I was registering my username it happened to be playing on my computer.
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When I was pg with my son we hadn't found out the sex... the girl name we had chosen was Amara Grace, which means 'eternal grace'. Hence my username.
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The first time I was on MDC boards, I was stlcjb. Well, pretty obvious. My initalls are cjb and I am from St. Louis. Only thing I could come up with.

Well, I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean" and fell in love with pirates. I think most of it was in the back of my mind. I have been going to Florida since I was 1 (now 37), so the beach and such has always played a big role in my life.

I wanted to have a handle that was more "piratey". Actually, my dh came up with it. I am originally from Ohio, hence buckeye, but he put a spin on it ( and only 6 cars on the plate in MO). buc "aye" as in "aye matey". It's my licence plate and I usually fly the jolly roger over my car. I'm a bit of a "freak" as my friends say.

It's always interesting how people come up with there screen names . . .
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My last name is Gunter. Honestly, I had never been part of a chat room or online forum before MDC. I didn't really know what to think/pick as a name.

Boorrhhhhhrrrring, yeah.
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I used mine because it as was I use on eBay, but the reason for choosing that was pretty arbitrary. You know on eBay there are already so many user names chosen. I didn't want to be "julia3485960" I'm a geologist and the mineral plagioclase came to mind, so I just used the first part of it "plagio" since it sounds like a name of sorts and is easy for people (most importantly, me!) to remember. Not too exciting.
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(Sorry if this offends anyone. I think it's hilarious, personally.)


I used to have a different user name when I joined this group, but I changed it through the MDC system due to professional and privacy concerns. And because I always wanted to be a flyingspaghettimama, ever since I was a little girl. Ok, not really.

Bucaye, I also love pirates, as they figure prominently in FSM and in that great Decemberists song. My daughter loves pirates. Pirates are big where I am. There's even talk like a pirate day...I'm not sure if it's all just a fad, and we will look back as wistfully on pirates as we do on pet rocks...but I'm going with it.
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ah-ha -- I think, FSmama, that yours was one of the ones some of us were MOST curious about . .
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i think mines pretty straight forward im fern and im a mama.. so, mamafern!
i was thinking about changing it, but i cant think of what id change it to and it costs money
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Mine is b-o-r-i-n-g

My name is Melanie...but sometimes go by Mellie..and Lynn is my middle name. I'm so creative....lol
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I think I posted the "reason" behind my screen name when I joined - but quick recap: my email address was always "spugh" (pronounced "spew") but a coworker started tagging a "y" onto it... not altogether undeserved after an office Christmas party at which I somehow thought that getting into a drinking contest with a guy 3 times my size was a good idea... I didn't disgrace myself, so to speak, until I got home but somehow everyone found out about that via my then-boyfriend (now DH!)... I use it because it reminds me that sometimes, I am not so bright
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I remember that story you posted spughy!!! BTDT... not quite so proud of myself though !!!
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Well, the thing is... I DID hold my own pretty well against the guy 3 times my size...
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I don't even know why I chose this one. I heard Tori Amos say it in an interview and I thought it was funny, and I think my first few attempts at a name were taken. Sometimes I wish I would have just picked something less goofy because I hate meeting RL ppl from MDC and having to say, "Uh, hi, yeah.. I am uh, Attila the Honey on there.." "Flora's Mama" or something like that is so much more straightforward!

FSM: I knew that was where your name was from, and it makes me giggle everytime I see it. Ramen.
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I was formerly known as flapjackanarchist- because of the nightmare that was registering on the old hipmama boards (where every conceivable permutation of any username a normal person might want had already been taken, and a board crash meant that you got a second chance to try and grab your username.)
And, predictably enough, it was a Friday morning which meant that schnews (www.schnews.org) had just been delivered to my in-box, and I was chomping on some flapjacks...
Some sugar
Lots of golden syrup and molasses
Lots and lots of porridge oats
A teaspoonful of ground ginger
Melt and mix everything together, put it in a greased pan, sprinkle sesame seeds over the top (preferably in an interesting pattern, but it's not essential) bake for 20 minutes, cut into squares and eat.

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OMG - my mom used to make those all the time - I loved them. I haven't thought of them in years! I am totally going to go home and make some tonight!!! Thanks Helen!
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mine's pretty boring too- i registered when i was pregnant w/ our first, before we knew she was a girl, and my husband is a drum and bass dj by the name of Kaoss- so there you have it.....BabyKaoss.
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FSM, many months ago I actually complained to my DP about how hilarious & cool your username was & how I wish I had thought of it 1st. Hahasnort.

Babykaoss, how do you pronounce your name? Is it like "chaos"?

I too chose my username after trying a zillion things that were all taken back in the day on Hipmama. "Zjande" is made up of the last 3 letters of both my kids names, Tazja & Inde. I've been using it on the mama boards ever since (& my friend who created my Livejournal for me set it up under zjande), for like 7 years, even though I've never even been that fond of it or know how to pronounce it exactly, haha! I've been totally wondering what to do once this baby comes, too. Add another 3 letters to my username? Hmm.

I'm "Monster Girl" everywhere else. I have a monster fetish. And I kind of act like one when drunk. Albeit a happy one. I want to have sex with the Predator.
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Mine is pretty explanatory... although it sometimes freaks me to see it starting with death, I can't think of a better way to die. I'm a chocolate snob... Hershey's would never do. Okay, maybe in a pinch...

I'm 39 weeks today. Been having contractions on and off for a week. Yuck, I'm miserable.
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